“I always tell this same story in all of my books just to encourage anyone at their lowest point in life, and the ones reading any of my books for clear insight; I think it’s high time I also share it here on my website”.

Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred



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For Clients

The services are tailored to speed up your brand growth. If you're reading this now, understand that I specifically designed these services for you.; and I hope you take huge advantage of them.


Leverage My Expert Knowledge and Grow Exponentially

This is the New World; those who must survive must first of all adapt and learn to do things the “New Way”… and that includes “Making Money”.

A lot of people have some wonderful business ideas but what then is the very reason why a larger percentage of such lofty ideas never see the daylight? The answer is not far fetched: 1. Lack of technical “Know-how”. 2. Lack of the requisite ability to implement. I’m here to help you scale through these two hurdles and kickstart your business.

Web Design

I design beautiful and fully responsive marketing websites for all kinds of businesses at provided they are legit.

Search Engine Optimization

I offer top-of-the-class search engine optimization services that positions your website strategically online.

Social Media Management

I offer Social Media Management and Analysis, Advertisement Campaign and Growth  hacking for businesses.

For Intending Students: There Are Three Things You Need to Do Now

I was like you when I started. Learn the fool-proof SECRETS and techniques that made me a 6-figure income earner here online within my first one year here.

I can teach you how to build/ or build your an industry-standard website using some up-to-date cutting-edge technologies. I can also launch you into a 6-Figure per month Blogging Career. 

If you’re not making money, there’s only two major problem- you’re not getting sales or simply lack the requisite knowledge to help you generate money. Let me fix this problem for you.

You no longer need to land a publishing deal before you can start making money as a writer, you don’t also need the traditional media before you can make money. Let me show you how.

To understand how to build a real business online, you need a personal and platform. Let me how to build it.

If you don’t have an email list, you don’t have a business! Let me teach you how to grow it just right.

A lot of people are stuck here- “How to Make Money Online. I’ll lead you by the hand and show you how.

Your audience desires to feel the human side of you. Podcasting connects you with them on that level.

Build a 6-Figure monthly generating business with Video publishing. Let me teach you from the scratch.

If you have a business, then you must invest heavily in mastering how to sell online. Let me teach you.

Copy My 'Millionaire Secrets', Tools And Winning Formula that Never Fails.Don't Build a Business Blindly Anymore!

About Me

I Will Help You Convert Your Ideas/ Skills Into Products & the Products Into Money

Hey, I’m the founder: Fredmacs House of Artistry & TheOnlineMillionaire (a platform that is dedicated to helping businesses establish and grow their brand online; as well as increase their reach, gain visibility and learn the different ways they can maximize their business earnings without breaking the bank).

“I’m totally committed to helping young people become financially independent by re-positioning themselves through results oriented learning for influence, dominance, financial empowerment; as well as keeping themselves abreast of recent developments in the dynamic, frequently changing world of technology”.

You’re welcome to my official website; but before you proceed any further, please do yourself a favour to listen to my introductory podcast. It will give you an insight into what you should expect to see; it’s a summary of what a ‘real’ online business is; not what you’ve been told earlier.

Stay with me!

Why I Do What I Do

Pay Attenton

I want to help address poverty and unemployment in our world today being a shining example of my very own message. I want to help beginners understands first what a ‘true’ business is. What it takes to run one, how to sustain it and as well being capable of turning just about anything into a highly profitable business using the internet, a personal brand website & Content Marketing as a vehicle.

What exactly are you searching for? To make sales? To gain trust online? To grow your authority online? To be respected for what you do? To build a  solid brand online? To  affect lives? To build an audience without borders?  or to create a 6-Figure monthly generating income channel?

I’ll lead by the hand and walk you up the ladders if you’re ready to make that “All-important” decision to turn your life around.

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand and Start Making Money Online the Right Way

Learn everything you need to grow build your business, grow it, gain visibility, likeability,build authority and finally attain brand equity. This is all that you'll require to build a 7-figure business online. I will not only help your business get seen online and make you a ton of cash; but I’ll walk you by the hand into the internet marketplace, show you its dynamics, how stuffs work around here as well as help you build your first ‘true’ business system.

Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred

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“​Few weeks with the multi-dimensional coach, I was able to clearly see my path and know exactly how to chart my own course in the Online Market place. It was a defining moment for me, and I'm grateful I took that step which gave birth to my current fast developing business.
Daniel Chika Okereke
CEO- Nielrek Fitness Foundation
“​There are people you come across once in a lifetime; and TheOnlineMillionaire is just one of such few, rare individuals. He's truly a blessing to Humanity.”
​Danielle Abba
“​I have met coaches and facilitators; but this man is exceptional. He's got an electrifying personality and his sessions are almost hypnotic. If you want to attain the ''pro' status in internet marketing and brand development online, then talk to him.”
Agbachi Collins

Now you can start building your business just the way you want it.

About TheOnlineMillionaire

“I’m totally committed to helping young people become financially independent by re-positioning themselves through results oriented learning for influence, dominance, financial empowerment; as well as keeping themselves abreast of recent developments in the dynamic, frequently changing world of technology”.

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