Three Secret Steps To Building A Highly Profitable Email Marketing List

The jealously guarded top secret to succeeding online is buried deep within the quiet journey towards gaining mastery over email marketing; this you cannot do effectively without first building a highly professional opt-in page.

You necessarily don’t to build a monster list before you can start making money online…No! or even one with tens of thousands of subscribers. You will not be able to make money if your list subscribers. The size of your list (especially if it’s bulky) is never a true measure of success or an assurance that you’re going to get a massive result from your campaign effort.


People can subscribe to your newsletter, or simply opt-in to whatever it is that you’re directly or indirectly offering but then, how well they’ll respond to your call to action depends largely upon how intimate and sincere your relationship with them is.

So having that said, the major thing that will make you succeed in your email marketing campaign is the value of your list. For instance, assuming you only have 200 list subscribers, who happens to be highly responsive, then chances are you’re most likely going to make more money than the man who has a non-responsive list with 20,000 subscribers- Fact! So, the secret of success in email marketing is to build a profitable opt-in list through a quality, sincere, value-driven relationship that you create with your audience.

However, the biggest challenge here is that it’s not easy to build a profitable opt-in list. If it were that easy, many people will just start building a list and become rich over-night- This is the plain truth and this is exactly where a lot of people fail. But then again, a lot of internet marketers don’t do email marketing. In fact, most of them, especially those who are new in list building, experience humiliating failure in their attempt to make money/ build real business from their list.

So obviously of a truth, there is something missing in their method. This is the very reason they cannot build a list that generates consistent income for them? This is the question that not all ‘supposed’ email marketers can answer.

But without wasting much of your time, I’m going to show you in 3 easy steps exactly what the missing flavour in their email marketing strategy is. This also the only stuffs that can help one to establish value in their email list, make their list more profitable.

So, here’s a quick rundown of that hidden secret towards building a highly profitable email list in 3 simple steps.


  1. Build Trust With Your Subscribers

Aaaahaaa! I’m pretty sure you’ll be asking by now: “Why build trust?” Well…Take it or leave it, this is the very first thing that you must have to do, if you’re intent on not just building a list but making some good sales as well.

Trust is very important in building any business at all. It’s no longer news that people only buy from those they love and trust you. They don’t need to listen to you if you are somebody who cannot be trusted at all. Have you ever thought about the reasons why spam emails get deleted? The answer is very simple: Folks don’t trust spam mails simply because they don’t trust or like the sender who goes by the name “Spammer”; why? Spammers breaks protcols, they don’t respect people’s privacy, they’re also very selfish. If you send your emails as if you are a spammer, then you shouldn’t expect more than losing your subscribers quickly.

So, if you really want to see result, you have to build trust with your subscribers first- this very necessary; failure to do so will mean wasting all of your marketing effort.

The easiest way to achieve this is by making them to know about you, and more importantly, you must position yourself as an expert in your niche otherwise they have no reason to believe a single word you say. Without creating an expert identity in the minds of your subscribers, you can’t get them to buy your products- this is a proven fact.

One of the major ways you can project yourself as a trustworthy expert to you audience is to mail them some valuable information consistently; such value that you’re certain they’ll appreciate. Before you sell, you must give out value. Such value usually go a long way in helping them solve some critical issues as well as prove to them that you’re very competent in what you do.

In addition to the mails, you must from time to time write lots some informative content on your website.


  1. Give People What They Need

Do not always assume that what you have is top-notch hence people must be forced to ask for it because they’ve got no choice…funny!

But you create any solution, find out if it’s something that the people want. A typical example of this is when you try selling carbonated soft drinks to people who are over 65 years of age when it’s clearly evident that majority of them are most likely down with diabetes?

In marketing, especially email marketing, it is highly very necessary that you understand the demands of your audience. They look up to you for guidance in that area; and holds your word as law. So what exactly am I’m trying to say here? Simple…If you always try to make it about yourself, and what you’ll gain, then you’re headed for massive failure. Give your subscribers what they want, not what you need.

You have to search out their inner yearnings. It’s not always about SALES. Be genuine. Show sincere concern towards their plights and deliver real results to them whenever the opportunity arises.

This will go a long way to boost your product promotion anytime, anyday. If you continue promoting your product, appearing ‘salesy’ all of the time without having any sympathy for what they’re going through, they will ignore you most of the time; and you’ll look very stupid, unreliable as well as appear as one who is always trying to take advantage of relationship.

So, to succeed, you have to find out what’s on their mind, what they need the most, and write your emails based on what you know about their pains, aspiration or desires.


  1. Network With Other List Builders

In today’s business world, what can you do without networking? Obviously, this is a very important step that you can never skip for any reason. It’s true that, you can grow your list by promoting your list alone; but, with the help of other list builders, it becomes a lot easier for you to do the job.

You must not achieve everything by your own personal power. So consider networking with other list builders on your niche. Ask them to send your emails to their list (I know some of them too will not agree; however, a simple trial hurts nobody). With this procedure in place, you can expand your audience and grow your list consistently over time. It is better for you to network with list builders that offer complementary products in your list, which means the products that don’t compete directly with your promoted products. You can also see if you can strike a deal with the list owners to swap their promotions with your list.

However, if you cannot build your list through this specified method, there’s nothing to worry about. I have another formular that can help you build your list without stress.



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