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Jumia Affiliate Program [Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners]

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Getting Started with Jumia Affiliate Program

One of the easiest and surest ways to make money online from any part of the world is through Affiliate marketing but one of the fastest ways to generate money here in Nigeria is through Jumia Affiliate Program. The truth is times are hard, and living in Nigeria without a solid business that is also backed up by some profitable side hustles feels like hell. 

So, if you’re looking at making legit money, all you need is yourself, a functional personal computer and a very reliable internet connection (we don’t have a super-fast internet connection in Nigeria yet but you can manage what is available until we get some better options). Now, without wasting much of your time, I want to grab a bottle of chilled drink and relax because we’re going to get real busy now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re inexperienced, jobless, didn’t complete your secondary education, doing a white-collar job at the moment or are simply a business owner, provided you can read and write or even speak the English language. Come to even think of it, a little extra cash added to what you have already won’t be bad at all. Would it?

So, let me show you what you need to start making start online.


Three Different Ways of Making Money on Jumia (as covered in this Jumia Affiliate Program article)

In this Jumia Affiliate Program, I’ll be showing you three (3) basic ways that you can make money on Jumia and we’re going to look into that straight away because we break down the entire Jumia Affiliate Program for your better understanding. Three income options on the Jumia platform are:

  • (a). Independent Sales Consultant (Option)
  • (b). Affiliate Partner (Option)
  • (c). Selling on Jumia Nigeria (Option)


1. Make Money as an Independent Sales Consultant

The very first step you need to become a Sales consultant with Jumia Nigeria is to register (some people will say “Signup”). Once you’re through with that, the next thing you’ll need to do is to create your own team (which is a network of other sales consultants) and then start selling Jumia products and make money doing so. You can make up to ₦1,000,000 monthly doing this. Click here to register and start making fast money


2. Make Money As An Affiliate Partner

Affiliate partners are at liberty to promote the products on Jumia and can get as much as 11% commission (even though this is very low compared to other affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank and JVZoo) on every successful order made via your affiliate link.

You can easily make money online if you own a website (this is one of the most important reasons why I usually advise anyone who is serious about making money online to first get a personal website), blog, a website customized with Google sites or just any useful social media account for example FacebookTwitter, Linkedin etc.

However, before you proceed, you’ll first need to sign up for the affiliate program. Afterwards, you’ll need to proceed to find products you’re sure people are hungry for. This is one of the very reasons why you need to have a niche website that focuses majorly on a specific industry/ market. 

That way, you’re able to create content that is directed to that market where you have established your authority as an expert in that field. So, from the response of your audience and their reactions to your content which of course is aimed at providing value and solving problems, you can easily tell exactly what they want.

Once you figure out what they want using the above process, the next thing you need to do is to start Promoting the products, getting people to click your links, tracking your sales and earning commissions. It’s super-easy to make money online when you know what to do!

Alternatively, you can also use the appropriate banners from Jumia Nigeria’s advert media through your affiliate account dashboard. The next thing is to choose your preferred banners according to your niche/ target audience (don’t promote everything on Jumia simply because you heard that you need to promote to earn money). You must define your market.

Imagine having a blog where you teach writing skills and then you’re promoting maternity wears for pregnant women, or even a sports blog and you’re promoting Alcoholic drinks. You’ll end up confusing yourself, your audience and Google as well.

The best part is that you can be upgraded to a premium affiliate and earn more, but that depends on how well you promote Jumia. Regular promotions to the targeted audience will translate to more money for you. It’s that simple!

Click here to sign up with Jumia Affiliate Program


3. Make Money Selling on Jumia Nigeria

If you intend to sell your own products/ services on Jumia or already have some ready to sell, you can easily sell them. Jumia will allow you to list your products for sale as long as you want to sell your genuine products online.

To get started, you will need to go to the Jumia Seller registration page and sign up. After that, you will be able to upload your own products to sell on Jumia Nigeria. You can always contact Jumia’s Partner Support via their official contact at 0700 6000 000 to guide you through the entire process (should you require some assistance).

Register today as a seller with Jumia.


Introduction to Selling on Jumia  

Introduction to Junia Affiliate Program

I know by now you must be itching to get onboard the Jumia Affiliate Program; but before you start, I’ll like you to know first of all that selling on Jumai is easy but it requires a lot of work. One of the reasons why you need to follow the process when it comes to selling on Jumia is because it involves offering wide-ranging products for sale to the customers who visit Jumia’s eCommerce platform and to do this effectively, you must learn and understand how to promote your offers using several channels available.

Jumia’s content quality control team usually reviews sellers’ products list to ensure they meet standards before they go live for sale (but sometimes low-quality products through vendors still manage to find their way into the product. So, it’s also very important for you to also report low-quality products that you discover offer no value for money. The Jumia platform boasts of over 100,000 products across different categories which includes:

  • Computing
  • Home & Office
  • Fashion
  • Automobile
  • Electronics
  • Home & living
  • Health & beauty
  • books Etc.


According to recent claims by Jumia, their new e-store receives on average

  • Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Thousand (225,000) potential customers per month.
  • Thirty Million views per month 

According to their report, they were also able to set a new record with consumers spending $9.0 billion in 2020

Nevertheless, in working hard to increase your sales and scale up your earnings, you must pay attention to Jumia’s Conditions at all times to avoid getting penalized. Therefore, in this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to register and list products to start selling on Jumia. I’ll also explain to you what the Seller Center is and how to use it. You will also learn how to describe the items you are selling to make them stand out.

We’ll also look at:

  • Image size,
  • How to get images (with falling under the copyright law hammer),
  • How to review and validate products
  • How to process and/ or cancel an order
  • How to deliver an order
  • How to receive payment for products.


Now, let’s get down to the real deal! I know you want to start selling on Jumia ASAP.

How to Sell and Make Money with Jumia 

So from here, we’ll be going step-by-step to show exactly how the Jumia Affiliate Program works because I don’t only want you to learn this thing; rather I want you to start doing it after reading this article (no skipping the process). I’ll be putting you through how to make money with Jumia in a way that actually works.

Even if you never heard about the most popular online marketplace in Nigeria called Jumia prior to this time, by now through this article, you already know what the platform is all about! On the other, another thing I would like you to understand is that Jumia is an online marketplace where you can build a real business and earn 6-figures on monthly basis here in Nigeria running that business alone.

So without wasting much time, I’ll like to give you a little information about Jumia. Stretch your legs if you need to; or catch some fresh, deep breath because it’s about to hotter here.  

About the Jumia and Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia Affiliate Marketing Registration pageJumia started back sometime around 2012 with just five staff members. The website was initially They were initially known as “African Internet Group” an e-commerce marketplace and classified website. Jumia Affiliate Program is an easy way to earn commissions by simply referring online customers to the Jumia website. You can use Jumia Affiliate Program creative ads or tracking links on your blog, website/or social media pages to refer a new or existing internet user/customer to the website. On every successful conversion (/orders placed via your link), you may earn up to 13% commission; and every time a user clicks on the banner or link and make a purchase on the Jumia website you earn. This is exactly how it works.

Jumia kicked off retailing electronics and fashion wears online as a direct competitor with Konga. But today, they’ve taken the centre stage and everyone can see clearly who the boss is when it comes to shopping online.


Getting started: Steps to Making money with Jumia

Find below, how you can easily build a business and make money with Jumia.

(a). Selling Imported Products on Jumia

If you’ve heard about Mini-importation, then you must understand that the secret behind many of the industry players in it is directly tied to selling products on giant eCommerce platforms like Jumia etc; as well as buying targeted traffic from global advertising platforms like Facebook etc.  This is exactly how they make the millions you hear and also witness. They simply sell stuff online using platforms like Jumia alone. 

The most beautiful part is, that you don’t need to pay any money to sell the products on Jumia because the traffic is already there (a hungry market waiting for you). It’s all free. So, there’s no need for any advert.

So, to cut the long story short, for you to really build a successful business selling imported products on Jumia, you need to have a solid knowledge of how mini-importation works or at least have access to an importer who can give you products at a very cheaper cost. To start, click here.

(b). Earning Commission On Sales with Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia Affiliate Program is another crazy avenue through which you can make money online with Jumia. But the question is:

  • How does it work?
  • Is it for everyone?
  • Do I need money to start? Etc.

Earning affiliate commission

Don’t bother your head too much with all these. Just focus! Making money with Jumia Affiliate is straightforward and pretty simple. All you need to do is just promote Jumia products with your unique affiliate link. However, as I mentioned earlier, to do this you need to register as an affiliate. They pay up to 11% commission on any product you promote.

Another good thing here is that you can sell products on Jumia and at the same time promote the products as an affiliate to make an extra commission. Isn’t that wonderful?

What this simply means is that you can make money while selling your product and at the same time, earn affiliate commissions for promoting your products which you listed on Jumia.


Now, the three (3) options below are the best ways to make money with Jumia; so let’s see what we have in there.


(a). Setup a Review Blog 

To do this all you need is to pick up a certain product from a certain category and create a review blog around it. Click here to learn: How to Create a 6-Figure Monthly Generating Blog. You can review random products (no problem at all), but if you want better results, I’ll suggest you make it a niche website and pick a product within the niche of that website. To learn how to niche your blog, click here.

What is a niche blog? A niche website is a type of blog that caters to a small portion of a very large market by focusing on a common, specific interest with the end goal of monetization. They are simply related products under the same category. Your review blog could be around beauty, fitness, education, travel, phones, laptops etc. on Jumia (just choose what you have some idea or passion for).

So, once you’re on Jumai figure out a category that you’re most comfortable with (that’s your job; you know I can’t make that decision for you). After that, proceed to write reviews or tips about the products and publish them on your blog. But before you start writing, I need you to make sure you find out what the winning word is for that category. You can use Google Keyword Planner for that as a beginner with a very lean budget. Also, ensure you include your affiliate links in the products as you mention them on your blog.

With this alone, you’ll be blown away with the figures you’ll be seeing on your Jumia affiliate dashboard on a monthly basis.

That’s another major interest is that as your article drags organic traffic to your blog you also monetize that traffic with Google AdSense. To create a review blog you’ll need a domain name and hosting account. To have your domain and hosting with one of the world’s best Webhosting companies, click here.


(c). Set up an Affiliate Shop to help you run your Jumia Affiliate Program properly

One of the most powerful ways of making money with independent affiliate programs like Jumia or Affiliate networks as the case may be is by creating an affiliate shop using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. 

Once you have it completely set up, head over to Jumia and add the products’ pictures you’ll like to showcase on your store and include your affiliate links for them to check out. It’s very simple!

You can also check this external resource on how to create an affiliate shop: Click here.

There are other ways you could take to get your affiliate shop up and running in time but I won’t be able to cover all of that in this very article. But whichever platform you want to use, make that the cost is something that you can manage comfortably. To me, the best platform to use for this is WordPress because there are no recurring fees anywhere to pay and it’s quite very cheap and easy to maintain.

Note: If you’re keen on making money online with the Jumia affiliate program, then these processes that I’m revealing to you now are the surest ways to achieve that. Don’t go about posting links indiscriminately on Facebook, sending unsolicited links to people’s inboxes hoping that a miracle will happen someday… listen! It doesn’t work that way. What you’re doing is spamming and you’ll soon get punished for it.


(c). Sell your Personal Products 

The golden rule of money is that for anyone to make money “they MUST sell something”. So, selling your personal products is another way you can also make money with Jumia. On Jumia, you can sell anything these days (provided they’re legit).

So whatever it is you’re producing as a product, provided they meet standards and are also very legit, then you should focus on giving it an online presence with the help of Jumia which enjoy millions of traffic on a monthly basis; what’s more? Jumia is not going to charge you for monetizing their website nor are they going to charge you some money to create a seller’s account like other powerful platforms that I know

Ensure your product is very unique, that way you’ll enjoy less competition leading to increased earnings.

Take branding seriously! Brand through your content. Pay attention to what I just said… it’s the other part of the secret that pro affiliate marketers won’t tell you.


Things you Should Know Before you Start

Why Should you Buy and Sell on Jumia; or even jump into Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia as an electronic marketplace that allows sellers and buyers to meet virtually and transact safely online gives you an unfair advantage over the man who can only make money when they open their shop in Ariara market or even Main Market Onitsha. Sales are automated as you don’t need to be available all the time or even be awake before you can make a sale.

Another reason is that as a Seller, you will make more sales because more potential customers will see your products listed on Jumia and by so doing, it becomes very easy for you to scale up your earnings without paying an arm and a leg for advertising.

For the buyer, you do not have to leave your house to buy any item but buy through a mere click of a button on your computer, or a tap on the phone and receive the goods you ordered on your doorstep.


How to Setup your Account and Start Selling on Jumia

Jumia Seller CenterFollow these steps to start selling on Jumia:

(a). Register: Visit the Jumia marketplace to fill out the registration form and register.

(b). Provide accurate information: Enter your email address, phone number, and information of your company like legal name, address, Bank account details with Bank Verification Number (BVN), and so on. Make sure that all information given supplied is correct.

(c). Check your email for the Access Code code: Jumia will forward the access code via your email so you need to fetch it and use it to authenticate your new account and as well gain access. 

(d). Activate your account: The next step is to visit the Seller Center page and use the access codes you received by mail to log in.

(e). Take the Training: Once you’re done with your registration, you must go through a training session for new sellers made available to you on the platform.

(f). Upload products: Immediately you complete your training, open your seller centre account and use it to upload a minimum of five products to start selling.


How Much Will it Cost to Start Selling on Jumia?

On Jumia, there’s no cost attached. The registration is free for all Sellers. However, each sale you make through the Jumia e-commerce platform attracts a fee that solely depends on the conveyance method chosen and the type of products being promoted. The charges are categorized into three parts:

(a). Shipping cost

(b). Commissions

(c). Jumia Express fees


What is the Seller Center?

It’s very important that you understand this clearly. To sell online, you’ll need a platform (either personally owned or borrowed) and if such platforms are not capable of getting you traffic (people), you will not make any money. It’s simple logic!

So, to start selling on Jumia, you need to make use of the seller centre and understand its capabilities. After registering, you’ll be required to manage your online store through the Seller Center (nobody will do that for you). Therefore you MUST take training and learn how the platform works.

The seller centre gives you access to all the vital information you need to manage your sales, add products, update your product information, see an overview of real transactions, etc.

The seller centre helps to simplify the management of your sales account on Jumia.

Find below, a list of some of the things you can do from/ and with your Seller Center.

  • Monitor your inventory and update your listings
  • Track all orders of your products that are listed in Jumia
  • Start promotional campaigns for your products (products’ sponsorship)
  • Use the buyer’ metrics tools to monitor your selling performance


Making your Products Stand Out Using Powerful Description

If you want to have a successful career selling on Jumia, you must learn to improve your skills in the item description. The most professional way to describe the products you are selling is to specifically list all of its main highlights (this is what is known as key technical specifications), and they highlights are:

  • Unique qualities or selling features
  • Functions
  • Size or dimensions
  • Weight

Ensure you take your time to describe the items just the way they are because that is one of the major things that helps buyers to make a buying decision. Now, imagine a buyer making the decision to purchase your product on the basis of a faulty description (of course when they get the product and realize that it doesn’t match the description you gave, they’ll feel scammed; and you don’t want that)

After describing your products, the next thing you must do is to pitch what you are selling to show your potential customers all the benefits of your product and add images that adequately express how valuable the products are/ or will be to the would-be users.

Image Sourcing and Image sizes

This is one of the most important aspects of selling on Jumia because shopping is a visual process that makes it imperative that may copy and paste quality images only directly belonging to you or other websites (that offer copyright-free images).

On Jumia there’s a standard image specification for listed items ‘680×850 pixels’ or a minimum resolution of ‘500×500 pixels’. However, you can use images as large as ‘2000×2000 pixels, and you can crop them with Jumia’s image tool. You may submit different angles of the images as well (there are no issues at all).

On the other hand, if you don’t have an image of your product, you can go online to search for images with the product’s unique model number.

You may also take a picture of the image of a live product in a studio but make sure you follow the Jumai image guidelines.


Listing products on Jumia

On reaching and selling to customers on Jumia, the first thing you must do for your products to be visible for the customers to buy is to list them correctly on your Seller Center account.

There are several ways you can list your products on Jumaia depending on the category and the number of products you want to present to the shoppers. 

Listing your products is one of the most valuable skills that must acquire and develop if you’re serious about selling on Jumia. To list your products in the most professional manner, follow the steps below.

  • List one product at a time
  • Sell Your feature
  • Do Massive creation with Bulk Templates
  • Ask Jumia Content Team to help you list your products

In all you do, ensure you comply with Jumia product creation guidelines for easy acceptance and also follow the tips provided here to help you succeed with your product creation and launch on Jumia.

Learn more about how to list products by clicking on this link.


Listed Products Review and validation

All products listed products on the Jumia Portal for sale MUST pass through a review process, scale through the process and get approved by the Jumia Quality Control team in 2 working days before it goes live.

(a). To review your active product listings, you have to log in to your Seller Center account and click on “manage Products”; and then select “Live.”

(b). If the Jumia Quality Control team rejects a product you listed for review and approval, click on X beside the product, or you will see a little triangle in the Column labelled Visible. (Learn more about the Validation Procedure)

(c). Go ahead to click on “Poor quality or Rejected reasons” to see the reasons for rejection by Jumia Quality Control Team.

(d). Proceed to Edit, then “Edit Details” to correct or amend it (to increase your chances of getting approved).

(e). Once the Jumia Quality Content team approves your product lists, they will go live on, and you will start receiving orders from buyers straight.


Processing and Canceling An Order

 Processing an order requires a certain level of mastery if you’re serious about selling on Jumia. Immediately a customer orders one of your products; you have 24 just hours to get the item ready for shipping.

Follow the steps below to process your orders correctly:

  • Go to your Seller Center account every day to find out if you have a new order (You will also get an email alert anytime a customer places a new order for your product).
  • Go to Orders” then select “Manage Orders. A new order will be pending on the orders tab. Follow Jumia Guidelines to prepare (pack you order properly) your package for delivery.
  • If you do not have the item in stock, cancel the order by selecting “Canceled” under “Actions.” Give a reason for cancelling the order, note Jumia will charge you for cancelling an order.


Order Delivery

There are two methods you can use for product delivery on Jumia and they are: 

  • Dropping your packaged items at Jumia’s VDO stations: This simply means that you are responsible for storing all your products, packing the orders, and carrying them to their VDO stations, while Jumia handles only the delivery to your customers.  
  • Subscribing to Jumia Express service: Move your products to Jumia and allow them to take charge of their inventory and make them available for sale quickly. This simply means that at each order Jumia packages and ships the product straight to the customer.

Receiving Payment for Products

This is a very straightforward thing. Jumia deposits payments into your bank account regularly and alert you of the amount.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Jumia affiliate Program FAQsHow Does Jumia Affiliate Program Work?

I already explained this above. Joining the program is very simple and free as well. You can simply join the Jumia Affiliate Program by clicking here

Also, ensure that your details are accurate. Immediately your account is approved, you can start promoting Jumia.

You can use creative banners or special promotion links made available to you by Jumia to generate sales. On you the Affiliate Platform, you can monitor your referred traffic performance on a daily basis.

As soon as any of your referrals buy some item(s) from the Jumia website, you will be eligible for commission defined as per that item category.

Do I Need to Pay Any Money to Join Jumia Affiliate Program?

No! Never! There is no fee required (from you) to join the Jumia Affiliate Program.

What is SUB ID?

This is an optional tracking parameter that you can use to track the performance of your campaign marketing. For example, if you have two ad placements on your website/blog and you would like to find out which one performs better, you can generate two links with two different SUB IDS, so you can identify both individually and monitor how they’re performing. 

How Do I Use Jumia Affiliates Program?

Using Jumia Affiliate is quite very easy and simple. One of the ways you can get the affiliate program to work for you is by:

(a). Using the link builder or

(b) Using the banners

to promote Jumia. Once a customer places an order through your affiliate link/banner, that’s it! You get paid a commission on whatever product they ordered. even if it’s not the same item you are promoting for. This is just like setting a trap to catch money for you on the internet.

How Do I Use the Jumia Affiliates Link Builder?

  • Log in to your Jumia Affiliate Dashboard
  • Click on “Advertising” on the left panel and on the drop-down, select “Link Builder”.
  • Choose the offer you would like to promote e.g “Jumia Nigeria”.
  • Copy the product page link from the Jumia website.
  • Paste the Jumia landing page you would like to promote e.g
  • Copy the FINAL URL and share it with your audience.

How Do I get creative banners to promote my Jumia Affiliate Program offers online?

You can use the Jumia pre-designed category and campaign creatives on your own platform(s) whether a personal website or social media account.

  • Select the country you would like to promote your offer to.
  • Choose the category or the campaign you would like to promote.

Note: You must pay attention to the particular links that you use for each given campaign. To understand this, look at the following explanations below.

(a). If you would like to promote via your social media channels, then you have to download the image via Image URL and copy the Ad URL code. Then, you’ll need to paste it on your social media page. You can also attach the banner to increase your click-through rate.

(b). If you would like to promote via your website and/ or blog, copy the Banner Code and paste it to the HTML code (back-end) of your Content Management System (such as WordPress) to make the tracked image clickable.

Can I advertise My Offer on Facebook? Must I have a Website Before I Can Promote My Offer? 

Yes! Why not? You can promote via Facebook, even Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. You actually don’t need to have a website before you can promote an offer as a Jumia Affiliate Marketer. Just ensure you are not using the Jumia brand name or logo so you don’t under the Jumia Affiliate Program monitoring hammer. To learn more about Jumai Advertising policy, check their terms and conditions.

What is Jumia URL page?

In the course of promoting your preferred product on Jumia, you’re required to may visit the Jumia website and search for that specific product/brand you want to promote under its product category; then you can filter by product, category or brand. For example, let’s assume you want to promote the Hp 15 Intel Core I5 10th Gen touchscreen laptop and you are looking to promote that as an affiliate marketer (to enable you can earn a commission for every order placed through your link), all you need to do is just to visit the Jumia website at and search for that particular product. After that, you need to copy the product page URL from your browser tab. Then, you need to proceed to your Jumia affiliate account dashboard to create your custom affiliate link.

Once you’re done customizing your affiliate link, you can start promoting it on your platform of choice almost instantly.

Is It Possible that I promote Just a single product?

Of course, you can. To do that, just use the link builder. However, it’s highly recommended you promote the whole category. See what a category looks like here.

Is It Professional to Promote a Whole Category?

Yes! To promote a whole category, use banners. You can also create a custom link for it (just in case you would love to attach that to your post).

Am I Permitted to Advertise On More than One Platform?

Yes, you’re free to share and/ or promote as a Jumia Affiliates Marketer on any platform you deem fit (website/ blog, social media, apps, forums you name it). Provided you stick to the Jumia advertising policy. 

What is the difference between total clicks and unique clicks?

Unique Clicks: This represents the number of users that clicked on your links. For example, if a user clicked on your links more than once, the Unique Clicks Indicator will count that action as one instead of two because that click came from the same IP address. To learn more about IP addresses, click here.

Total Clicks: This represents the full amount of clicks that were made in all the links you have sent, whether they came from the same user or not.

What Does the Term Cookie Lifetime/ Lifespan Mean?

Cookies are small text files with small pieces of data that websites send to your device. The sender of the Cookie uses it to monitor you and remember certain information about you — like what’s in your shopping cart on an e-commerce site, or your login information. The lifetime/ lifespan of the Jumia cookie is 7 days, which simply that means Jumia will track any order that happens through your link in a 7 -day cookie window after the click. This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link, and then purchases any items within 7 days period after the initial link clicks on your post, you will still get a commission on all the items purchased.

Why Are My Commission Still Pending?

Usually, commissions are approved 3 weeks after the order delivery to ensure that items or commissions will not be returned.

Why is My Commission Amount Reduced from the Actual Figure that I Was Suppose to Get?

One of the major reasons for that could be because the customer cancelled some items from the order, so you may only be eligible for commission on completed/ sold items.

How Do I Track My Earnings?

  • Go to your Jumia Affiliate dashboard
  • Click on Reporting > Conversions page,
  • Select your preferred country for the promotion
  • Adjust the dates
  • Select conversions status and click Apply.

Why is My Commission Rejected?

Your commission can be rejected if the customer cancels/ rejects the order; or if the order was placed by a J-Force agent (JForce is Jumia’s network of sales consultants placing orders on Jumia, on behalf of self or others). Your commission may also be rejected if you go against the Jumia Affiliate Program terms & conditions.

​What does the term “Payment Status’ Mean?

There can be three possible payment statuses as the case may be:

Pending: This means that Jumia is reviewing your payment details, hence your validation is pending. Jumia would check to see if the details you’ve inputted are complete and if anything is missing. If your payment information is missing, the record will stay in ‘pending’ status until the next month.

Sent to Finance: Once Jumia had validated that all your details were correctly entered, your payment details would be sent to their finance team -responsible for payment. The finance team usually takes about a week to pay.

Paid: Once finance confirms that your payment has been made, Jumia changes the status of your payment record to paid.

What Exactly Are Commission Percentages Across Categories?

Normally, your profits will be split into basic commission + bonus. So, there are different percentage commissions for different categories. Here are a few:

For the Bank Transfer Payment Method, What Information Should I Provide?

You’ll need to provide the following information

  • Your country
  • Payment method (Bank transfer)
  • Fill in the following fields

Account holder*

Account number/IBAN*

Bank name*

Bank branch*


Note: For companies, you may be required to provide your VAT number; and if you are based in a free VAT country like UAE please mention “FREE VAT” in the VAT space.

Is there a Minimum Limit for Commission Withdrawal?

Usually, commissions are paid at the beginning of every calendar month for all the confirmed commissions in the previous calendar month. There’s a minimum payout limit which is equivalent to 10 for individuals and 50  for companies. So, If your commission is less than that, then it gets transferred the following month and then you’ll need to keep working so you can hit the threshold.

When Do I get paid?

All payment amounts are calculated based on the Order Update Date, and not the order date. An important point to understand: The date an order gets confirmed is known as the Order Update Date. For instance in March, what you receive is the commission for any order which has an Update Date in February or any earlier month. There may be orders that happened in February but only became confirmed in December; you will receive this commission the month after.

What Information Should I Provide to Receive My commission?

Payment method varies from country to country. However, it’s mostly bank transfers and mobile cash transfers (as the case may be). All you need to do is to add your payment pay details as I mentioned earlier and to do so, follow the instruction below to add your payment details.

(a). Go to your Jumia Affiliate dashboard

(b). Click on Payment

(c). Click on Payment details

(c). Select your Country (Eg. Nigeria)

(d). Select the available Payment method (which most likely would be a Bank transfer)

(e). Fill in the requested information

(f). Save information

And BOOM! You’re good to go!

Why is My Commission Not Yet Released?

One major reason why you could be experiencing this is that you may not have met the minimum commission payout equivalent to 10. Usually, if your commission is less than €10, then it gets transferred to the following month, and the month after that until after your confirmed commission has reached the minimum limit (which is Jumia’s official threshold).

What are the payment methods available?

This varies from country to country, but as I already mentioned, it’s mostly via bank transfers and mobile cash transfers, as the case is in Nigeria. So, just ensure you enter your details in the “Payment Details” page correctly to ensure you receive your payment right on time.

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In this post, you learned how to start selling on Jumia. We showed you how to register, use the Seller Center, process an order, and deliver the same to receive payment for any completed order on the e-commerce platform.

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