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Owodaily Review: Earn Legit Money Online

Hey! I want to officially welcome you to my Owodaily review post.

I know you’re here simply because you’ve been searching for a website a credible website on the internet for an honest Owodaily Review or even how to make money online; probably you must have heard of Owodaily digital jobs platform through any of the following:

  • Google
  • YouTube 
  • Twitter
  • Facebook 
  • Nairaland etc.

The truth is: you’re most likely trying to find a way to join and make money. I’m sure you also want to find out if the platform is worth your investment and time; as well as to know if they are legit or just another scam in town.

If the above holds true, then you’re in the right place, as I would be reviewing this platform thoroughly in this my straight-forward Owodaily Review to show you exactly what works!

This is going to be a very thorough Owodaily review, like you’ve never seen before. So in that light, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the platform to examine the numerous claims online if truly one can make money with the famous Owodaily platform.

Secondly, having used the platform myself/ and even still using it, I’ll also be bringing my experience to the fore to help address some pressing questions that a lot of people are seeking answers to; which top among them are: 

“Is Owodaily Legit?”

“Can I withdraw my money from Owodaily?”

I’ll be treating these and other pressing issues that you most likely will be needing clarifications to as view of Owodaily ever since they kicked off as a business. 

Now, are there ways of making money online? Yes!

Are there companies helping people to make money online? Yes

Are there legit and scam companies promising to help folks make money online? Yes

So, one of the major questions that anybody interested in making money online would ask is: “What is the easiest quickest way to spot a legit business that is result-driven (because some businesses are more than some unemployed people) is this: 

  • They must have a product line/ or services that they are selling. 
  • They must also demonstrate how they are selling such services and services.


I usually don’t take anybody or company for their word (because anybody can make promises on something they know too well they can’t deliver often with the intent to deceive or defraud people), rather when I see a business make a promise on what they will do or intend to achieve, I channel my energy into checking their antecedents (to see what they’ve done) and then scrutinize whatever it is that they are selling. 

Every company’s value chain is a mirror to the health status of such a business; where a business offers no verifiable value for money, then it won’t be long until the business eventually packs up!

In this review, I’ll;

  • Explain thoroughly to you in this Owodaily Review what Owodaily truly is.
  • Show you how it works and why you should take advantage of it.
  • Explain to your how secure it is (whether incorporated or not). 
  • Show you how you can make money with Owodaily
  • What value they are offering to their clients
  • Etc…

So, all that is required of you now is for you to take your time and go through the detailed review carefully.

Just before then… 

Who am I and why should you listen to me


Let’s get started!


Who am I?


Who Am I and Why Should I Talk to You About Owodaily Review?

The first question that I’m sure you must be battling with now is: Who is this man? Is he qualified to review the Owodaily platform?

Well, my name is Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred and folks call me “TheOnlineMillionaire” because I teach people how to make money using the internet; and I own this blog I’m a Writer, Author, Coach & Speaker.

I have been working online actively for about 10 years now. So, I have been studying several opportunities to find out what works and what doesn’t for making money online right here in Nigeria; and I have made all the mistakes there are to be made and also recorded victories.


What Is Owodaily?

Simply put, OwoDaily is a digital jobs community where its membership gives its users access to multiple streams of income online. 

Additionally, I would say that the platform also doubles as a middleman between folks (members who offer services) and clients (members looking for members who would render services for a specified amount).

What is Owodaily

So basically, the platform brings two individuals together: 

(a). Buyers of services

(b). Sellers of services

Basically, for every job you do on the platform, there’s a certain amount of money you’ll be paid after the completion, verification and approval of the job. 

Normally, the money paid to users ranges from ₦5.00 to ₦2,000.00 per task upon completion and approval. Once the job is approved, the money gets credited to the user’s wallet and automatically moved to the user’s local bank account in Nigeria once you hit ₦5,000 in earnings.

Another important thing that I should also have you know is that OwoDaily provides the platform for clients that intend to promote their business on Social Media; that in turn pays users who are willing to help them achieve that business goal. 

Let me throw a little light on this so you understand. Let’s say you have a need to promote your business page on Instagram to get more followers; or simply want to increase your YouTube page subscribers to get more awareness and reach more people through Owodaily platform, you’ll need to:

(a). Create your account on Owodaily as a business. 

(b). Buy credit and specify the kind of promotion that you need for your business. 

For instance, if what you want is views, shares, likes, comments or maybe you’re aiming to increase your followers on social media, you’ll have to post such needs as ‘jobs’ and specify how much you’re willing to pay per person; that way some interested members (workers) would apply and take up such jobs as tasks for whatever financial reward that you’re offering. 

So, the platform has a mechanism in place to make that happen for you; the system is simplified in such a way that it’s very easy for any interested user (workers) to apply and pick up that task for whatever you’re offering in cash. These and many more are the things that I intend to show you in this Owodaily Review.


How Did I Get to Know About Owodaily?

As an online marketer, I spend most of my time online sourcing information and checking what other people with results are doing to improve my business, reach more people (in a positive way) and increase earnings. 

So oftentimes, I make research on what people are searching for and once I discover what that is, then provide I will provide them with the solution. The technology that makes this possible is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and I use different tools to make that happen for me.

Now, on a particular night, I was uploading this video:

and that was how I came across that a video talking about Owodaily. I left what I was doing, played the video a little and got hooked. That was how I started researching the platform and then I realized that a lot of Nigerians were actually searching for the review of this same platform on google majorly to find out if it’s another beautiful nonsense (scam) out there to deceive the gullible.

One of the major reasons some of the people are feeling apprehensive borders on the fact that membership on the platform is not free because there’s a registration fee of N3,000 attached.

Understandably enough, nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money (not even in these trying times). So, people want to be sure of where their money is going; and you can’t blame them for feeling that way too.

This is the very reason why should always do your due diligence before jumping blindly into any available opportunity. If you’re in doubt, then contact me for guidance. This is because I understand this terrain too well. My obligation is to research and discover powerful, profitable and sustainable money-making opportunities online that can help you to make some money or create a stable income channel for yourself.

So essence, Owodaily practically pays you to perform simple tasks on the platform so you can make some money for yourself (hence the name “Owodaily” which simply means: “Money every day”).


Is Owodaily a Scam? 

I work on Fiverr, I’m also an Affiliate for Fiverr; and if you know Fiverr very well, your answer to this question will be a capital…No! You can also shop for courses on Fiverr but fortunately enough the courses on Owodaily are completely FREE of charge!

So to answer the above question, I would simply say the Owodaily is the Fiverr of Africa or speedily evolving into that. So, if you know that Fiverr is not a scam but a multi-billion dollar business, so is Owodaily!

I’m going to throw additional light on this so you can understand me perfectly well and also see the gold mine which I have presented before you.

I’m not interested in selling Owodaily to you do know why? Because, I’m a blogger, vlogger, writer, coach and a public speaker; and in case you don’t understand what this means, let me explain to you what it simply means. it means that I’ll have access to people whether you signup through me or not, people who get value from me will always signup through me of their own volition.

Another important thing that I need you to understand is that whether you signup through me or not, I will make money on Owodaily every day by performing simple tasks or hiring a crowd to perform a job I’ve been paid for (by a client). There are many ways to make money here. This is why the platform is not only legit but sustainable too.


How Exactly Does the Owodaily Work? 

Before you plunge deep into a system you know practically nothing about in a bid to make money/ or even to invest your money and time into it for some anticipated rewards, you’ll need to ask yourself first of all: 

Who is behind this business? 

What do they sell or produce?

How many people are genuinely succeeding through them (I don’t mean ambassadors, brand influencers or paid advertisers for the brand)? 

I mean real everyday, ordinary people changing their lives through the opportunities that such a business provides.

Now, the answers to these questions will help you to have a clear head about the business so you can also have a clear path leading you to fulfil your business goals (whatever that may be).

So, this is the concept of Owodaily as a business:

What they do as a business and as a company is pretty simple!

They connect advertisers with publishers.

For instance: Let’s assume that I have an Instagram account or any other social media account or page that I want to grow the followers (real Nigerian followers not bots) and engagement, I could simply signup to Owodaily as an advertiser to get these likes, followers, comments etc.

This is where your role as a digital worker on Owodaily comes in (and that’s why you get paid too). You (the worker) will need to apply to undertake different tasks which you’ll eventually get paid for if approved (because every job has specifications and must be followed duly, else you don’t get a dime).

You do that, copy the link make a screenshot (whatever the specifications are) and get paid).

Basically what OwoDaily sells services and adverts to individuals that want to promote and market their business; which is the primary value or purpose of the platform. I hope you get it now?

Therefore, for any user on the platform (Owodaily) to make money from the platform, there must be a business or individual looking to promote his or her business through the platform. It’s that simple!

Now, one very important thing to note here is that: If every user signing up with Owodaily do so on the basis of making money directly from the platform, and there are not enough individual (business) to run promotion then the workers (users) will be more than the task. This simply means that the money won’t go round!

Another excellent way to beat this hurdle is to have users refer people to the platform (which, unfortunately, doesn’t come naturally for a lot of people).

I created an account on Owodaily and paid for my membership so that I can have full access to the platform to enable understand everything about the system (because I honestly don’t promote any business, service or product that I know nothing about).

Now, this is what I discovered: There are always jobs to be done on Owodaily! As you can see in the image below:

Jobs on Owodaily

there are enough individuals running promotions or looking to buy services, then everybody (Business & Workers) should go home happy.

So, you could easily apply to take up a task that says to go to a particular person’s Instagram page and leave a comment; and that’s it!


I’m also planning on milking the huge business promotion opportunities that the platform offers to grow my brand and that of my clients more. If you’re very keen on your business growth, I think you should also give this a try too.


How Much Can Someone Make Money on Owodaily?

Currently, you get paid between N8-N50 per task and even up to N5,000 maximum per task, but that can only be possible after you must have completed a particular task/ job, then you upload the proof so you can get credited (because you can do a fantastic job but with proof of work, no one will pay you).

After payment, you can then proceed to make a withdrawal straight to your bank account once you’ve earned up to at least N5,000. 

More importantly, you can complete as many tasks as possible and get paid (meaning that jobs are no issue here. The question is: “Are willing and ready to work?”).

So, you can earn money easily performing some very simple tasks on Owodaily which may include performing micro-tasks on platforms like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Music
  • etc…

Therefore, provided people will always have the need to generate leads, grow their social media accounts, generate traffic for their website, give their business visibility, or even drive traffic to an offer to make money, it means you can never run out of jobs to do on Owodaily, and if you can’t run out of jobs on Owodaily, then you obviously can’t run out of money because your comes every day as the name of the company implies: “Owodaily”.

As I have mentioned earlier, there are a lot of people who need to grow their Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, Youtube channel views, promote their music, or even drive leads to their affiliate marketing offers etc. 

So, these people can post jobs to Owodaily platform and have the workers do the job for a little and make money. As a member, you’re the worker and your job is to simply do the jobs posted on the platform, upload the proof and get paid.

To get started, you have to go to click on Apply and follow the instructions carefully to complete the task. Find below the steps to applying for a job on Owodaily.

selecting a job on Owodaily


how to apply for a job


Applying for job at Owodaily


Seal that meet

Once you’ve done that, there’s a place for you to submit your proof and to get credited upon approval. Proof could be things like your Instagram username, Facebook username or any other thing that may be required of you.


How to sumbit a job on owodaily

Once you’ve done that, there’s a place for you to submit your proof and to get credited upon approval. Proof could be things like your Instagram username, Facebook username or any other thing that may be required of you.

The jobs on Owodaily are many, you’ll always have a job (task) to do; so you will make a lot of money. The money might look small but you’ll be surprised how much you’ll be making within a very short period.

All you need is just to apply to one, complete it fast, upload your proof of work in the space provided on the platform, move on to the next one, and the next… just like that and you’ll get credited for your work.

It’s that simple!


What Types of Services and Jobs Are Available on OwoDaily?

If you’re interested in making money directly from Owodaily or you’re keen on promoting your business, or buying services on the platform, find below a list of jobs and services available on the platform that can help you reach that business goal: 

Facebook Promotion

If you’re a business owner on OwoDaily: then Owodaily is an excellent platform for you to promote Facebook pages, posts, groups or any other related platform using Owodaily as a powerful marketing tool.

Nonetheless, you must have to specify the type of action (task) that you want the workers to carry out on the job you posted. This could simply be to; Like, Follow, Share, Comment, or even join a group etc. 

Immediately you make clear on the job you posted, users as “Workers’ ‘ on Owodaily will be the ones to carry out the task without having to call or text you because the system is designed in such a way that everyone gets paid according to their action (no matter what). 

Instagram Promotion 

Just like the Facebook promotion on Owodaily, if you own a small business or those looking to grow your existing business on Instagram, then Owodaily is the perfect tool for you to actualize that business goal. You can use Owodaily to promote your Instagram pages. 

Simply list out the action you want the workers to carry out be it comments, likes, shares etc to deliver the job just the way you want it (free from errors).

Twitter Promotion 

If you’re also looking at growing your Twitter following or even creating awareness for your brand/ business, Owodaily is the plug that you’ve been looking for. You’ll have access to real Nigerian followers, I mean real people, not bots.

How is this possible? Very simple! Workers will follow your account, like and comment based on the action you want them to carry out and get paid for doing that as a task.

YouTube Promotion

This is the most powerful source of free traffic. When you make a video as a YouTuber, the first 48hrs is very important because it will tell the algorithm something about your video (whether it’s quality content or another piece of junk on YouTube) which will make the algorithm decide to serve your video to more people or put a stop to it getting in the people’s face.

What am I trying to say? It’s very simple! If you have a brand new video that you want to upload and promote on your YouTube channel (you know how it goes right…?), and you’ve done your SEO properly the next thing you should do is to post the video post on OwoDaily and have the workers watch it, like it, share it and even comment on it for you. 

That way the algorithm will pick the signal immediately and will believe that the content is hot (that’s the reason folks are watching it). This is how to make your content go viral on YouTube.

The science behind it all is that the more your likes and comments on your YouTube video increase within the first 48 hours, the better chance your content has to go viral. And with Owodaily, this is as easy as ABC. The thing is: Owodaily helps you beat the system (even if you know nothing about SEO)!

So as a worker on OwoDaily, you’ll get paid for every task that you take on which eventually gets approved. 

Music Promotion 

If you’re into music promotion for artistes/ labels, you can also promote their songs by simply contracting community members to share the song across their social media platforms.

Leads Generation

If you’re a marketer and desperately in need of leads/ or email sign-up for your business, you can also post a job for that within the community and have workers who are also community members to help you distribute it for traffic.

Online Surveys 

A member might have signup to maybe a CPA network for instance that accommodates Nigerian traffic and then he brings it to Owodaily to generate data for the affiliate network; at that point, once the job is posted on the platform, interested workers within the community can take up the job and get paid for it. 

Survey jobs are some types of jobs where workers of OwoDaily provides answers to a questionnaire about a given topic. 

App/Website Review

If you’re a web developer or an App creator, you can post your jobs (Web or App) for traffic and visibility. You can also use the Owodaily community to generate reviews on Google play store. 

So, simply put, if you have a new App and you want to have some positive reviews and comments for the app on Google play store so you can rank your app very high, then Owodaily is your plug. 

If you’re among those interested in making money directly from the platform by doing jobs for other people, then you’ll get paid for every review and comment, you provide on Google play store for the app.

Article Writing 

If you’re a content creator or blogger and maybe you don’t have the time to sit down and write articles for your blog, you can post the job on OwoDaily so that registered members within the community can write the article for you and get paid for it (depending on whatever price stipulated).


How to Earn Money With Owodaily 

Making money with Owodaily

Before you think of making money with Owodaily, you must endeavour to understand how the platform works first. That is your responsibility. The same rule applies to any other opportunity you might want to get into.

There are several ways that you can make money from the Owodaily. Let’s carefully examine some of them.

As a Member

Upon successful registration, you’ll be granted access to OwoDaily and you’ll be able to carry out all the available jobs on the platform. 

Nevertheless, it’s also very important that I get you properly informed on the registration process so you don’t make a mistake.

First of all, when it comes to securing yourself a membership on the Owodaily platform, there’s a flat fee of N3,000 involved which grants you lifetime access to the platform. Immediately you create your account and pay your one-time fee for a lifetime membership, you can almost start using the platform to make money online. 

As a Business (Owodaily+)

Upon access being granted and your account approved, the next thing will be for you to log in to the platform and start using the platform to promote your existing business. This is one of the major sure steps to business growth (it doesn’t mean if you own the business or working on someone else’s business.

One of the major advantages of posting a job on the platform is that it makes the money go around because when more users post jobs on the platform, there are more than enough jobs for workers to make money from. 

What’s more? It’s a win-win for everyone; even the user who posted the job also records an increase in sales!

Posting your business on the platform for promotion is always a very smart business decision because to a higher degree, it quickly shares your brand across several social media sites and as well creates massive awareness for your brand/ business. 

As a Partner 

If you’re an OwoDaily partner, then you’ll be issued the license to create and distribute gift cards on the platform for any new/ or existing users. 

The only major thing about becoming a partner is that you’ll need to apply to get your licence approved before you can start distributing gift cards on the platform. 

If you want to become a partner to Owodaily, all you need to do is simply send an email to “” 

As a Digital Marketer 

This is one of the most prominent ways that any serious person can make money online by using OwoDaily as a platform. If you have existing clients patronizing your services (in terms of promoting their brands), Owodaily will even make your job a lot easier, and faster, give you relief from too much stress and also lower your running costs for such promotion. 

What do I mean exactly by this? Very simple you can resell services on OwoDaily for some profit that you also have to keep to yourself. Doing this on the platform will not only make you money but will also increase your delivery rates exponentially. 

All need to do is to decide to become a reseller; Tell people that you can increase their followers on Instagram, increase their Facebook page like, grow their YouTube traffic or even increase their blog traffic etc; and charge them for that. Then afterwards, you go to Owodaily and post it as a job on and get people to do the work


On the other, Owodaily as a digital marketplace also offers you the opportunity to sell your product whether it be a digital or physical product on the OwoDaily marketplace. You need not worry about traffic because you already have that on the platform. Affiliate marketers on the platform can also help you promote your product and earn a commission for doing so.

As an Affiliate 

Just like every Affiliate Program, OwoDaily also pays its affiliates for referring other users to use the platform. The platform’s commission rate is also very impressive because it’s well over 50% per sale. 

What this means is that when you refer someone else to join the membership plan that costs N3000 through your affiliate link, you get paid over 50% of that amount; in essence, you’ll have N1,600 credited to you. If you also choose the OwoDaily+ plan, you will earn N3000 flat in affiliate commission.

When you also refer people to shop on the OwoDaily marketplace you’ll also earn a commission from it. Nevertheless, by default, every registered member is an affiliate on Owodaily. If you’re interested in making money via Owodaily Affiliate program, then you have to be very serious about content creation. For instance, you should be making videos about the platform on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; you also need to make posts on Facebook, WhatsApp etc about owodaily to invite others.

One other beautiful thing about Owodaily is the fact that you have access to the company’s full support anytime (peradventure you come across issues you couldn’t solve alone), and you’ll also be able to get access to their Digital Academy.

As a beginner, I’ll recommend you focus majorly on completing the jobs/ tasks and earn your money without stress and there are unlimited jobs for you to complete daily and get paid. Once you earn up to N5,000 you go ahead and withdraw your money. That way, you’ll boost your confidence in the fact that you know that the platform pays (because you’ve experienced it!


Is the Owodaily Program worth time and Money? 

Given the fact you can earn some good money without so much hard work on your part, then I would say that the program is worth every bit of your time and money. Secondly, I also know a couple of friends who have been cashing out from this system. So, it works but you must put in the work!

One interesting thing here is that the membership fee is just N3,000 only, and it’s a one-time payment, unlike other platforms that will make it recurrent.

Just one time and you don’t need to pay another money ever again (except you want to upgrade to Owodaily+ which requires you to pay N10,000 on yearly basis).

The Owodaily platform is so powerful as an income channel that you can even combine it with your current job or online business, it’s always a great feeling to have multiple income streams anytime, any day!


OwoDaily Pros & Cons 

What makes a review a “review” is the ability of such review to properly educate one on the subject matter, and draw comparisons between the subject matter and other related entities or products. 

Another key thing to look out for in a standard review is the ability of such a review to enumerate without bias the pros and cons of such a system, platform, business entity or product. 

Therefore, this Owodaily review won’t be complete if we fail to look at both the benefits and shortcomings of the platform. If it sounds too good to be true, then it’s not true!

So, here are the Pros and Cons of the Owodaily program. Like I said earlier, I specifically had to signup on this platform to learn how it works first because I don’t promote anything I know nothing about/ or have experience with. This is the sole reason why I’ve done this review. The second reason is that I want to arm you with some useful information so you don’t make mistakes here; rather you’ll end up producing some amazing results like me within a very short period.

Pros: What’s Good About It:

  • The website loads very fast to enable members to carry out their tasks fast and easy.
  • The business is legit and registered with CAC with the number B3185497. You can look up this very information right here.
  • The registration fee is very affordable at N3,000 for a lifetime membership.
  • They have a great social presence (being very active across popular platforms like YouTube Channel, a Facebook page Twitter page, etc).
  • They have excellent customer service. I give it to them.
  • Payment is fast and easy!
  • Those who are willing and can afford the time to carry out tasks on the platform as well as promote the platform to others are promptly rewarded.
  • A chance to win a FREE car! 

You’ll stand a chance to win a brand new car by simply promoting the platform. To qualify for this, all need to do is simply complete a total of 1000 OwoDaily plus invites on your account which you can easily monitor from your member dashboard area.

You are also permitted to promote the OwoDaily platform to people who wish to make sales or promote their products and services.

Cons: What’s Bad About It

  • Results may vary because performance here is based on your capacity, depth of experience, expertise, and level of desire- It is never typical!
  • Another major thing here that sometimes affects the system is that it’s relatively new, so some people who have had bad experiences with some scam companies tend to find it very hard to believe. However, over time, we will see and know how strong the brand.
  • A lower number of jobs for workers.
  • The payment for some certain tasks is not encouraging.

Apart from these issues listed, I see no red flags. So, if you ask me, I would say that the platform is 100% legit! However, don’t forget that my judgement could be wrong sometimes. 


How to Create Your Account on OwoDaily 

The first place to start from is your registration. I believe you must be ready by now to get started creating your account on Owodaily? If the answer to this is yes, then: Create your account on Owodaily here.

How to create an account on Owodaily

Once you get to the registration page, as seen above, you’ll need to enter your full details including your bank account. Immediately after that, click the terms and conditions to proceed. 

After that, proceed to your email and move into your spam box. In there, you’ll find an email notification sent to you from Owodaily. Open the mail and click on the “confirm” link embedded in the mail. After that, your account will be confirmed and you’ll be required to log in afresh.

Once you’re done with that, the next thing you need to do now is to activate your membership account by paying the stipulated activation fee (depending on if you’re just paying for a membership or your want to go for Owodaily+). 

Owodaily activation


OwoDaily Activation Fee

To make one on Owodaily, you’ll need to activate the to complete your registration by activating a plan. You also need to understand that the OwoDaily membership fee comes in two plans. 

(a). The default Membership plan 

(b). The OwoDaily+

#1. Membership (N3000)

The default membership plan is a lifetime membership on OwoDaily. This plan offers the opportunity to refer several people to the OwoDaily network to earn on the platform from the comfort of your home or anywhere you deem fit (provided you have an internet-enabled device).

Note: OwoDaily is not a network marketing system or even a ponzi scheme. So, to make money here, real work is required. This platform is geared towards providing legitimate means to work from home for individuals mostly those with an interest in Digital & Affiliate Marketing.

When you activate your ‘Lifetime Membership’, these are some of the features you’re expected to have access to:

  • Access to Thousands of Workers
  • Full Access to the Owodaily Digital Academy
  • Access to Unlimited Digital Jobs Offers
  • Opportunity to Earn as A Network Affiliate
  • Access to 24/7 Professional Online Support
  • & other Member Benefits

Ready to get started? Then go straight to this place, Owodaily Registration Page fill in your details including your bank account details for payment. 

After that, you will be prompted to confirm your registration; so you’ll need to go to your spam box in your email to confirm your registration. This will prompt you to complete payment for your one-time membership fee of ₦3,000 which grants you lifetime access to the beautiful offers on OwoDaily Network.

If You wish to get OwoDaily+ to promote Affiliate Offers for commissions and cash-back on their marketplace, choose the OwoDaily+.

#2. OwoDaily+ (N13,000)

OwoDaily+ grants you access to the unlimited line of products and services offers that are listed on the OwoDaily Marketplace.

As an affiliate, you’ll get to earn affiliate commissions for every successful sale and cash-back for personal purchases you transacted on the platform.

With the OwoDaily+, you’ll get real-time analytics on your performance alongside a personal affiliate manager assigned to your account to help you as a:

  • Content Creator
  • Blogger
  • Influencer
  • Affiliate Marketer

This is because Owodaily is interested in your growth as a business/ and a member under the platform. So, they want to ensure that you’re monetizing your online traffic properly by selling Products & Services listed on OwoDaily Marketplace to your audience.

This plan gives one-way access to partner with brands on the platform to earn good commissions on all products and services listed in their marketplace.

In the marketplace, you’ll find some top-performing offers in Beauty, Health, Travel, Real Estate, Fashion & lots more. With your annual subscription, you’ll have full access to the following:

  • A Personal Account Manager
  • Real-Time Analytics for your performance
  • Cash-Back On Personal Purchases
  • All Offers in The Marketplace
  • View Global Top Performing Offers Available
  • Higher Network Commission On Owodaily+ Invites

To activate your account, you can do this in two ways: 

Mode of Payment:

(a). Pay With GiftCard 

You can pay with a Giftcard which will require you to buy a gift card from an OwoDaily partner that will generate a 16 digit code for you upon successful payment. Immediately you get the code, you can then use it to activate your account and it will be active immediately. 

(b). Pay Online 

You can also pay online. This is the safest and most convenient method; in addition to that, it’s also faster. You can simply use your debit card online to handle and your account will be activated immediately. 

Both options are cool. It’s a matter of choice and personal decision. So, you decide!


How to take up a Task on Owodaily 

Once you log in, you’ll be taken into your account back-office where you have access to tabs that can help you navigate your way around the platform. This includes to mention just a few:

  • Jobs
  • Finish Jobs 

Now, let’s see the functions of some of the above-listed tabs


Under this section, you’ll have access to all the available jobs on the platform that you can do. 

When you open Jobs, you’ll see the progress of the job, (that is the total number of users that have applied for the job already). From the very progress report, you’ll know if there’s still a vacancy for it; or even the spaces have been exhausted. 

All of the jobs have been pre-approved already, now simply click the “Apply Button” to apply for the job. 

The next page will bring out the necessary information about the job and the proof that needs to be submitted once you’ve finished the job. 




jobs 12

Once you’ve finished the job simply enter the required information as proof of job done (please follow the instructions carefully if not, you won’t be paid, secondly, I’m certain you don’t want a negative review on your account as that could earn you a lifetime ban), it could be the name of the account you used or a screenshot.

jobs 13


Finished Jobs

Under this category, you’ll see the jobs you’ve done that were approved, the ones that are yet to be approved and were rejected jobs as well. 

OwoDaily Review Conclusion 

I love going direct because I’m a very straightforward fellow. 

Now listen, if you don’t have the N3,000 lifetime membership fee to pay, please don’t join; otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time; matter of fact, you cannot make a dime here.

If you feel that someone is going to scam you of your “had-earned” N3,000 and you feel it’s better to go and eat shawarma with it that’s better instead, then do come! Because this place is for serious people only!  

If you’re very serious about making good money on Owodaily, then you have to upgrade to Owodaily+ where you get paid something good! 

DO NOT for any reason clear Affiliate marketing off your table because that’s where the money is. f you cannot refer If your intention is not to come in and milk the Owodaily Affiliate marketing program, then I don’t know the reason why you’re reading this!

I hope you got value from this right? Let me know what you think. Once again, to register, click here to Gain Access.

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