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5 Ways to Publish a Book Without Writing a Single Word Yourself

In this very article, I’ll show you how to publish a book without writing a single word yourself using all available techniques/ technologies in our world today.
When it comes to writing a book, a lot of people see it as a very tasking job, they find it very difficult to wrap their heads around writing a book of 15,000-20,000 words or an article of 1000 to 6000 words.

So for many people, the idea of publishing a book appears a herculean task and with that, many of them lose interest even way before they get started. 

However, the reality is this: You can actually write a book without writing a single word by yourself. There are several methods through which you can get this done and I’m going to specify them in this very article because I don’t want to waste your time; neither do I want to waste mine. 



1. Dictate

One of the ways you can actually write a book or an article without writing is by dictating them. So, basically, when we speak, we speak a lot faster than we write or type. 

Therefore, if you have a digital assistant that can help you convert your speech into written words, you’ll see that it will take away the burden of having to sit down for a long period of time to write the book or the article. 

You just say what you want to say and the assistant writes it down for you without much effort. One of the dictation programs that we can use to achieve this is the Google doc assistant called ‘Voice typing”. It can help you write down your ideas quickly as you say them.  

You can as well go to a writing assistant like Grammarly and then check your spelling and grammar corrections. 

However, if you have your Grammarly connected to your browser, it will automatically sync with your Google Docs; so when you write, you can make corrections inside your Google Docs using your Grammarly app which is already synced automatically with your Google Docs.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional editor to give your book or article that professional touch and as well hire a book designer (if what you’re writing is a book) to help you design a professional book cover); better still you can use an AI book cover designer to give your book a wonderful cover.

With that, you will be up and even before you know it, you’re ready to sell your book on global platforms like,, etc. 


2. Host a Guest And Publish an Interview

Another beautiful way that you can publish a book without writing a single word is by recording a guest in an interview and then transcribing that interview into text. 

To do this, you have to get another expert in your industry or niche who would be willing to discuss that particular topic of interest with you and then once that is done, you can go ahead with the transcription. 

It’s a very simple process and afterwards, both of you can split the profit that comes from such an arrangement.

Another beautiful advantage to this aspect is that both of you will be leveraging each other’s platform for growth as well; because if the followers of the person you are interviewing trust the person so much, the person simply bringing you to their platform or by the person coming to your platform, the people following them will also to a greater degree trust you and vice versa; so it’s a win-win situation for both

3. Buy Private Label Rights (PLR) Content

Another way you can also write without writing is by buying a PLR. Basically, PLR simply means Public Label Rights. When you buy a Public Label Right book or article otherwise known as PLR, you are not just buying a book or article, rather you are buying a book/ article as well as buying a licence to use them as pre-written content. 

The most important thing here is that you’re buying the right over the pre-written content. After buying the PLR book or article, the next thing you’re going to be doing is to check the spelling and grammar. 

To make the job easy, you can also dictate a couple of examples that clearly shows you know exactly what you want/ what you are talking about. 

To do this you can change the ‘introduction’ and the ‘conclusion’ of the book and also some little parts of the body of the book/ or article, and that will change it to an original copy which is written in your name. 

That way, you won’t have issues of a duplicate content penalty from either Amazon or Google because, at that point, the content you’re pushing out becomes originally yours.

So once you’re done with that, you can head over to Fiverr to look for a writer/ an editor who will edit the book for you. You can also proceed to hire a cover designer who will give you beautiful cover art.

If you can effectively put all of these into place, you’ll have a very beautiful and valuable book that you can start selling on Amazon within a very short period of time. You can get all of these for less than $50 in most cases.


4. Compile/ Curate a Book

Another way you can also do this is by compiling/ or creating a book. This is a very simple thing to do. The only need thing you need is to go to some online articles repositories like Ezinearticles and the rest of other platforms like that to look for an article that resonates with you; then go to copy and paste the articles. 

Ensure you also give full credit to the original writer/s of the articles. 

Write the introduction of the book yourself in a very unique way to create a connection. You can also use this approach if you are hoping to write a kind of a book that you want to use as a giveaway or lead magnet.


5. Hire a Ghostwriter

Another beautiful way through which you can achieve this is by hiring a ghostwriter. This approach can be very expensive sometimes but it’s worth it. 

You will have to do some work on your own like 

  • Preparing the title 
  • Preparing the topic of the book 
  • Preparing the outline and also 
  • Giving them an idea of what you want the book cover to look like. 

In essence, you can type or dictate your book idea for the writer to have a proper grasp of what you’re talking about.

When looking for a ghostwriter, it is very important to do thorough research on the antecedents of the writer. You can start by checking their reviews online. 

Ensure to find out the work they have done prior to the time you were meeting them, and also check which industry they play in. 

Find out if they are in your industry. It doesn’t make any sense to give someone who has no experience in your industry to write you an article or a book in your industry that they obviously know nothing about.

Inspect their jobs to find out if they have the right kind of style and tone that you want; as well as the knowledge you need for the type of writer you are looking for. 

A lot of celebrities that you have today, have books written in their own name but they never penned down a single word. 

So, they hire ghostwriters to do the writing for them. I can mention a number of them but there’s no need for that here because hiring a ghostwriter is also a very professional thing to do. 

There’s no law against it. Therefore if anybody chooses to use a ghostwriter to write their book, it is their choice, not mine. 

The cost however of hiring a ghostwriter will largely depend on the quality of the writer that you are hiring as well as the volume of the book you want them to write for you; not forgetting also the complexities of such kind of book.



You can also use AI or an article rewriter to write your articles or books. a number of them abound on the internet.

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