Set That Child Free Now!!! (Time To Grow Up).

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He was extraordinarily gifted. He could practically see his inate abilities with his physical eyes.

His heart breathes raw ideas, so real that he could virtually feel the patterns, texture and design of what his life will soon become.

He had all the tools, materials and time at his disposal. He wakes up everyday an inch closer to the wonderful world that awaits him.

That child knew who he was meant to be as early as 6!

They addressed him as the ‘wizard’. He was highly possessed (not by an evil spirit), separated (not from his world), crazy (not with madness); he was totally swallowed up by the hydra-headed beast called ‘hyper-creativity’; so he lost himself in the process not knowing anything about himself again.


It is ‘now over 18′, and he finally regained consciousness from his journey to a land forbidden from mere mortals; it was literarily an out-of-the body experience for him.

In between that space of time considering the long journey, he transited to adulthood without observing any ‘rites of passage’.

A child became a man who is not aware he still remains a boy!

Then identity crisis came into play. He could do too many things but not doing any, mastered none, loves all of his giftings and skills equally but lacked focus to pursue any of them- He is a completely lost soul trapped in between two worlds.

The man became the ravaging monster in the boy’s nightmare, whereas the boy became the man’s weakness (his Achilles heel) so he sought to kill him but it was already too late.

So, both agreed to live together, to compromise a lot on standards so as to accommodate each other and endure till the end of time.

Two entirely different beings living in one body, hence the crisis lingers on.

Practical Life Application- Drive the point home gentleman

Most of us today are still this little boy in the above narrative!

And I too was once that little boy, but immediately I accessed the ‘greater power’ (the creative energy of self), I had to set that innocent little boy free, else I would kill entire childhood experience with immaturity, ignorance, irresponsponsibility and self denial.


You know exactly what you need, what you should be doing, why you should be doing that, and when you need to start doing it; but you decided to waste a whole transitional period of 10 years trying to figure out ‘HOW TO’ do it even though you know what you should be doing.


You’re a little child who went in search for so much power, crossed over to adulthood without observing the necessary changes and as a result now afraid of the man he that you have become because you neglected the power you sourced (ever searching for too much information to help you build your business and as a result, got swallowed up in the search), left it dormant not knowing your life is dependent on that power.

You’re too soft to kill the little things that have been keeping you so stagnated because you think you love them.

  • I know you love music
  • I know you love football
  • I know you love visual art
  • I know you love script writing
  • I know you want to become the best event manager in Africa
  • I know you want to become a pilot even if it means flying for just 30secs in your entire life
  • and I know you have great skill and knowledge in all of these areas….

Kai! Just cut the crap already!

  • You know that 30 pages in a week will give you a 120-page masterpiece in one month, but you prefer to continue planning on writing just one book of an unspecified volume for over 12 years now- you’re that little boy!
  • I know you’re not highly skilled in designing a website, but even the best website was never the “best” right from the very first day of its launch. It took some level of hard work, pain, consistency and steady improvement to become the best. Why don’t you start from building just a simple website with some “killer” posts and improve on your way as you grow?- But No…Still prefer to remain that little boy!
  • No matter how multi-talented you’re, know the harsh reality still remains…you’re cannot do everything “perfectly”; you no be “Jardon” nah!- Quit being that little boy now!
  • Choose one thing and focus on it (this is how to be a man). It’s only a child that will finish watching a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, and go to tell his friends that his father (with an incredible Akpuobi) can single-handedly kill all the gallant men in the Nigerian Army.- Stop amusing me little boy!

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That boy was right, but you have to set him FREE now or HE WILL KILL YOU.

Take his knowledge and creativity which you already have and apply some maturity to it.

Wipe away the history of the child so as to stop that memory from hunting you anymore.


Throw away the flesh, sentiments, pity and all fleshly concerns; and meet the creators at the Arena, THAT IS HOW TO BE A MAN IN THE ONLINE BUSINESS SPACE. It’s time to stop learning and start making money online today.

See you there!


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