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Make Money Online – 7 Industry Proven Steps



When it comes to learning how to make money online with a personal website, the very first thing that you must have to consider is the intent– Which is: “Why am I creating this website?” and in this 7 Industry Steps to Make Money Online, I’m going to teach you everything that you need to know to make money effortlessly online.

Knowing this from the very beginning will go a very long way in helping you figure out exactly the next step to take and how to strategically actualize your plan (carefully and well thought out too)

This will to a very large extent help you to eliminate too many unnecessary and unavoidable errors that almost 95% of people who try to set up a business online make almost on daily basis, and this is the #1 reason why they incur losses terribly and fail in their bid trying to set up a business online.

So, the intent is money! Therefore to learn how to make money online, you must, first of all, learn how to be intentional about every single step that you take from the conceptualization process to the finishing.

One thing that never fails also is your ability to master how to combine a variety of strategies in a bid to achieve the very best results. 

So, let me show you exactly how to do this:

You can’t be caught putting all your eggs in one basket… Nah! 

Smart people don’t do that! Rather you’ll need to explore a plethora of opportunities spinning on the wheels of your business platform (which is your website); and what’s more important? You can only do this on your personally owned website); not on another person’s website, not on a borrowed platform!

So, this is the proven strategy to build a real business- These are the 7 Industry Proven Steps to Make Money Online:

Steps to Make Money Online


1. Brainstorm a list of lucrative ideas to help you make money online. 

7 Industry Proven Steps to Make Money Online- 1. Brainstorm on a list of ideas

(Take it or leave it, every idea will not make you make money. Some ideas can make you lose your respect, some can make you lose trust, some can make you look stupid, some can make you super famous, some can make you not just money but super-successful; whereas some can kill you!– Bear that in mind).

In the light of the above, if you’re confused about this and now thinking of ways to get it right, you can talk to me here.

2. Choose a name: 

7 Industry Proven Steps to Make Money Online- 2. Choose a name

Get something that completely represents the concept of that very business immediately you get that winning idea.

For example, you want to start on online catering services, it will be suicidal to build a website with domain names like:

> www.nnekanetworks dot extension; which could be a .com, .org, .net etc

> www.joeinternationalbusiness dot extension; which could be a .com, .org, .net etc

> www.infoglobal dot extension; which could be a .com, .org, .net etc

If you try this, then know that your business idea is already dead on arrival; rather, you should carefully choose a domain and business name that carefully represents what you do and is capable of telling people exactly what your business is all about even when you’re not there to explain things to them (as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t explain anything; that is the job of your website).

For example, you can look at domain names like:

> www.angiescatering dot extension; which could be a .com, .org, .net etc

www.exquisitedelicacies dot extension; which could be a .com, .org, .net etc

> www.ovenfresh dot extension; which could be a .com, .org, .net etc

> www.urbankitchen dot extension; which could be a .com, .org, .net etc etc. 


3. Fetch your keywords for the niche you’ll love to make money online with: 

7 Industry Proven Steps to Make Money Online- 3. Fetch your keywords


This will help you know first of all if that area of business/ niche is lucrative enough to make you some good money consistently. Doing this the right way will help you crush your competition or at least stand up to them.

So, if you want to go into the make money online niche like myself, you might wanna start by looking at keywords like:

  • Work from home 
  • Work from home jobs
  • Make money online 
  • Money from home online 
  • Jobs online, Online jobs
  • Work at home jobs
  • How to make money online
  • How to make money online with a website
  • How to make money online with a personal website
  • Make money online with a personal website in Nigeria


4. Choose your platform and build your website: 

7 Industry Proven Steps to Make Money Online - Choose your platform

This is very crucial if you’re serious about making money here online. This is the foundation of every true and real business. It’s the very pillars that will carry that great idea of yours and present it to the world as a business. 

If it is shabbily done, then the world will perceive you as unprofessional, disorganized, bereft of ideas or even fake.

For example, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Youtube, Twitter, etc are people’s websites; they’re other people’s businesses. 

So, building your business to rely on these websites 100% is total madness. What happens to your business if/ when they shut down their platform tomorrow; or maybe a particular new policy prohibits you from using them? 

What if they block your account and ban you from using their website? It means all your connections and content are gone for life and you cannot go to court!

We’ve seen this happen to even very powerful in the world; for example, 

(a). The case of Facebook suspending Donald Trump’s account. You can access the story here.

(b). Another classical example of this is the case of Facebook dropping the figures of user engagement on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s official page on Facebook and also suspending his page on grounds of hate speech which is never true; you can access the story here.

(c). Another very popular example is the case of YouTube banning David Icke the conspiracy theorist, author and writer from using YouTube and locking all his content on the platform indefinitely over accusations of misinformation over COVID-19 you can see the story here; because of that, he went on to build two personal platforms for himself

i. See his first platform here

ii. See his first platform here

 These are just a few examples and there are many more others that I can’t list here now because of time.


5. Start Building Content:

7 Industry Proven Steps to Make Money Online - Create your content

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Content is King”? Yes, it’s ever-green and never fails. To make money online, you need to sell something; and to sell anything, you need to develop powerful content (without it, you’ll not do well online… without learning how to create winning content online, you will not make money!).

Let me ask you, why are you stuck on my page reading this right now? The answer is very simple!- The content is great. Now, what am I doing to you with this content? 

I’m simply selling to you!

Most of you reading now are not aware but I just told you now.

Content is the most powerful way to brand yourself online- I just gave you a very powerful secret now.


6. Create Product & Services: 

7 Industry Proven Steps to Make Money Online - Create Products & Service

Think of ways to come up with products and services to sell on your website. That’s the very reason why you built that website in the first place. So, any kind of product or service can be sold online using a website.


7. Sign up to Affiliate & Ad Networks: 

7 Industry Proven Steps to Make Money Online - Sign up to Affiliate and Ad Networks

Companies are waiting for you online to do business with you. These people are willing to pay you money as long as you’re willing to work. It’s not one-time payment stuff, it’s not something based on assumption; these are real companiesreal peoplereal businesses.

There are several other ways to make money online that I cannot cover in this article because of time. However, if you’re serious about making at least $1,000 as a beginner, I can lead you by the hand and show you exactly what works and how to make it happen.

If you’re very serious about making money online with your website consistently in the most legit way, click here to start:


Lastly, build your customer list! without this, you have no business online!

Do you want to keep procrastinating; or are you ready to start now?  Would you like me to guide you through these 7 Industry Proven Steps to Make Money Online?

Take action!

I’m here to help you!

Click here to see the instructional video:




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