Why Do You Need A Website If You Intend to Set Up a Business In 2019?

Why do you need a website today?

What if… Just what if, these platforms (also known as websites):

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

And so on… decides to shut down tomorrow?

What happens to your great CONTENT on these platforms? What happens to the “AUTHORITY” and BRAND EQUITY that you’ve built? Does your business online currently have an asset?

Think again!

Your PLATFORM is your POWER.

OWN IT, do not give it AWAY.


This is the very foundation of your business. But before I proceed any further, I MUST HAVE YOU KNOW THIS!

Today, everybody wants to make money online…true! And it’s not a bad thing at all. Everybody now wants to build a 6/7-figure business online…and all that Blah! Blah! Blah! This in itself is not also a bad thing at all.

Online Marketing is the new word, it’s everywhere and never going to fizzle away anytime sooner…this is the butt-naked truth.

But… Are you prepared for what lies ahead?

You’ve bought several courses, attended several events, created several products (wonderful I must say), built a personal platform (albeit wrongly) and they told you that unique brand stories holds the desired magic wand for your content marketing and at the sound of that, you just go craaaaazy unrestrained!

You were so excited initially but now “your coffee has gone cold”, you can no longer ‘pepper’ the industry with your amazing skills and awesomeness; you don’t even know what or where your market is anymore because the money is not coming forth according to all the ‘fake prophecies’…Lol. Now you understand that selling online is not Agege bread and Fanta orange.

I wanna tell you the truth now and I’ll be very plain about it. AS A COUNTRY, AND A PEOPLE, WE GOT IT ALL WRONG! We came into the industry with the idea of making money from the thin air as if money grows somewhere on the internet.

It’s a totally warped idea derived from a ‘faulty’ network marketing foundations and Ponzi schemes; there’s nothing different from this type of thinking and that of the gambler’s; and this is why your good sense of judgement got beclouded, eternal principles of sowing and reaping never applied to you till the deed was done. But the good news is: WE CAN STILL CHANGE ALL OF THAT NOW.

Most of us were never properly taught from the inception (and thank the good Lord for knowledge and technological advancements in the area of internet marketing; the ship came right on time), we were not also patient enough to learn; and a larger percent of those who appear to come to us with good intention to teach were only there to rip our ass open.

So you came into the industry based on mere assumptions and most importantly the ‘hype’ with a “WHY?” wrongly built on assertion and false hopes; instead of good reasoning, workable plan, proper understanding of functional business models and proven principles for success in the industry.

This is the very reason why you’re now suffering and it appears you’ve finally got your fingers burnt as well as lose your nerve.

In all, what they failed to tell you was that Internet Marketing is NOT EASY… but you can do it. The industry is pure steel 100% and I’m not kidding you.

They failed to also tell you that you will need a standard platform (a website) to build authority, likability, trust- and all of these are summed up in the single term called BRAND EQUITY. You also got your concept of Branding totally wrong, anchored on Logo design and random campaign art works alone…Boom! You just shot yourself on the right foot Ogbeni.

The only two major currencies the internet marketplace understands are:

BRAND EQUITY– This is the real Gold of the internet Marketplace.

CONSISTENCY– This is the Dollar of the internet marketplace.

If anyone says otherwise, then they lied!

You must come up with quality content consistently to earn yourself all of the above mentioned; brand and influence your way to the top; and only then can you be able to sell boiled corn on the internet like folks sell pure water on the streets when it looks like the Sun is at daggers drawn with people’s skulls (as if to melt it) without much explanation because everyone knows and believes it’s water, no one cares to know where the water is coming from or who the seller is (don’t get  me wrong ooo! Always deliver on your promises, never promise more than you can deliver, and be totally honest about it).

Among too many things you can do to make money online in this 2019, I would personally recommend ‘Product Creation’ but then, creating a product is not a guarantee for success; and before you create any product, ask yourself: Who am I gonna be selling this to? Is my product truly market-ready? If they’re ready; Is this exactly what the people (my target audience) want? If it’s what they want, Can they actually afford it? If they can afford it, then I don’t need to tell you what else to do.

Be a super hero to your followers/ audience. If a customer/ client pays you for stuffs, no claim sharp guy chop the money ooo! That money could be your seed to an amazing future and if you foolishly damage your reputation over that little porridge, just one negative post about your James Bond 007 moves on Facebook, then your reputation online will be gone for life (remember, the internet never forgets).

On the internet, the major thing we sell is a GOOD NAME built on sweat, blood and love. YOU’RE THE PRODUCT! So if you’re not fully ready to sacrifice, you have to rethink your stay in this industry.

Some of us might not at the moment have access to some necessary industry-standard tools for marketing; so why not start from the easiest place: WHATSAPP, you know… Sell stuffs according to your level, grow in peace and maintain a clean sheet?

But then, I would love to present you with some internet marketing basics to help you kick off your business the right way in this year 2019.

So let’s go…

Internet Marketing Basics to Help You Launch Your Business Online In 2019

Most times, starting a business online could be very difficult owing to a single but simple problem that a lot of people usually overlook which is also the very major reason why a lot of folks fail at stuffs even before they actually start.

Now my friend, I know a lot of crazy thoughts must be racing through your mind and top of the list being: “What exactly could it be that makes folks to fail even before the actually start? Could it also be responsible for my own failure?”

The sad but true position of things is: Yes! It’s most likely the very reason why you failed too.

So what is this major ingredient to success: It’s nothing other than “Goal setting” without which you cannot have anything properly planned out.

Once you have the understanding that this should be tops on your list of priority, then the next question you need to ask yourself is:

“Having set my priorities right, where exactly do I start from? And what exact steps do I need to take to get me there on record time?”

Truth be told, Internet marketing is HARD! It’s not a business for the lazy, weak-willed, fearful, unintelligent or lilly-livered folks considering the list of somewhat intimidating stuffs that you need to gain mastery over to actually run your business almost effortlessly eg; Website setup, Sales funnel design, email marketing, Branding, Product Creation, Content marketing, Ads Setup etc.

It is hard… but if you can spend a little time on it, then you’ll realize that it’s nothing; but on a second thought, why don’t you take on something highly challenging if growth is actually importance to you?

You see, to create multiple streams of income, you’ll need to have multiple streams of ideas, skills and knowledge; now the truth is: The internet marketing industry is one industry that offers you a golden opportunity to learn so much about too many things (if only you’re willing and ready).

So instead feeling sad, confused or even left behind, I will encourage you to be confident in the fact that a lot of successful people have also passed through this very route to create something amazing for themselves (of which I’m one) virtually from nothing.

However, this article is not intended to nurture and feed your fears or even focus more on your shortcomings as a “struggling” or “upcoming marketer” rather, I intend to use it as a channel to introduce you to the very “basics” of setting up a real internet business from beginner to pro level.

So let’s hit the ground running; Are you with me?

It’s hard but I promise to make it real simple and quick for you; so let’s consider the following steps towards setting up your business online in this year 2019.

Before we proceed, I want to let you know that I’ll be focusing on Digital products creation and monetization Online as it’s one of the major income channels that appeals much to me so much so that I even had to write a book on it titled: “How to Build Your 7-Figure Information Marketing Business in 7 days”.

I’m sure by now you know what a Digital Product is? In any case, for the benefit of those who might just be coming across this for the very first time, Digital products are downloadable digital products made available on the internet and downloaded via same. Examples of Digital products: eBooks, Audiobooks, MP3 music files, Training videos (on Facebook, Youtube or from an individual website), or Webinars (recorded) that you can download online.

When a Digital product is designed to provide information, it is referred to as an Information digital product and this you can monetize for a very good amount of money.

In order to bring more clarity to this, Davido’s “Fall” MP3 file is a Digital product but never an information product because it teaches nothing of value and can’t in itself be sold for N10,000 but my the audio version of my book “The Secret Online Sales Code” which is about to be released soonest will be sold for N12,000 because of the depth of rich values that it contains; why? The answer is very simple. It’s a Digital product which is also an Information products because it teaches you “How to set up a real business online from the scratch to completion”.

So my main motive of writing this article is to show you how you can create start selling your own digital product almost immediately (though this is not very much detailed I must but it will sure give a great insight to get you started so far you’re hungry).

So having specified the above, let’s hit the steps following their particular order.

Step 1. Pick a Niche

This is the very first and most important step all. I covered this extensively my books: “The Secret Online Sales Code” and “How to Build Your 7-Figure Information Marketing Business In 7 Days”. I also have something on it on a previous post that I made on my website; see it here:

Very importantly, it’s imperative to let you know that the type of niche you pick will the determining factor on how well and fast you make money because every niche is not a huge money-spinner.

Let me explain a little further; some products will naturally do better than others in the market owing to one major thing- DEMAND.

So before you set out to create your Digital product, find out what the demand in the market looks like.

For instance, If I write a book on “How to spot high quality shoes in Nigeria” what do you think the demand rate will look like? I doubt if anyone will look at it twice even if I reduce the cost to the price of a bottle of beer; why? The answer is very simple, Nigerians have more serious issues ranging from bad leadership, poverty, dwindling economy, insecurity etc; to think about than read some foolish “shoe book”; But then imagine I write a book on “How to protect yourself in the event of a possible Boko Haram attack”  (as a top military officer in the country) or “How to beat unemployment in Nigeria” (as a renowned economist in the country) the sales will be massive if the campaign is properly promoted.

Why will people respond massively to the latter? The answer again is very simple. The titles feeds on the people’s emotion (by touching a particular problem or a passionate issue they’re highly willing to get answers or solution for).

So in order to spot a potentially lucrative niche, you must first ask yourself: Is this product capable of striking the people’s emotion? If the answer is yes, then you’ve got a winning product in a winning niche.

This means you must find your niche first; and then develop the right product for that niche. You don’t first create a product first before figuring out your niche; otherwise you’ll end up building a product without a ready market (and you know exactly what happens in that case right? You’ll end up giving away such product for free out of frustration).

So before creating your Digital products, think of “EMOTION” and then make sure that your end product is an emotional product.

Let’s dive in a little deeper. There are basically 4 specific niches where you can find emotional products; and this automatically makes them the four (4) most lucrative niches available in the industry and they are:

  1. Health: A sick person has only one goal- to be healthy and not die prematurely. So they’ll easily buy a digital product that they feel addresses their health issues properly.
  2. Make Money: Things are difficult and a lot of unemployed and struggling folks will want to purchase your digital products if it promises to show them the way out of poverty.
  3. Vanity/ Pride: This touches on issues that gives the audience for which it was designed for some serious concerns. Eg. Selling a book on how to grow beards to a selection of beardless men. They’ll feel the book offers them self-worth and truly that’s the solution you’re selling.
  4. Relationship/ Sex: It’s a known fact all over the globe that nothing sell as hot as sex. Imagine a top porn site in the globe selling penis enlargement pumps, Viagra and breast pumping machines, they’ll make a killing.

Step 2. Create your product

I covered this extensively to pro level in my book “How to Build Your 7-Figure Information Marketing Business In 7 Days”.

It’s nothing really that difficult if you have a guide. First of all, you need to determine your format of delivery for such a product will be.

There are 3 major formats you can use to create and deliver your product and they are as follows:

  1. eBook: This format is the most popular for a lot of folks in the industry who prefer to produce their products in written formats (I personally love this one). You can easily achieve this using some simple software like MS Word, Microsoft Powerpoint or even Google docs; and then convert to pdf afterwards.
  2. Audio: With this you simply record your information with your phone or a simple software like audacity; add a little musical background to it, then edit (if you want; most times I hardly edit anything when producing my audio files because of time).
  • Video: You have been seeing a lot of this one on Youtube and Facebook but never knew they were digital products created for commercial purposes. You can simply achieve this by shooting a video of yourself or someone else talking about the information, edit, save and start monetizing almost immediately. I sell more using my personal website.

You can as well have a combination of the three (which I think is another great way to grow your brand online as well as increase your authority).


Step 3: Build Your platform

Immediately you’re done discovering your niche and creating your product, the next most important thing you need to do is to start building your platform seriously. I must also have you know that this is a continuous process and never a one off thing. This is where a lot people usually fail and miss their direction.

Now, the $1,000,000 question is: Why do you need a ‘personal platform’ to sell your products online? Why not focus on using external platforms?

But hold on first… What exactly is a platform?

I will explain this now in the simplest of terms. A platform is a website; and I’m pretty sure you know what a website is?

And Hey Friend, If you’re very serious about making money online, then you need a website. Building a website in today’s world is really not that difficult anymore like it used to be. Now you have several kind of platforms eg: wordpress platform, Blogger, and different kinds of site builders that you can use to build some really amazing websites. You can get my free book: “How to Build & Monetize Your Blog” for more clarity on this.

So why do you need a website to sell online in the first place? The thing is: A website is like an office or even a shop!

If you want to sell Cars or better still some imported fairly used shoes in a conventional marketplace, the first thing you’ll need to think of is how to secure an office/ or a shop.

So the same rule applies when you’re also marketing online. Your website automatically becomes your virtual business place (a shop or an office as the case may be).

So like I said earlier, if you can use Microsoft word, then you can build a website; forget that a lot of persons are really making it appear a herculean task simply because they want to justify the huge fee they charged you (but hey! It’s normal… If you see a good designer, please pay him his money’s worth or better still, learn to do it yourself).

What are the exact steps to build a website?

Like I said earlier, I’ve already provided a FREE eBook that completely addresses that; but let me just list out the major things you need to do.

  1. Buy a Domain: This is the name of your website.
  2. Buy a Hosting plan: This is like the rent you pay for your office space (your website) on the internet; and this is where your website will live.
  • Install WordPress
  1. Start customizing your website
  2. Set up your capture page (to help you capture visitors for targeting during your marketing campaigns).

When visitors come to your website, you need to capture their emails, their name or phone numbers so that later you can re-visit them especially when there’s a need for them; like during your sales campaign.

Let’s take for example, after writing an amazing blog-post, you can just write a short email like this:

“Hello, I think you would love my new post on ‘How to brand your business’, I think it will really of help. Please, click here to check it out.”,

This will help you drive traffic to your website, increase awareness to your brand, build authority, increase Adsense earnings or even increase affiliate earnings.

The most amazing part of it all is that you don’t actually need to send these emails individually owing to the fact that it will be very stressful and could come down with too many errors resulting in error in delivery. You can actually automate the entire process with an Autoresponder.

So what exactly are Autoresponders? I simply see this as a personal assistant. They send emails automatically on your behalf. In order to automate the process, all that is required is for you to load up your emails once, attach dates and the time you want the emails to go out and then connect it to your squeeze page.

Once this is done properly, anyone who enters your squeeze page, will automatically start getting emails from you. This will also help during your sales campaign when you want those visitors to buy a product from you, by simply directing them to your sales page.

What exactly is a Sales page? I know you might be wondering by now. This is nothing but a simple page on your website where you showcase some of the amazing features of your products, the benefits, how they can be of help to the user as well as how they can make purchases.

So immediately after choosing your niche, you have to create your product/s, then get website (otherwise known as your platform) ready. After this entire process, then next thing you need to look at is “Selling”.

In order to sell or monetize your website, you need something called “traffic”.

What exactly is traffic? Again. Let me explain this with an example like this: When you have 2 or more persons visiting your website, these people are referred to as “traffic”. So when you have like 200,000 persons visiting your website on a monthly basis, you can then say that you have a quality, organic traffic (that is if you’re not paying for these visits); and as a matter of fact, you can start monetizing that traffic via affiliate sales, adverts placement, or even product sales.

It’s very possible to get 1000 – 10,000 visitors per day from Facebook adverts alone. Another way you could do that is by using Google Adwords or any other available Advert channels; but Facebook Ads is a great way to start.

Like I said earlier, it is not easy but you can do it. The major obstacles is not in the continuation of this but on how to actually start doing it. Once you start, you’ll begin to get accustomed to the process; and from there, you’ll just see yourself advancing automatically from “Beginner” to “Pro” level; just in a matter of time you’ll get there even before you know it.

If you master this entire process, you can begin to make tons of legit money even here in Nigeria by simply selling digital products online. There are other areas by which you can pull off some money off this process; one of them is “Coaching” (which I also use to generate some good amount of money), there’s also “Customer Acquisition” and the rest of that.

This is a skill only a few persons have been able to master; so the industry is very green (especially here in Nigeria) and can never be over-saturated because the internet marketplace is like the sky it can contain billions of stars and birds flocking together at the same time without one bumping into the other.

So what exactly is your major challenge? Why can’t you start now and begin to give your life a new direction. I’m here to help you. We can actually talk about this you know…

Feel free to me directly so we can discuss on how to get you started.

I told myself I’ll be having Native soup and pounded Yam this morning and no Jupiter can stop that. So what are you having for breakfast and “How much is your name worth again?”

Till I come your way again, I remain:


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