Take your business to the next level, rake in crazy sales and have your competitors believe that ‘voodoo’ truly exist!

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Alright! Why do I have this feeling that you’re looking for something… probably some valuable piece of information that can help you grow your business exponentially? If your answer to this question is a big YES! Then look no further because here, you’ll find everything you need to kick-start your journey to an amazing life by simply working online like my humble self. 


“I’m totally committed to helping young people become financially independent by re-positioning themselves through results oriented learning for influence, dominance, financial empowerment; as well as keeping themselves abreast of recent developments in the dynamic, frequently changing world of technology”.

About the Company

It is not by mistake that you’ve arrived here. We’re sure you’re probably looking for something (whatever it is) which we can’t really say for sure.

However, the bottomline is: your heart and determination led you here; and we’re sure you’re not about to give up now?

You’ve not come this far just to go back to where you started from. There’s a little more step left for you to take; so click the “Connect” button to see every reason why you need to know us and listen to what we’ve got.

Become Pro Blogger. Learn 6-"The Figure Blogging Secrets"

What exactly are you searching for? To make sales? To gain trust online? To grow your authority online? To be respected for what you do? To build a  solid brand online? To  affect lives? To build an audience without borders?  or to create a 6-Figure monthly generating income channel?

It all begins with a single personal brand website/ blog. But…blogging is not an all-comers’ affair; neither is web design! But I’ve carefully created a 531-page “6-Figure Blogging Manual” to guide you from newbie to pro level of blogging to help you break into the online 6-Figure income  stream.


Build & Advertise Your Business Online?

Think Facebook Ads mastery, Google Display Ads, Whatsapp marketing, List building, a personal website etc.

Book a 30-Minute Business Chat With Me

Confused about how to start? Schedule a time with me for consultation and get an expert advice on some gray areas.

Build Your 6-Figure Generating Blog

No job? No business? Low on income? Contact me to get a clear direction on how to start your journey towards a consistent a 6-Figure monthly earning.

True… There are businessmen but the only businessman I know is the one who understands first what a ‘true’ business is. What it takes to run one, how to sustain it and as well being capable of turning just about anything into a highly profitable business.

If you’re not this man man mentioned above, then join our “APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM”; we seriously need to talk!

WARNING! These books will change your financial history

Click on any of the blue buttons for further information.

The 6-Figure Blogging Manual

The 6-Figure income book

The Secret Online Sales Code

This is raw gold

How To Build Your Information Marketing Business In 7 Days

100% Detailed!

Finally... Everything you need to make money online!

Hey, I’m the founder: Fredmacs House of Artistry & TheOnlineMillionaire brand (a platform that is dedicated to helping businesses establish and grow their brand online; as well as increase their reach, gain visibility and learn the different ways they can maximize their business earnings without breaking the bank).

You’re welcome to my official website; but before you proceed any further, please do yourself a favour to listen to my introductory podcast. It will give you an insight into what you should expect to see; it’s a summary of what a ‘real’ online business is; not what you’ve been told earlier.

Stay with me!

Listen to my podcast

Who is this for for?

This is for you if you…

  • Design, create, manufacture or produce anything.
  • Sell, market or promote anything.
  • Write books or author software programs.
  • Desire to build/ create a unique brand identity for yourself.
  • Want to be seen; as well as dominate your space online.
  • Want to grow your network marketing or any other referral-based business.
  • Want to grow an army of followers online.
  • Want to learn how to set up a ‘true’ business online.
Current Students
Daily Visitors
Monthly Sales

TheOnlineMillionaireNG - #Africa-Connect Series

“People don’t fail in their pursuit trying to make money simply because the internet market place is not credible enough and in lack of people of integrity; rather people fail because they have a pre-defined concept of what “making money online should be” (which unfortunately it is not)”.

You are not getting any result simply because you know not what to do or how to go about it.

Connect with me and start winning today!

Signup for My Coaching Program

Signup for any of our programs and start building your career in the most most valuable industry today- Internet Marketing.

All our programs are over 70% practical-based, and we always make sure that all our students reach the same level of expertise required to overcome the numerous challenges in today’s hi-tech industry.

Choose Your Preferred Business Plan

This regular business plan is designed specifically for you and broken down into 3 different categories but you can extend your contract with us on some special arrangement.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at the moment as an individual brand or a business brand. We’ll start from the scratch and fix everything that needs to be fixed for your business to thrive.

So go through the plans and choose what’s best for you; because no matter who you’re, we’ve got something quite special for you.



  • A 4-week intensive coaching class
  • Business Model Analysis
  • A mini-website
  • + Free branding



  • A 4-week intensive Coaching Class
  • Ads Channel Mastery
  • One Month Super-Content creation
  • A mobile responsive marketing website



  • A 12-week intensive coaching class
  • Product Creation Guide/ Marketing
  • Sales Page Design/ Website & Copywriting Mastery
  • One month Free Support


“​Few weeks with the multi-dimensional coach, I was able to clearly see my path and know exactly how to chart my own course in the Online Market place. It was a defining moment for me, and I'm grateful I took that step which gave birth to my current fast developing business. He mirrored himself in me and I was able to see myself."
Patience Ekle
Founder: Pekle Africa
“​There are people you come across once in a lifetime; and TheOnlineMillionaire is just one of such few, rare individuals. He's truly a blessing to Humanity.”
​Danielle Abba
“​I have met coaches and facilitators; but this man is exceptional. He's got an electrifying personality and his sessions are almost hypnotic. If you want to attain the ''pro' status in internet marketing and brand development online, then talk to him.”
Agbachi Collins
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