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Stakecut Review: Read This First!

One of the major reasons why I have prepared this Stakecut Review 2022 is simply to help you build a real business that you can run from anywhere in the world and at your convenience online without having to pay through your nose. 

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This is because if you’re in touch with reality concerning our current situation in Nigeria which is also worsened by what is happening to the global economy (especially the effects of the Russian/ Ukrainian War), then you’ll agree with me that the future looks very bleak for Nigeria and Nigerians (if nothing is done urgently); especially those without the financial muscles to:

(a). Cushion the effects of the current harsh economic weather. 

(b). Travel abroad for greener pastures or even… 

(c). Acquire a high-income skill

And if nothing is done urgently, the situation may most likely degenerate to the point where it becomes irreparable.


Stakecut review

1. What is Stakecut?

Stakecut is one of Africa’s finest Borderless Business Systems. A Simple Affiliate Cart System that gives you the leverage to take Affiliate Orders in Dollars from major countries of the world and also get paid in different Currencies by simply copying & pasting a single line of code on your website. With Stakecut, you can now export your skills, knowledge & physical products from Africa to the world; make sales and get paid in any currency as well.

Stakecut goes far beyond a mere Affiliate marketing platform. It’s a platform where you can learn about affiliate marketing and still list your products for sale (free of charge) as if you own the platform 100%; but of course, you own a stake. Hence the name “STAKECUT”.

The platform was built with the intention of making it “the Clickbank of Africa” and that’s exactly how they nicknamed it. It’s a complete business system looking at it from a very professional angle.


2. What is the company’s Corporate Goal?

The company prides itself in its promises to help 100,000 Africans set up a legit and highly profitable business online and sell to the world without any form of barrier or limitation.


3. When Was the company Founded?

The company was founded precisely in 2022 by the duo Nonso Czar Nnamani- (Founder & Team Lead) and Joshua Mba– Co Founder.

4. How is Stakecut different from other Affiliate/ Marketing Platforms?

Many things about Stakecut make it stand out as a platform when placed side-by-side alongside other local and international platforms, and a few of such factors are:

(a). Stakecut is 100% free to use unlike other platforms like learnofix, Expertnaire, Owodaily etc. (talking about our local platforms here).

(b). It’s also 100% free for people you refer (meaning, you don’t get paid when you send people to go and create an account on Stakecut).

(c). It has zero financial risks attached to it since you’re not investing any money or paying any money at all to become a member.

(d). It allows members to sell to every country in the world; and also get paid in any single currency.

(e). It’s a real situation that was specifically designed to help willing youth adequately address the issues of poverty in their lives and also help in lifting the country out of poverty.

(f). The signup process is super-easy.

(h). You can be both an Affiliate and a Vendor; there’s no limit to what you can do or how much you can make; the most beautiful thing here is that it’s completely free!

(i). The vetting process is water-tight (which means that only the best courses make it finally on the stakecut platform).

(j). There’s a wide array of top-quality products to comfortably choose from.

(k). The platform offers high commission rates on a wide range of high-in-demand products that have been proven to convert very well (that way, you don’t waste your effort promoting products that will turn out to become a complete waste of time and resource). It’s very common to see products offering 50% commission rates.

(l). Rapid Response: This is one of the things that most people love about Stakecut. Their customer service responds swiftly to every issue. They make sure that every problem gets resolved within 24hrs and they offer a 24/7 customer support service.


stakecut review

5. Registration Requirements

Stakecut is a free affiliate program, and it’s 100% free to join. No upfront payment whatsoever is required. All you need to signup, verify your account and set up your profile are stated below as follows:

> Email: Preferably Gmail (for verification).

> Phone number.

> Bank account

That’s all!


6. How Legit is Stakecut?

Stakecut is 100% legit, it is founded by two great guys that I know, and they’re not just legit, they’ve also been very consistent through the years. You can also make your verifications.


stakecut features theonlinemillionaire

7. What are the major features of Stakecut?

(a). Affiliate Dashboard: Once you log in, this is the first thing you’ll see. The system will automatically prompt you to the affiliate dashboard. Your affiliate dashboard by default displays your rank on the platform, your total earnings and your current earnings. So, no one can lie about what they’ve not earned to deceive the public and 7-figure monthly earnings when they’re still struggling with 5-figures.

(b). Market Place: This place shows you all the hot-selling that you can promote to earn some impressive commissions. As an affiliate, your job is just straightforward.

> Pick a high-converting product.

> Drive some mad traffic to it.

> Don’t try to sell the traffic because the has been adequately handled by the product landing page.

There wide range of courses for you to promote. Make your choice and promote only what you believe in (not what makes the most money).

(c). Search for a Contest: You’ll need to find out which specific vendors are hosting a contest to win mobile phones, cash prizes, laptops or even cars. so you can participate; you never know, you might emergy the winner.

(d). Approved Products: This is where you’ll find only products that made it through the stringent vetting process. Here you’ll find”

> All the information that you’ll ever need about the product.

> The product name

> The vendor’s name

> The products conversion rate

> The price of the product

(e). Best Sellers: Here you will be shown all the top vendors in Stakecut. You’ll know who is selling and who is not. That’s basically the major mirror that you need to know which product that is converting easily.

(f). StakeCut University: Here you will learn everything you need to become a good salesman online. Below are the top features in the list of some of the things you’ll be learning here:

> How to craft a compelling sales letter.

> How to drive traffic to your offer.

> How to launch your own product/s online.

> How to craft winning emails.



8. How to make money on Stakecut?

You might be wondering by now or even asking yourself: “How do I make money now with Stakecut? Never worry, you’re not alone. Someone also asked me this same question last night and earlier today.

My answer to that question is this: There are a good number of ways to make money on Stakecut and I’ll carefully explain them in detail below:

(a). Affiliate Program: You can join the affiliate program to enable you to promote any product of your choice (especially the ones that convert very well).

(b). Promote Freelance Services: So, if you’re a freelancer, it will be very reasonable for you to find a way to list your servives on Stakecut; that way, the affiliates on Stakecut can look for clients for you and get their commission once you land a serious client.

(c). Become a Vendor: What if you can become a vendor? What if you can create your own software on Stakecut? What if you can create a video course? What if you can create an eBook? 

What if you’ve already created some top-winning products but have been struggling to drive massive traffic but unfortunately could not; hence the reason you’ve been having low sales or no sales at all? 

What if the leverage the opportunity that Stakecut offers and place your product/s on the platforms for affiliates to help you drive traffic to the products and skyrocket your sales? Don’t you think it will be wonderful?

The two things that you basically need to make money online are:

> Product

> Traffic


You can promote some top-notch industry-certified products on Stakecut like:

> The Complete Done-for-You Sales System for Affiliate Marketers by: Joshua Mba

> TCY University 2022 (Facebook Ads & Lead Generation System) by Ken Ndubuisi

> Advanced Sales Funnel & Sales Page Design Hack Course by Josua Mba

> Daily Info Products Sales System by Czar Nnamani

> Google AdsTraffic Academy by Adegboyega Ademiluyi

And Stakecut offers you both. Traffic from affiliates, then you can sell your own products or sell other people’s product/s to help you make some money.

What if you’re a complete novice? That’s exactly the reason why the Stakecut university has been set up. To arm you with the requisite skills that you need to get started with making money online in the most legit ways.


9. How much exactly can one make on Stakecut?

There’s no specific amount that anyone can make on Stakecut. Results are typical and largely based on individual ability and skills. This is a knowledge-driven industry, the more you know, the more you do, the more you earn. The lesser you know, the lesser you’ll do, the poorer you’ll become.

So, it’s completely up to you to decide if you’ll like to make $0 per month, $100 per month, $1,000 per month, $10,000 per month, $100,000 per month or even more. You call the shots here. The bottom line is that there’s no limit to what you can do here or how much you can earn.

Nobody will decide this for you!


10. Who exactly can join Stakecut and who is it for?

There’s no entry barrier. Anyone in the Africa n continent can join Stakecut. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve sold anything online before this time, Stakecut will teach you exactly what to do and how to start promoting products as a full-time affiliate marketer.

You can also access Stakecut easily from any part of the world and start cashing out fast.


Stakecut who is it for?

11. Who is the platform for?

Stakecut is for everyone who:

> Live within the African continent

> Would like to work from Home

> Want to make money online in a legal way

> Want to work at their own convenience and pace

> Be their own boss and call the shot

> Start up a side hustle with their means

> Need Sales to increase their earnings

Generally, Stakecut’s corporate goal is to help 100,000 African start their own business and sell to the world without any barriers. Therefore, if you’ve been meaning to start your online business for some time now but could not due to financial constraints and several other factors, then Stakecut is here to help you succeed!


12. How is the Stakecut payout system like and how does one get paid?

As soon as you earn a commission, you can get paid to the last penny via Paypal or directly to your bank account. The Stakecut payment system is fast and secure as I’ve heard but I’m just starting and have yet to earn my own money. When I do, I will confirm this part of the claim but I know the team behind the brand won’t fail though. They’re very dependable!

You can use Stakecut as a full-time business while working from home.

So in a nutshell, you earn as you work but then, if you’re a vendor, affiliates’ efforts can also work for you just make sure that your product is highly valuable.


13. Why should you join this platform?

It’s just normal for a lot of people might be feeling very sceptical about Stakecut especially now that the platform just recently kicked off without such a massive presence online and much social proof to convince anyone without speaking too much grammar. 

However, the thing there is this:

Provided you’re not being asked to pay any money, then that’s all there is. Stakecut will only make money once you make money. I know how these things work. Within a very short time, everything will just kick off properly.

Now, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should join Stakecut:

(a). It’s FREE to join. There’s no financial commitment on your part. Except you register and decide to purchase a product.

(b). It’s 100% scam-free. 

(c). It offers free professional marketing training through Stakecut University.

(d). It has opened up the global payment window for Africa; enabling Africans to play comfortably in the global markets and get paid without hassles.

(e). It allows you to work at your pace.

(f). It’s an income opportunity for Africans.

(g). There’s no room for discrimination. It’s open to all Africans and accommodates all irrespective of their economic or social status.

(i). You don’t need to be an expert before you can become a member of Stakecut.

(j). It offers multiple payment options. If you live in Nigeria, you can get paid through the banks; but if you live outside Nigeria, you can withdraw your money via Paypal.

(k). You can sell both physical and digital products on Stakecut.

(l). You can win incredible prizes and trips by simply partaking in contests.

(m). Affiliates in Africa no longer need to be worried about even getting banned from selling on Affiliate networks or even promoting products.

(n). Young Nigerians can now promote products and cash out easily; all thanks to Stakecut.


By now, I’m convinced you can no longer wait to become an Affiliate on Stakecut right? I’ll be glad to help you on this journey. Click on this link, scroll down to WhatsApp to chat with me directly.


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