How To Start Your Online Business The Right Way -7 Simple Steps To Eliminating All Costly Errors


In my post two days ago https://theonlinemillionaire.com.ng/2018/03/06/set-child-free-now-time-grow/, I talked about ‘Setting the child In You Free’ this is one of the major stumbling blocks that most upcoming entrepreneurs are faced with in their bid to build a legit and rewarding business online. I went a little further in explaining this in my book “The Online Secret Sales Code” as I’m committed to helping a lot of young people to set up their businesses this year.

If you must set up a real business online, then there are some proven procedures you must follow if you’re bent on becoming super-successful at what you intend to do.

Find below a detailed list of some of those things you need to do to help you set up a real, rewarding and sustainable business online.

I belong to some amazing online business communities (in fact the best of the best) here in the Nigerian internet market space; and I have seen young people come from nothing to something just following these simple rules, establishing brand that appear somewhat larger-than-life…Lol, I also have lots of friends who work in the online market place who are doing exceptionally great by just replicating what I’m about to show you now.

But I must warn you, DO NOT THINK YOU’LL SET UP THIS BUSINESS MODEL IN ONE WEEK AND START RAKING IN N5,000,000.00 IN THE FOLLOWING WEEK. This business requires patience, learning, action and consistency. But if you’re committed, you should have a proper business in 7 weeks at least.


  1. Find yourself a ‘niche’.
  2. Discover a ‘problem’ around your chosen niche and find a ‘solution’ to it.
  3. Craft a ‘killer’ sales copy for your business.
  4. Build an easily accessible niche-driven website for your business.
  5. Learn how to drive massive traffic to your website using SEO.
  6. Build ‘Authority’ for yourself in your chosen niche.
  7. Be sure to check on your prospects/ customers and subscribers with email.
  8. Start generating income through ‘back-end sales’ and ‘upselling’.

It doesn’t matter if you’re handling a mouse today for the first time, coming across this very information for the very first time, or even considering taking your brand online; the remains that anybody can do this and it’s open to everyone. If you feel you’re inadequate for the job, then get a professional to help you design a solid business system that will make you money online.

  1. Find Yourself A ‘Niche’.

First of all, what is a niche in relation to online marketing?

In marketing, Niche is defined as the bchanneling/ streamlining all marketing efforts towards one well-defined segment of the population (often referred to as ‘target’ audience).

I would like to make something very clear here: It imperative to let you know that ‘Niche’ does not exist, but is created by smart marketing techniques and identifying what the customer wants.

Therefore, Niche marketing is a marketing tactic deployed to target a ‘specific’ market segment

  1. Discover A ‘Problem’ Around Your Chosen Niche And Find A ‘Solution’ To It.

There’s a success formula for every business out there; and online business is not exempted from this truth. You have to discover and apply some proven sales copy formula (tailored to your niche) that will take your visitors through the selling process from the moment they arrive your funnel system to the moment they make a purchase:

For you to have a sustained success, you must employ this in your marketing effort:

  1. ‘Arouse interest’ with a highly compelling headline.
  2. Give a thorough descriptive detail of the problem your product solves.
  3. Build your credibility as a professional capable of solving that particular problem (Brand Equity).
  4. Show ‘true’ testimonials from people who have used/ benefitted from your product.
  5. Talk about ‘User Benefit’ in view of the solution that you’re offering through your product.
  6. Very importantly, make an offer.
  7. Give no guarantee (people have different abilities) but be sure to have a return policy.
  8. Create a sense of ‘urgency’ to prompt your prospects/ customers to action.
  9. Sell your products/ services.

Do not forget, throughout your copy, you need to focus on establishing your brand’s uniqueness, stating the major stuffs that makes you stand out as an ‘Authority’ in your niche, painstakingly listing out the capacity of your products/ services to adequately cater to the people’s need and make their lives better (most importantly).


  1. Be sure to check on your prospects/ customers and subscribers with email.

In case you’re not aware, email marketing will never fail, currently it’s almost the most effective ‘online sales voodoo’ Lol… The moment you set up your website with your marketing system contained within, you must make sure your ‘Opt-in channel is highly effective because you cannot refer to your business as a “business’ if it has got no assets.

Majorly, your opt-in-list (customer/ prospect database) is the asset with which your business will be valued peradventure you want to sell off it off tomorrow. Therefore, if you have no list, you simply don’t have a business. Know this, every single customer/ subscriber that opts in to your mailing list have automatically given you permission to email then at any given time.

Why is this one of the most reasonable steps you must take if you desire growth in your business?

  • It is targeted (they asked for it).
  • You’re creating lifetime solution and excellent relationship with the people.
  • The response is measurable and as such, you can calculate you performance.
  • It is affordable, cheaper and more effective than the conventional advertising channels (Radio, TV, and print media).
  • Your website visitors becomes leads immediately they opt-in to your list; and the most effective tool to follow your leads is Email marketing.

NOTE: Do not forget, the money is not in the email list that you create, rather in the strong, priceless, valuable and sustainable relationships that you create through your emails.

Hence money is made online through mastering the art of building relationships using a powerfully crafted online marketing system as a vehicle towards achieving that very purpose; and email marketing is the fuel needed for that very journey.


  1. Build An Easily Accessible Niche-driven Website For Your Business.


After building a tailored market (remember the market doesn’t exist, so you must create it customized to your own need) and product/s for yourself, your next move should be to finalize your selling process and boom! You’re set to kill Alibaba. Go ahead with your ‘ready for’ business website design. Keep it classy, thoroughly branded, super-simple and squeaky clean.

If your website fails to draw your visitor’s attention in just five seconds, then you might need to do an urgent review on it; if not, once those people are gone, they’re gone forever!

Keep this all important key-points in mind when building your marketing website:

  • Always choose plain fonts on a white background; there’s something magical about simplicity.
  • Make it very easy for people to contact you, your navigation should also be as easy as A,B,C, maintain that on every single page (you will learn more of this in my internet marketing class https://theonlinemillionaire.com.ng).
  • Employ some classy, yet super simple graphics, audio or video to amplify your message.
  • Do not forget your opt-in offer to help you harvest e-mail addresses from your visitors.
  • Make your ‘Buy button’ highly visible and not more than two clicks to checkout.
  • You know about customer care right? Yeah…your website is your office/ shop online so I think the most reasonable thing you need to would be to make it user/ customer-friendly.


  1. Learn how to drive massive traffic to your website using SEO

In as much as Facebook remains the mother of all traffic sources when it comes to sales/ marketing online, Pay-per-click advertising is still one the easiest way to get traffic to a brand-new site…yes that’s right.

Why? It offers two key major advantages over waiting for the traffic to come to you organically.

  • Pay-per-click adverts show up on the search pages immediately.
  • They allow you to test different keywords, as well as headlines, prices and selling techniques.

You don’t only get immediate traffic, Pay-per-click advertising helps you find your best and highest-converting keywords. Then you can distribute the keywords throughout your site in your sales copy and code, which will in turn massively influence your rankings in the organic search results.


  1. Build ‘Authority’ for yourself in your chosen niche.

The whole online economy rests on this very principle, it is something called Brand Equity. When you have authority you have everything (respect, trust, love, acceptance and then the sales will keep pouring in). A lot of folks use the internet just for one major thing- accessing information.

What if you’re one of such persons providing that information for free online to other people and making the world a better place by easing the stress off people’s shoulders? Would that not rather be nice?

One of the most powerful ways to draw traffic to your website like magnet and generate excellent search engine ranking is by positioning yourself as an authority in the field. The key secret here is to always include a link to your site contained with the body and heading of every single post you make.

What other support key steps must you take if you’re bent on becoming an authority online?

  • You must create and give away professional materials/ contents e.g. Instructional videos (especially on ‘HOW-TOs’), Audios/ Podcasts, Articles, e-books etc. that must be capable of addressing the people’s need. Be sure to distribute the contents through some of the best online article directories (like ehow.com, biggerpockets.com, ezinearticles.com, buzzle.com, hubpages.com, seekingalpha.com, goarticles.com articledashboard.com, searchwarp.com articlebase.com) etc., and/ or social media sites like facebook, twitter and linkedin to mention but a few.
  • Be sure to also enable sharing on every single, valuable content of yours.
  • Endeavor to make yourself visible on major online forums (if you’re in Nigeria, then nairaland.com is the place you must need to establish a strong presence, you can’t be an authority in the Nigerian online market place and not found there.) and social networking sites where your target market hangs out.


  1. Start Generating Income Through ‘Back-End Sales’ And ‘Upselling’.

One of the most effective internet marketing strategies is the art of developing ‘customer lifetime value’. In the offline business circles, every single business works consistently towards retaining their loyal customer for a lifetime; same applies to online business but you need to understand the techniques and the needed skills you must apply in your marketing approach in order to achieve that. The truth is: when customers patronize your business, if you treat them right, there’s a very high tendency that they will come back to you again whenever the need arises.

But what if you decide to reward such customers for their loyalty? That will result into some exponential growth for your company and this is exactly what ‘back-end sales’ and ‘upselling’ will do for you.

Mastering the art of closing your very first sale is the most brutal monster that you’ll ever have to face and then conquer in your ‘marketing’ journey before you can make progress; and the easiest way to win that battle is through back-end selling and upselling to get them to buy again:

How do you get customers coming back time and again so you can make sales consistently?

You can do that in 3 simple ways

  • After they buy the first product, you must offer another product that complement their original purchase, and another one, and another one just like that.
  • You must find a way to reward their loyalty to your brand.
  • You must also offer other related products on your “Thank You” page immediately after their initial purchase.


Wanna find out more about how to increase your sales online? Then visit: https://theonlinemillionaire.com.ng


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