If you pay attention and put to good use this vital information that I'll be sharing with you a few seconds away from now you will most likely MAKE MONEY N1,000,000 and above within the NEXT 30 DAYS!


Before we proceed, let's get something straight here! The major reasons why you're NOT making money online yet is because ...

  • You don’t know what to CREATE OR SELL to make money online.
  • You don’t know HOW TO SELL online. It’s not about comments, likes, views and shares.
  • You don’t know WHERE TO SELL stuff online.
  • Generally, you don’t know HOW TO make money online!

First of all, this is one of the potent STRATEGIES that I use to generate money every month on the internet; and teaching you the same strategy is NOT about the MONEY for me!

Secondly, I’m not selling to you an eBook or another bunch of some useless courses that bring in no verifiable results. This is one strategy that I use personally when it comes to making money online; not just me, most big earners and influencers that you know; or have heard of also leverage the power of this particular strategy. You’ll also find that almost almost every top marketer/ or Affiliate are using this strategy with a business model that they’re very familiar with. A lot of people prefer to use it with the: AFFILIATE MARKETING marketing model; and later I’ll tell you why.

But Hey! I’m NOT here to TEACH you AFFILIATE MARKETING (However, if you want to go in-depth into that, I have one of the best courses you can find on the internet for Affiliate Marketing).

But that’s by the way…

What I’m about to show you is HOW YOU CAN START RAKING IN AT LEAST N1,000,000 every month!

And I’m not kidding you. You can start CASHING OUT with this information TODAY as soon as you understand exactly how it works! 

About the Model Platform for the 48-Hr Traffic Mastery Program and How the Strategy Works.

Now, I need you to understand that anyone can make money with this simple strategy (even if you have never sold anything online before) provided you follow my instructions step-by-step.

I suppose you must have heard about the company called OWODAILY?

In case you haven’t, well… it is Nigeria’s #1 PERFORMANCE MARKETING PLATFORM. A Digital & Affiliate Network that offer world-class marketing and work from home infrastructure in Africa (Nigeria). It’s a network where people come together to complete digital jobs, push campaigns, earn cash rewards, engage in the village, list their products/ services (digital/ physical) for purchases; and shop in the community market. 

Founded on Jul 24th, 2020 with some top global brands as part of their customer base. This simply tells you that it is legit! The company’s current global ranking: 181,908.  

But before I go further into explaining everything about this company to you...

What benefits await you and generally, how to make money with it, let me tell you a bit of what I think you’ve heard and probably know already.

Maybe, you’ve not, I wouldn’t know.

These days, anywhere you turn on the internet, you’ll hear people shouting “MAKE MONEY ONLINE!… MAKE MONEY ONLINE!!”. It even gets worse when you want to consider the current release of some half-bred Affiliate Marketing Army; many of which made as little as N100 from Affiliate nor can tell you the colour of $1. 

Today, everyone has got SOMETHING TO SELL… and it’s good; honestly!

But then, how many of them are making money? How many of them are succeeding? How many of them are truly happy with the current state of their finances?

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be another BODY COUNT for the MONSTER called ignorance which is currently eating up good people whose only crime is that they invested the little money they have and their time to better their lot.

This beast is RUTHLESS… and thrives only in places where people show gross unwillingness to learn, improve their craft and increase their earning power.

The result…

Perpetual unwanted solicitation for “URGENT 2K”.

This is very bad! Don’t let it be your situation. 

Do NOT join the myriad of aimless people jumping into the “MAKE MONEY ONLINE” frenzy without first sitting down to acquire all the necessary training.

Instead of browsing the internet all day searching for the next big opportunity (which never comes) to make some crazy money online, or reading sales and marketing eBooks with some off-the-planet kinda promises to make you rich year-in, year-out, or following influencers up and down, wasting your precious time and data commenting and even fighting over something that does not concern you, just sit down for some few hours and study this business strategy that I’m about to teach you.

So… Folks are killing it online. I mean PEOPLE ARE MAKING SOME CRAZY MONEY HERE… and I want you to join the BIG LEAGUE and CHILL WITH THE BIG BOYS.

But… you must have to do it the right way. That is the essence of what I’m about to show now.

So people have laughed at you because they see you’re not getting any tangible financial results even after you’ve built your website, branded your social media profiles, created content for over 3 years with nothing to show for it, written ad copies, shoot training videos for YouTube, created products/ services and built several landing pages.

You’ve even lost hope in yourself and your abilities; saying: “Omo! This nonsense no dey work oh!”. Perhaps out of anger and envy for those crushing it, you’ve joined the gang of those labelling successful online entrepreneurs as scammers…

Chaaaaaaai! I know how much that hurts mehnnnnn!

And I’ve been there. So, I can relate to your pains.

But then, irrespective of how bitter this may sound or how unjust it feels to see that you’ve been bleeding yourself to make money for over 3-5 years now and nothing is working; whereas some other persons just came into the game and in less than a year… BOOM! They’ve made millions of Naira…


To solve financial problems, you must have to be TRUTHFUL to yourself. You don’t do that by feeling pity for yourself, complaining or trying to defend your shortcomings. You must tell yourself the truth that there is something you’re not doing right and you need to CALM DOWN and gain mastery over that thing.

Funny enough most times, it could just be one very tiny fix, but highly crucial to your success!

Funny enough most times, it could just be one very tiny fix, but highly crucial to your success!

Just because everyone is shouting “MAKE MONEY ONLINE” don’t join them and go into it blindly.

Remember from the very start, I’ve been talking about this strategy.

So, what is this very STRATEGY that I promised to demonstrate its effectiveness to you and how does it work?.

Chill… No dey speed!

But before then... Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred. I’m an Author. Coach & Speaker. I have helped over 1,000 persons set up their businesses online the right way. I’m the founder of TheOnlineMillionaire NG & HOA. My goal is to help budding entrepreneurs all over the globe to set up their business online the proper way; as well as help them grow their visibility, trust and authority in the online space.

I’m committed to helping young people become financially independent by re-positioning themselves through results-oriented learning for influence, dominance, financial empowerment; as well as keeping themselves abreast of recent developments in the dynamic, frequently changing world of technology”.

So generally, you can simply call me a performance coach.

– Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred

And again, as I said earlier, this is NOT about the MONEY otherwise, I will charge N100K and above  for what I’m about to teach you because that is my usual fee; if you know me too well.

Well… If you’re among the majority that is just realizing in 2022 that there’s money to be made here online, your ship sailed late but you can do something about it to arrive at your destination on time.

And that is where this strategy comes in.

So you see… when you come here online to chop (TO MAKE MONEY) as a complete NOVICE, you have to abide by the rules… but when you grow up, you’ll understand that there are NO RULES here.

My last statement might appear a bit difficult to grasp but don’t worry, Las Las you go dey alright and you go understand wetin I mean by that when the time reach.

So, this STRATEGY will be focused on two things:


#1. Content creation. Don’t let all these half-baked marketing Django’s deceive you ooo!

This is why you must create content consistently. 

While doing that, forget about likes and comments. If they come…fine! If they don’t come fine still. Just know that your focus here is to make money, not to entertain anybody.

So, fix your gaze on creating intimidating content for your business…no be gossip ooo!

You see..consistent quality content in a given field of endeavour simply means one thing- THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING; in other words, you’re an EXPERT in the field.

So, let’s assume you’ve been in some very popular groups sharing knowledge, running advertising to sell some powerful skills/ or products that you think you have; but then when those who intend to buy from you visit your website or even your Facebook profile they realize you’ve got nothing going for you there, they become highly disappointed in you because they find nothing worthy of backing up the knowledge you’re sharing outside your platform or claim to have.


At that point people can only conclude on one of two things:

#1. You’re either stealing the content from somewhere or paying someone to do that for you (meaning you don’t have what it takes to deliver the needed result).

#2. You don’t know what you’re doing!


#2. Package yourself very well like a ridiculously expensive piece of jewellery.

Be like the Dog! Develop the ability to sniff out money. I mean…know the direction the money is flowing to; by knowing exactly what to sell, where to sell it; and who to sell it to. THIS IS THE MAJOR THING THAT I’m going to teach you in this strategy.

If you focus on MAKING MONEY first, you will fail woefully like millions of others who tried the industry but disappeared from the radar even before they get started as a brand new Ferrari on full speed to go discover their real talent when they discovered very late that “MAKING MONEY ONLINE” is NOT working for them.

Truth is… MAKING MONEY ONLINE is not for everyone. To get started, you must at least know how to read and write in the most basic way; or have money to hire people who will handle such for you.

However, if you focus on building a powerful repository of winning content time after time which ultimately will stand as a solid support system for your business and the evidence of your authority in your chosen niche…

Omo! Money go purse you!

Success go arrest you.

Respect go pack come dey squat for ya house.

I know you might not have the needed capital to play big… that is why I have given you an indigenous company that pays well which you can also start with if you can write. NOTE: I’m very specific here: “If you MUST know write”.

So, in the implementation of this strategy

The reality

  • There’s NO NEED to create any product (there are tons of products there for you already to make money from).
  • There’s NO NEED to render skilled services (there are tons of people there ready to render service on your behalf). They’ll do the job, you get paid, they get paid. Customer satisfied and everyone is happy.

So, if this is the true situation which to some degree sound too good to be true, then I ask you again, what exactly do you NEED to MAKE MONEY with my strategy?


  • An active account on our model platform (in which case is Owadaily).
  • Product/ or Service to sell (which already has been provided).
  • A platform to host and display the products/ service on. 
  • Powerful traffic sources (which I’ll show you in the training class).                
  • Just N3k to pay for ACCESS into my WhatsApp Mentorship Class.

That’s all! 

Now, let’s cut to the chase!                                 

  • I will teach you how to get a massive influx of people to buy what you’re selling here in Nigera. And you’ll see how easy it is to earn between N10,000 to N100,000 and above per single sale.
  • I’ll show you how you can be making money effortlessly by selling other people’s products/ services and getting paid directly into your local bank account here in Nigeria.
  • I’ll show you how to earn money in Nigeria here from the online space. No NEED for Paypal, Payoneer, Swift, Skrill or any other international payment processing platform wahala out. You’ll just be cashing out directly into your Nigerian bank account

So, If you can afford N3,000 for ACCESS and you’re sure you can READ and WRITE, then you can start making money from tomorrow!

I will give you my mentorship if you’re a serious fella.

I don’t work with lazy people with a gross lack of the drive to succeed.

So, this is my promise to you.

In two days – between February 12th & 13th, I will be to showing you how you can make MONEY FAST BY SPOTTING HOT SPOTS WHERE YOU CAN SELL JUST ABOUT ANY PRODUCT AT ALL!

We’ll practicalize it with OWODAILY.

I’ll show you…

  • DAY 1: How to Build a highly captivating Personal Brand that people love, respect and willing to buy from.  
  • Day 2: Spotting your winning offer, Planning For the campaign & Selling it using the strategy.

Class commences from 4:00PM to 8: 00PM.                                                                                                     

Now that we clear on this, run quickly and sign up first. Further details will be communicated to you afterwards.

The Price of the program is just ₦3,000 and you’ll be under my mentorship for one month to ensure that you stand properly. Pay to the Bank Account provided below. Click on the blue “CLICK HERE TO GAIN ACCESS” button. Fill the form in the next page and  forward your payment proof to me with a message “I HAVE PAID” on the WhatsApp line you’ll be prompted to after making your payment and filling the form.

Pay to: Account Name: Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred
Account Number: 3092435439
Guarantee First Bank.

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