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Almost every time, I get asked these all-important questions which are: "Is it possible to make money online? How do I get started? How much is required? How long does it usually take?

Now, you've got nothing to worry about anymore because I have answers to all of the above questions in this 531-page masterpiece to help you get started with creating your 6-Figure Generating blog online using some powerful yet simple industry cutting edge tools and techniques.

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From: Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred - Blogger & Digital Marketer | Subject: Building a Blog to Build an Income

“Yo! Rookie, So You Too Want to Have a Business Online?" Understand that some people will want to make jest of you or even look down on you especially the self professed "Gurus"; but do not let anybody to discourage you from doing your thing.

Building a highly successful blog in today's world could be very difficult considering the fact that there are hundreds of millions of blogs out here online seeking relevance and thousands others coming online on daily basis.

So, in view of all of these, what chance do you stand to make your blog relevant and to position yourself in the marketplace no matter the odds?

What if I was to let you into the secrets that I use to help you create a successful blog? A blog that will generate traffic, earn you an income and make you an authority within your niche. Would you be interested?

If the answer is yes, please keep reading as I will reveal the perfect formula for creating a blog and a blog strategy that works 100% every time and anywhere it is applied.

INTRODUCING... #TheOnlineMillionaire

Yes... I know you might not know me, this could probably be the very first time you're meeting me or maybe you've read one of my books or even come across my materials online... either way, I'm going to officially introduce myself to you now and also show you why you need to trust my judgement on this.

My name is Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred and folks call me- #TheOnlineMillionaire because I teach people how to make money using The Internet. Founder- Fredmacs House of Artistry, a Business Consultant, Brand Communication Expert, Growth Hack Expert/ Coach, Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategist and Author of the books: The Secret Online Sales Code, How to Build Your 7-Figure Information Business In 7 Days, & The 6-Figure Blogging Manual.

What Folks Are Saying

In March 2020, over 10 Million people filed for unemployment benefits in the United States due to the impact of the COVID-19 in less than A MONTH; and by the first week of April, 2020 we already have 9.9Million of people filing for same just in America alone... Think about that!

I actually started blogging in 2013 with Google's Blogger (a free hosted platform). Guess what? I struggled through it and never made a dime; rather incurred some unsolicited amount of debts (I actually never really planned for those). I'll best describe my experience then as 'groping in the dark'. I had no definite plan, I knew not what business model I was operating on; I knew nothing next to how to niche a website. I was just going through this whole cycle of trial and error over and over again.

It wasn't until I figured out what I was doing wrong and took notice of the people who were doing things right, I eventually started to see success. That was then; fast-forward to the year 2020, a larger percentage of bloggers online will never make money online until they understand how the system works. They never will be able to create a successful blog. This may sound a bit harsh, however it’s true; and you must understand that blogging is a skill and it requires a killer-strategy to make it yeild result.

Every top marketer you see today at some point had to go through some down-times and also encountered some self-limiting experiences like what I tried to express with the sub-title of this article.

However, for coming in contact with me today, I’m going to open your eyes to possibilities, opportunities as well as lead you into some jealously guarded information that so many other top marketers like myself are using to scale their business and earn real money every day with simple tools like: Facebook Forum, Newsletter and a Personal blog to attract customers and clients like a magnet.

What You Must Know

If You Want to Create a Profitable Blog

To Create a 6-Figure Generating Blog, You'll need to Understand Models, Niches, Keywords and Platforms; This Simply Means You'll Need to Have a WINNING FORMULA. AWESOME BLOG Requires a Specific Formula.

How to Build Your 6 Figure Generating Blog

What Exact Steps Did I personally Take to Craft a 6-Figure Generating Blog for Myself?

There's nothing like "over night" success when it comes to blogging. If you must turn out successful, you must be willing to put in the work.

However, if you keep at it, invest a commensurate amount of time into it and follow proven strategies to find out exactly how to get traffic, comments, build community and build subscribers and income, you'll turn out very successful before you even know it.

A Winning Idea Was All I Needed to Make That All-Important Lifetime Changes

I knew I needed a winning idea and there’s no better way to get that than study what my ‘successful’ predecessors have done already and then modify that (it was that simple; I never had to re-invent the wheel).

So, I subscribed to the mailing lists of their blogs, learned all the tricks of the trade to create community and traffic. I learned how to build subscribers and keep them coming back.

And then, I Began to Dominate My Industry Like This...By Learning to Do a Few Things Like:

Then, it was like magic; over time, things just started changing for me naturally.

What Really Changed for Me?

And then, the Traffic and Subscribers Started Rolling In Gradually...So, I did something Quite remarkable (I diverted my attention completely into publishing online & Coaching).

So when I realized that my method was beginning to pay off, I had to triple my effort. It’s important to also let you know that a huge fraction of my income were never coming from AdSense earnings. Even though the training wasn’t really what it should be as at the time, but the little audience I had was laser-targeted. So, I started making money regardless of my “not too impressive” level of traffic by selling products as well.

The next thing I realized was that I was fast learning and mastering some key skills from Copy writing to email marketing, Video editing, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Online Advertising to mention just a few; literarily, my knowledge-base expanded; and because of that, I began to notice a consistent increase in my following as a resultant effect of all that work.

I don't sell Pepper or Tomatoes in the market but this is what my regular earnings through services and digital product sales looks like on a regular day.


What Other Extra Calculated Steps Did I Take to Ensure Success? Simple... I Effected More Changes

I never at any point in time looked at my website as a “common blog” rather from day one, I started seeing and treating it like a complete business system for me (which it is); and that alone helped remind me most of the time that I was building a real business that requires the best of my attention if I was gonna turn it successful.

So in time, I quickly discovered what was working for me and what wasn’t. 

Let Me Quickly Add Here That No Man Can Confidently Boast of the Ability to Teach You Everything You Need to Learn to Be Great, Rather They'll Show You the Right Path And Make You Understand That the Genius Lives Right Within You!

“In today’s world, Knowledge is the new oil;.and your ability to apply it effectively in a bid to end some specific areas of some common human sufferings is the very key you need towards building that sustainable, dream future of yours; and if you’re highly skilled with some great expertise in a given field of endeavor, yet don’t know nothing about making money online with what you know, then you have to think again! Because you’re busy flushing so much money down the drain.”

So, basically this Manual Chronicles a very large fraction of my research work in blogging, my failures, my mistakes, my frustrations (in the begining); not excluding my wins and my exciting journey to the rediscovery of a highly purposeful life which became materialized immediately I realized my power as a blogger and the enormous powers that comes with owning such a powerful platform.

You can do literarily just about anything that your mind can conceive. It's like having a live grenade right in your palm. What you do with it is what makes all the difference.

Alright, Let’s look at this simple analysis:

1. 1/10% of all registered businesses advertise on Facebook.

2. It’s very simple and so clear to see that real ‘Business’ in today’s world, more than any other period in human history is ‘people-centered’ (if I can borrow that phrase to express myself better). So, if we agree that it is, then the secret to growth in today’s business world is buried within the people; and your ability to communicate effectively with them is the key to unlocking that growth (wealth).

But then… there’s a very big problem! You need a platform to stand on (in other to communicate that winning idea or solution to them effectively); so, this is the major point where that problem lies!

You cannot build a real business on a borrowed / external platform; just as you cannot plant flowers or start a poultry in a rented apartment.

  1. Over 80 million small & medium scale businesses are active on Facebook and the shocking thing is that only 7 million out of that 80 million businesses advertise on Facebook…shocking right?
  1. Instagram as a platform (owned by the same Facebook) has approximately 25 million registered business accounts/ profiles (not just regular users).

Now, we’re getting to the most interesting part…

  1. Only 2 million out of this 25 million advertise on Instagram. This is the real banger: 80% of the users of both platforms access these platforms via their mobile phones; and 74% of that 80% visit Facebook on a daily basis. Is it now very difficult to see where the world is moving to?

So, you see... This is very practical

I didn’t quite achieve success doing what every so called expert blogger appears to be doing nor did I tried modeling what every other pro blogger was doing 100% No!… I learnt the basics and figured the rest testing out every possible avenue that I could think of; to help me build my platform.

And I have continued doing that. Not planning to stop either. I won’t stop there either, All I needed was to get that winning formula that is specific to what I do and then create some winning content  to help animate that very formula.

So, Why Should YOU Start Your Own Blog In Today's World?

Blogging goes far beyond a mere expression of your interests in a specified area. To further understand Blogging, you first of all must start seeing it as a powerful income channel that can easily be converted into a full time business.

You can actually build a 6-figure generating business using just a mere blog; as matter of fact, it is no longer news because millions of people all over the world (including myself) are living and feeding off their website/s or blog. So, what is still keeping you from creating one?

The Only Way to Get Started is By Getting STARTED

I know you might be thinking in your heart right now “But…How do I get Started?”

Even though starting a blog sounds like a great idea, we all know that the process to building a successful blog can be tasking.

However, you can build your business, create loyal fans, monetize your content and reap the financial rewards. But the problem is usually: “What exactly can you blog about?”

Choosing a topic and remaining focused on it can be hard, but I want to help you with your blogging success by guiding you into choosing a specific niche and making that niche your blog topic to enable you build a highly successful blog:

How it Works

How it Works

You have to choose a specific content topic or niche to focus your entire website/ blog on; and subtly create a community of readers that will be interested in that very topic as well as find whatever you’re going to be talking about firstly “interesting” and secondly “helpful”.

You cannot have a functional community without reader interaction on your website.

You need to understand that building a successful blog depends on two major things choosing a specific niche subject and building your customer list. Blogging on random subjects will never place you on that expert level and will ultimately make you appear very unprofessional.

To effectively monetize your blog, you’ll need to do some advertising and sell products (either your own or that belonging to another). If your blog is not focused on a specific niche, you’ll have a with ads and selling products; more especially, you’ll have problem doing Affiliate Marketing.

Those who fail to build a personal platform and a community around that same platform to grow their business with in today’s business world will lose not just their financial/ intellectual capital but also the drive to pursue them. They will go completely broke!

If you understand this analysis, it simply means that marketing today is more of “mobile” in nature than the conventional model it was known for a couple of decades ago; and the market is still very much untapped and currently in the hands of a few smart crop of individuals who understand the power of platforms, service and the ability to sell from the ‘new world’ perspective using a personal platform (a blog).

To gain people, you need to sacrifice yourself; Let me simplify this; you’ll need to first of all grow a list of few capable hands and transfer yourself into them. These are some of the channels you can use to achieve that easily:

With this channels and a simple newsletter blog, you’ll harvest leads (people) like crops; who you’ll in turn multiply yourself into- This is what is known as “Building Authority” in your field.

This is the only “Duplication System” that is 100% effective and will never fail because it is built on the eternal priniciple of “Sowing and Reaping”. So, if you’re willing to share what you know (just as I’m sharing with you now), then you’re on a clear path to creating an unending wealth. This principle is highly effective and applicable to all kinds of businesses irrespective of what model they’re built on.

For any business to grow a community of loyal customers in today’s business world, then it must be online, for it to be properly positioned online, it must be on a personal platform (It must have a website or a blog). So the bottom-line is: If you must play in this competitive business world, then you must have a website/ blog- you must be visible online, standing on your own platform..

In the book “THE 6-FIGURE BLOGGING MANUAL” I took the time to painstakingly explain from the very basics how you can become a pro blogger in less than 3 months. I also revealed lots of industry secrets on how to position your business online to help you reach more potential clients and customer or buyers.

No matter what your profession/ business might be, truth is: That business or profession will be dead on arrival if it fails to put down machineries in place for leads/ customer acquisition before its actual launch into the market.

If you would like to say ‘YES’ to this opportunity, to build a real business, and to understand how to make some cool millions of Naira like every other top marketer selling just your brain using a simple blog, then get this marketing masterpiece: “THE 6-FIGURE BLOGGING MANUAL”; It’s a 531-page content-rich ebook that takes you from a complete newbie to expert level.

If you would love to automate and scale your business online using a personal blog, reaching more potential clients who will end up buying your
products/ services (just as you’re going to buy mine now) even while sleeping, then you’ll need to get: THE 6-FIGURE BLOGGING MANUAL NOW!

  What You’re Going to Learn:

  • What a blog is and the type of blog that is best suited for your business.
  • Blog History, Evolution & Trends in view of today’s world.
  • Importance of owning a personal website/ blog; and why you need to build one fast for your business.
  • What platforms are and their different types; as well as understand WordPress as a platform and How to “Niche your WordPress website  all the way down” for 6-figure monthly earnings.
  • Exactly how to ‘Get Started’ (in case you’ve never handled a mouse before in your life).
  • How to fix/ Avoid common errors when building and managing your website.
  • What spam is, the damages it can cause to your personal platform and how to manage all of that effectively.
  • How to protect your website/ blog; to keep your business safe from hackers, malware and other types of threat online.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to speed up your website.
  • What it takes to constantly create some winning web Content.
  • The power of brainstorming and how you can actually employ it to help you build your 6-figure generating blog from nothing and with nothing. 
  • Keyword Research and how instrumental it can be to your business growth.
  • How and where to source license-free images and written Content for your blog.
  • How to drive crazy traffic to your blog using organic and paid sources.
  • The most ideal way to sign up For Google AdSense And how to Integrate the Google AdSense Code to Your Website.

…And many more others.

This is Outright INSANE!

“I’m totally committed to helping young people become financially independent by re-positioning themselves through a result-oriented learning for influence, dominance, financial empowerment; as well as keeping themselves abreast of recent advancements in the ever-dynamic, frequently changing world of technology”. And I’m here to help you.

Your 6-Figure Business Coach

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