While the Rest of the World Builds Financial Empires Using a Simple Tool Called the “Internet”, Africa Falls Deeper Into Slumber Awaiting a “Miracle” from above.

While the Rest of the World Builds Financial Empires Using a Simple Tool Called the “Internet”, Africa Falls Deeper Into Slumber Awaiting a “Miracle” from above.

This is the best time to be alive on the planet, the most amazing of all times and it’s called: “The Internet Jet Age”!

In today’s world, there’s no excuse reasonable enough for anyone to be poor. The miracle we all await is already here but most Africans are yet to understand this.

So we turn to religion in search of the miraculous for a financial breakthrough when everything they need to succeed has already been provided via the effort of some selfless humans with some super-intelligent minds.

The internet is the greatest tool of all times (one of the greatest assets available to mankind). It’s more like a property belonging to the world and everybody owns it. It’s a blessing to humanity (even though folks are today abusing it as well as using it for evil too).

The world consistently improves its functionality to be able to serve humanity better. If you’re not on the internet as an African? You’re doing yourself a great disservice.

So now the question is:

How can Africa increase her Productivity using The Internet?

We can achieve this by venturing into programs that help the African youth to understand the internet better, to actually see the internet for what it truly is- “The most valuable tool in the world”; and also to leverage the boundless opportunities that the internet provides.

The future of Africa rests on the shoulders of her youths and if a larger crop of this youths is misguided, disenfranchised, lacks focus, without clarity, uneducated and out of synch with the latest advancements in today’s technology-driven world/ economy, then it will be very difficult and almost impossible for us collectively (as a people) to assume our rightful place in the scheme of things.

How can Africa change narratives using the internet?

Everything that we have gone through as a people is largely due to the negative branding and press by the western world against our common good (even though most of us are yet to understand this) but more so, a larger part of our pain is deep-seated in our intrinsic hatred for one another, sheer greed for political power and selfish gains, tribalism, religious bigotry, over-dependence on natural resources and a complete loss of identity and a massive scale of ignorance in view of our history as a people.

Now we have the strongest tool available to mankind to be able to actually unify us, change the message, tell our story in our own voice on a first-hand account, clean up our image and allow the world to actually see us for who we truly are- A sleeping giant.

It’s understandable that a lot of folks from the western world still believes that majority of people from this part of the world still lives on trees like monkeys and walk around aimlessly and butt-naked naked; with everything called “private” revealed in their full glory.

But all of these has got to change now!

So we have to figure out ways to take Africa to the world, project our original value system, our belief system, our rich culture and traditions, our way of life and more especially to educate our young people on how rich and powerful the continent is and has been from inception.

So if you’re a Businessman or woman, if you’re an Industrialist, if you’re a Tech entrepreneur, if you’re a Politician, who or whatever you’re, It’s high time you take your business to the internet and show the world who we truly are, what we have and how rich we are.

Why is the internet such a big deal in today’s business world?

  1. It’s boundless. You can reach anybody at anywhere, from anywhere, at any given time.
  2. You can sell to anybody. You can actually translate your message into any language using the internet.
  3. It’s like the economic capital of the world. Every business runs here on the internet.
  4. It’s an avenue for you to meet people you ordinarily would never have met in real life.
  5. It’s the easiest way to gain financial stability; even an illiterate can create a business out of nothing by simply using the internet.

Who can benefit from the internet?

It is open to anyone and everyone who desire to turn it’s enormous powers to their own advantage and create an amazing life with it; and this is what African youths should be doing right now instead of turning to crime, embracing hopelessness and spending some valuable time on social media doing nothing.

As a young African, why is it important to secure a space for yourself on the internet?

Following the recent advancements and increase in knowledge globally, a lot of ideas are being created worldwide on a daily basis by the second and most of these ideas are well represented on the internet alongside those who conceive them and then made accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. So again, you have no excuse no to be amazing!

What should you be doing now as a young African?

The time for blame games are over and slavery completely has gone! ( even though some people have allowed it to play out on themselves subconsciously by seeing themselves as third world citizens).

We have to take our power back!

We have to redefine what true power really is. It’s a duty we owe to our people, our continent, our families, our friends, our communities, our generation as well as ourselves first.

Truth will always prevail and the truth is: “Its time for Africa to be great again and the internet is one major vehicle that is going to help us there just in record time!”.

So are you a Software developer? Develop that App and publish it online now.

Are you a Writer? Write that book and publish it online

Are you a Scientist? Carry out that research and publish it online

Are you a Historian? Get those hidden facts and publish the truth to the world through the internet.

Tell beautiful stories about our beautiful continent, our beautiful countries and cities, our beautiful women and strong men.

Let the world know that we have some fierce, young female CEO’s under 30 doing exceptional stuff and more of their kind springing up from Africa here.

Let the world also know that our young men are not all about toys, consumerism and low self-esteem. Let them know that we have some amazing young men who are kings here on earth, with the kind of mind that you can easily be referred to as “Divine”.

This is a call to every African (especially the young ones) to start creating generational wealth from today using the internet.

Therefore, you must as a matter of urgency conceive that idea today, draw up a business model and structure for it. Build it on the centrepiece called your “website” and dump it on the internet because that’s where pure magic lives!

Promote it to the world using several available advertising channels.

Think of a problem and create a solution for it. If Ten million Africans would individually think of a particular problem affecting the African continent adversely and come up with possible solutions to those problems, then we must have solved 10 million problems using a very simple approach.

Tell your kids, your friends and even your enemies that “Civilization started here; and that we’re the strongest, and at the same time richly endowed.

Tell them that it’s time to open their mental gold mine- The Brain.

Think about this!


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