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Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred
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I’m an online Entrepreneur/ Coach/ Author/ Internet Marketer. I have no much credentials to my name (wouldn’t want to go into some long sermon now), I’m also a silent achiever, I prefer to do more and speak less, I have also lost a fortune online searching for the ‘Internet Fool’s Gold’ (that means I’m a great asset to you as you’re just about starting). Rise to limelight and massive wealth riding on my personal mistakes that keeps helping me to create valuable solutions for you.

My name is Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred; but folks call me–TheOnlineMillionaire because I teach people how to make money using the internet and a personal brand website with top content generation skills as branding tools.

Get to Know Me

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This video will teach you two different methods by which you can make graphic designs for your website, social media accounts or even simply brand your way to influence online.


This video will teach you how to better edit and proof-read your content before publishing on the web. St back, relax and enjoy the tutorial.


This video will teach you everything you need to know about niche blogging and how to structure your blog the right way to enable you to start earning $1,000 as a beginner. Sit back, relax, and watch this video till the very end. 


Thinking of the smartest and easiest route to make money online the legit way and hit your business goals faster?


This 3-part FACEBOOK MARKETING video will take you from the very basics of setting your Facebook account the right way and help you place Ads in the most professional way no matter the option you choose. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

2001 was the beginning of the journey for me (the very first time I handled a mouse). I started making consistent use of computers by enrolling in a program at NIIT as at the time; after missing two scholarships to study in the UK and Canada respectively.

I have always been ‘artistically inclined’; I also have a way with words and some mastery of some sort over giving vivid expressions to thoughts and images; hence I tilted towards Graphic design, Web design, Animation, Video Editing, Digital marketing and writing (to mention just a few). These I have developed to an enviable heights over a period of time (it did not happen immediately!).

We cannot achieve perfection in this life, but at least we can be excellent in whatever it is that we wholly commit our heart and hands to achieve; excellence requires a consistent amount of effort over a reasonable period of time. This is exactly how to win in life.

Until few years ago when the internet changed my worldview through a simple but highly effective channel known as Digital & Social Media Marketing (which ultimately exposed me to the real ‘Internet Gold Mine’ of all times) and gave me an entirely different perspective to doing business in a fast-changing/ and dynamic world such as the one we live in today; it was really very difficult to actually develop profitable business models and execute them successfully over and over again either for myself or a client.

This has helped me to reach more people than I would have ordinarily- if I were to do it all on my own.

It’s the power of the Internet; more importantly is the fact that I’m focusing again on a particular tool that a lot of people over look to help them harness this power; and this tool is nothing else than “A personal Brand Website/ Blog”.


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Web Design & Blogging/SEO

I can teach you how to build/ or build your an industry-standard website using some up-to-date cutting-edge technologies. I can also launch you into a 6-Figure per month Blogging Career. 

Marketing Campaign

If you’re not making money, there’s only two major problem- you’re not getting sales or simply lack the requisite knowledge to help you generate money. Let me fix this problem for you.

Digital Publishing

You no longer need to land a publishing deal before you can start making money as a writer, you don’t also need the traditional media before you can make money. Let me show you how.

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You can always drop a message. I’m just a call away. Send me a DM now, let’s me know what your challenges are.

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“I’m totally committed to helping young people become financially independent by re-positioning themselves through results oriented learning for influence, dominance, financial empowerment; as well as keeping themselves abreast of recent developments in the dynamic, frequently changing world of technology”.

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