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Hi, I'm Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred (An internet marketer/ writer) and I've helped dozens of clients improve their businesses, build authority, likeability, and formidable brands online; as well as getting more customers with just a few simple tweaks by mastering all that is required to successfully build brand equity for themselves (which is the first thing the online market sphere understands before products and services).

You cannot effectively communicate value without having the right audience, authority and brand equity, if these three are absent in your online marketing effort, ​I hate to be the bringer of bad news but the truth is: your chances of making any real money will be very slim; and you would barely make anything sufficient enough to sustain even your own life.

This is why a lot of people get frustrated along the way and lose their fire faster than than anyone would expect.

Listen to me attentively! when I talk about "making money online", I'm not talking about Network marketing, I'm not talking about Forex, I'm not talking about ​Ponzi, I'm not talking about Peer-to-Peer Donation Platforms or any other lookalike "Online Money Making Opportunity" that you must have been exposed to prior to this time....No!

Knowing how to make money online starts with understanding the first law of money (which is value for cash reward), then understanding the system that drives commerce online, how to build it, what platforms and tools to help you in the actualization of that dream, and understanding how to treat your business as a "business".

​A lot of people have failed woefully, and lots more will still fail in their bid to make money online because of one thing: "The misconception and lies which they hold true in the hearts about what 'making money online' should be (which unfortunately it's not)".

Inside this book, you'll find the real truth about Making money online, building a real business, understanding business models and the proven approach to achieving all of the above; so as to avoid further errors.

This book will teach you 'how to': 

  • Boost the psychological pulling power within your mind to help you attract choice clients.
  • Control the mind of the buyer and influence their buying decision effortlessly.
  • Discover little-known hypnotic approaches that literally dissolves your prospect’s objections.
  • Become a master marketer online.
  • ​Create hot-selling digital products.
  • ​Create that 'all-time', winning business system that churns out money consistently.
  • ​Build and monetize your blog.
  • ​P​osition your brand professionally on Facebook.
  • Discover the most lucrative niches in the industry and learn how to milk them dry.
  • Take advantage of some cutting-edge email marketing  systems.
  • ​Quit wasting valuable time trying out stuffs that looks like business.
  • Spot other online channels that can make you some real, good money.


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​Lastly, I don't want you to doubt me and at the same time I don't expect you to believe me either. So, I need you to check me out on social media so you'll discover that I'm first of all a real human, then a man with a family, a friend and coach to many.  I have also tried other things that failed before this time; so this book chronicles a major part of my experiences as a marketer. You can also call or reach me on whatsapp via this number anytime: +234 80 38432085.


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