This Is The Reason Why You Have Not Been Able To Sell ​Anything ​​Online.

​– 7 Practical Ways To Build Your Online Wealth System In 7 Weeks With My Amazing Step-By-Step Personal Methods that Pumps In A Steady Income Flow On Auto-Pilot 100% Guaranteed!


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    You have goods to sell, you've created products yet you can't sell them online.
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    You have lost so much money playing p2p, ponzi and fake multi-level marketing systems etc.
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    These days, immediately you hear "Online" You'll shout "They have come again ooo...419.
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    You're broke, unemployed and in dire need of a mentor to show you how to earn a living online.
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    You have a thriving business offline but deem it necessary to up your game and earn more, leveraging the power of internet marketing.
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    ​​You simply love the "trend", you just wanna become a "netpreneuer" just like others....

Hey! Slow down already, listen and learn before you dive in; but why should you listen to me? Who am I?

My Name is Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred, and I’m simply known as: #THEONLINEMILLIONAIRE.

I'm "THE INTERNET MARKETER" to Internet Marketers, Coach & Mentor; and I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE- just work, personal results; and that of those that I train!

You Think You Can Only Make Sales From That Your Little Shop in Ariaria Market, Aba or Main Market, Onitsha? You think commodities are sold only in physical shops and services rendered in offices/ workshops, and trainings done only in physical venues? Wake Up and smell the coffee sleepy head, THIS IS 2018!

You have been struggling to make money online day-in/ day-out but without any significant success, you burnt your fingers trying to learn the easy way out and as a result, blew off all you had “playing by luck” (but sadly enough you felt you were doing a business or actually had one).

Self-deceit is the worst kinda lie but you don’t know a thing until you see a man entangle himself in a web all by himself unknowingly (thinking he’s doing the right thing and making progress); whereas he’s totally lost and keeps repeating same vicious cycle of life in ignorance; and yes I WAS ONCE THERE… No shame admitting to the butt-naked truth.

And I must tell you, It’s a very terrible place to be! 

Now, Let me wake you up…                      

Do you know that everything in the world is controlled a SYSTEM?

  • Schools are run via a SYSTEM.
  • Churches are sustained via a SYSTEM.
  • Hospitals cannot function without a SYSTEM.
  • Hotels are rated according to the strength of their individual SYSTEM.
  • Banks will go bankrupt without their SYSTEM.
  • Governments operates and succeed via their secret SYSTEMS.
  • Companies use and discard people at will via a SYSTEM.
  • Events in the world are controlled via a SYSTEM.
  • Even the History you were taught in school was heavily manipulated by the SYSTEM.

​So why do you think you can build your own personal, truly profitable and legit business online without a SYSTEM?

If you stumbled across this page by luck, congrats and thank your stars; bless the day because you’ve found light to help you in your search through the dark.

If you intentionally got here by searching this page out, then you just bought yourself a ticket to financial freedom. This… my friend is your final BUS STOP if you’re really tired and hungry to change your financial history.

Do you want to build a true, highly profitable wealth system that you can grow gradually, sustain and pass on as an inheritance to your children? Then search no more. Get yourself a bottle of chilled drink, relax and read all the way down.

Assimilate all that I'm going to say here; Now let me tell you how important this whole thing is: even that which will sound like garbage here today will make so much sense to you hereafter.

Let me guide you on how you can build your TRUE ONLINE WEALTH SYSTEM , no gimmicks, no trial and error.

But before then, what is a "True Online Wealth System"?

I would not like to bore you with some big, useless grammar; so I will define it here in a layman's term.

A True Online Wealth System​ is a "personal" system created by, owned by, and controlled  by you 100%. It helps you draw in a stream of tailored clients through it's marketing system and as well helps you build and maintain a healthy customer/ buyer database. It is simply a virtual extension of your shop, company, organization etc. It works for you on auto-pilot while you sleep, that is the beauty of it all. It is mostly referred to as "Individual Online Business Platform" oftentimes; consisting of a personal website, sales funnel, email marketing system etc.

What are the hallmarks of a TRUE ONLINE WEALTH SYSTEM?

1. It must be scalable​ (You grow it at your own pace per time).

2. It must be profitable (Capable of changing your financial status).

3. It must be transferrable (It must be something you can pass on to your kids or sell off to another).

4. It must be durable (Not something that goes on and off without your consent).

5. It must be under your control​ (If you're not in total control, then it's not a true system).

THIS IS SIMPLY BASED ON WHAT WORKS!The old-time principles of money and wealth creation combined with the first law of Money ("for money to be made, there must be an exchange of value/s- ("BUYING" and Most especially "SELLING") ie; an exchange of a commensurate amount of money for a commodity/ or service).

So in our world today, the most interesting aspect is this: ​All spheres of commerce is currently powered by the driving force behind all internet wealth secrets ​ (which is wealth systems, otherwise known as Business systems powered by sales funnels); and this is what I'm about to teach you.

Let me inform you now…Business and commerce are no longer what they used to be, money is now wearing a new face; advertising, sales and marketing are no longer done the conventional way.

Now the question is: WHERE ARE YOU IN ALL OF THESE?

Lost or maximizing your space in the global online market place? You alone have the answer to that.

Are you frustrated probably because you aren’t making the kind of money online that those lame, dumb, and wack-ass systems look-alike keeps promising you?

You now appear a definition of a total jerk, lazy MUGU and worse still one that is completely lost and they call you a headless chicken because you appear to have no direction.

Everybody now including people without clear direction whose 'directionlessness' are boldly stamped upon their fore-heads have turned your advisers; even a mad man will look at the way you’re “burning money fast (BMF)” on Network Marketing, Ponzi, P2P, and all the rest of those rubbish and tell you… Slow down Padi mi, E be like say you don dey mad?

Your wife is no longer in talking terms with you anymore, you’re now a laughing stock before your friends, your girlfriend as well left you because it’s evident you lack direction and focus; jumping from one Ponzi to the other and from one network marketing company to the other (not saying that MLM is bad, but you must have a powerful system, stick to one if you must succeed in it. Don't be a "wandering generality"); you have not sold a dime or make even up to a million Naira; your siblings and most disheartening- your mama has given up on you.

MY DEAR, IF THIS SCENERIO HOLDS TRUE FOR YOU, THEN Those people are not the issue; and it is not YOUR VILLAGE PEOPLE. Yes, Something is most definitely wrong with you but the problem is: You’re yet to notice/ figure it out.

You’re now an information addict, an e-junkie, a platform junkie; made lazy by false, unrealistic promises and ever-increasing desire to keep searching without taking responsibility for yourself.

Don't Be Faster Than Your Shadow, I know some of you must have heard the saying "the money is in the list" but that's a big, fat lie;
The money is in the strong relationships you create...Shikena

​I feel your pain, hence I would love to guide you and reach out to you in love because I was once there in that dungeon of indecision where you're right now.

I am truly very sorry if you tried but failed or got scammed; Do not be dismayed; But I want you to understand that legit businesses online still pays!

All you need is: ​THE SECRET ONLINE SALES CODE + 7 Weeks of Practical Training With Me.

What To Expect

  • Social Media Mastery
  • Facebook/ Instagram Marketing
  • Online Wealth System Design
  • Product Design
  • Content Creation
  • Branding
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Copy Writing
  • ​Web Design for IM

Features/ Benefit

  • Flexible Learning
  • 100% Practical based
  • ​Over 20 Online Money Making Opportunities
  • Result-oriented
  • Earn As You Learn
  • Free Consultanc​​​​y
  • Lifetime support
  • Automatic FREE 3-Month Mentorship 
  • Branding & Advertising Mastery

#1. Have you been trying to build your online business for at least 6 months, and you have tried several different “systems” but none of them have done what they promised?

#2. Alright! Do you struggle with what to sell and how to sell it?

#3. Are you frustrated because you have been following religiously what the so-called gurus told you yet nothing is really happening?

#4. Have you bought a system or two that promised you to make it in “3 easy clicks” or to make fast money using their “special secret sauce” (without juice) yet at the end of the day, they turned out to be another story that touches the heart…Lol?

I have seen them countless times, I fell into their traps countless times too because their offers follow a particular template that looks really inviting and at the same time irresistible… It’s a mental programming they have being using to lure you out from your comfort zone into the slaughter where they get you butchered…LOL; but all of that is about to change now.

You know - you’ve seen them- ​₦3,000,000 in one month, ​₦150,000,000 in four years, money back guarrantee”, “copy and paste for riches”, “invest ​₦500,000 and go back home by the end of the month like you broke the bank’s vault” and all that bull crap.


The truth of the matter is this- My friend, Those systems don’t work jerk for anyone except the person selling them to you...Period! 

The only person making money is the person selling that system to you.

But then, this is the golden, whole truth of MAKING MONEY ONLINE (Which is)- the ONLY way you make money online is by SELLING SOMETHING.

And the easiest way to make money online is -to sell information.

This Is Exactly How It Works; and I will break it down further: Someone online needs to learn “How To Do Something” you know how to do or buy something you sell. You create a training teaching them how to do it or simply sell the commodity or service to them. When they come to your site, they buy it from you.

That’s the way money is made online.

​I sincerely hope you get that now?

Money is not made from:

  • Fake systems.
  • ​Copy and paste.
  • ​Sending traffic somewhere (unless someone sells something and sends you a commission)

​Rather MONEY is made when you sell something;

So do you wanna start earning a decent living with a solid system running on auto-pilot for you? Then sell something! So the real challenge should be, How can I sell something; and what do I sell exactly?

​Good question…


​Keep It Simple. Relationship is Key to success online.


​​Spread The Word. Give value for free and let the world know about it; so as to prepare yourself for sales.


It's A Law. Influence your way to 7-Figures by giving what you have; This will never fail.

You see, almost all of the time, I see lots of people trying to figure out how to make money online; but the sad thing is majority of the online instructors are wack, while majority of the few pros who actually appear to heal will want to rip a newbie into shreds first before teaching them a thing or two.

  • ​Now hear me, almost every guru out there was scammed and used when they were learning the ropes in the industry, hence you don’t expect even the good ones among them to teach you for free or just hand you their knowledge in just one week.
  • Limit unreasonable expenses, buy carefully only on your mentors recommendation.
  • Be sure to find out if your mentor is genuinely willing to help you and not after your pocket.
  • Lead gen programs are useless if you don’t have something to sell; your major concern should be to create strings of products first, then get a functional system to sell them with.

No one is talking or pointing out these anomalies, hence the rendezvous will continue till 2030…Hahaha Because I don’t see this issue gaining a place of prominence in the media anytime sooner.

I’m not sure why it is so though- Maybe it’s because there are no strong laws to tackle these issues at the moment, secondly the online marketplace is dynamic and still evolving very fast; then thirdly, people will buy the hype and glitz more than the truth and that’s what sells; and this is the one very reason why the gurus are seriously hyping the business and expanding it to make more room for “game-playing”

But if you’ve known me for long, then you’ll agree I’m not the “hype” guy. I have only done two things consistently and they’re teaching and selling of products... Bingo! 

Now, That’s how I make my money.

But It's Not Your Fault... that you're just learning this now.


​You Don't Have To Be Exceptionally "Techy", You Don't Have To Also Wait To Have It All Before You Start. Find Below The Things I personally Don't Have, Yet Making Money Online.

  • angle-right
    ​​I don’t have a glitzy website until now.​ 
    It's not just about aesthetics and too much deafening noise all over the place. I'm more result oriented than just getting the word out there.
  • angle-right
    I don’t make outrageous claims.
    If you know me too well, then you'll know I'm not loud-mouthed; and 'Bobo-juice' has never been my stuff. I'm not focused on making (false) claims, and promises, but result is mostly certain with anyone who works with me; and that can never be hidden.
  • angle-right
    I don’t promise overnight riches.
    ​​If that is the reason why you're here and reading this, please log off now. I prefer rather to offer you quality, practical hands-on learning; to help you master the art of making money online first than teaching you how to make crumbs off the table.

But the people who buy my trainings tend to love it because I tell it exactly like it is, I don't mince words; I no dey talk am make e sweet.

If you are very observant, you'll notice that I have not made any claims here so far, post some fake pictures of cars, money and mansion just to attract you through result marketing; No...never, I simply don't do that because I have nothing to prove to anyone. The business system you need to design for yourself is all the miracle and magic you need; and I'm not telling you beans, IT WORKS!

​I am very direct like that physically and in my trainings. My teaching methods are also very unique and highly personalized. So let’s cut the crap and hit the hammer at the head of the nail.

  • You make money when you sell information.
  • You ​​​​make more money when you sell a funnel of information.
    So, what exactly is a Funnel of Information or this my Online Wealth System that I have been blabbing about since and How does it work?
    I will explain it again in another simpler format for easy comprehension and emphasis.
    The easiest way to explain this will be to give you an example.
    A funnel of information looks like something like this: (Follow the mental picture below)

Let’s imagine you are a Gym instructor and you want/ intend to sell Health/ Fitness instruction online.

The first thing you do is create a beginner Health/ Fitness instructional course that shows someone all the basic Health/ Fitness positions.

Let’s imagine this is a 2-hour video.

You sell this video to anyone who wants to learn how to do keep fit and be healthy from watching videos online.

Assuming you sell your course for ​₦12,950.

Let’s say 1000 people come to your site each month, maybe 30 of them buy your beginner positioning course.

So you make about ​₦388,500; BUT WAIT… But what if your website generates a pretty good traffic such that you have about 10,000 persons visiting in a single month? That means your average sales will be pegged at ​₦388,500 X 30 X 10 which equals ​₦3,885,000.

Now, That’s the first product in the information funnel.

Ok, Let’s enter the second product. First some background.

Some people who buy your Health/ Fitness instructional video course will at some point get really bored watching you stretch and pose for the camera all of the time. They will decide that they are better off going to their local gym and just hiring a fitness coach.

That’s okay - those people aren’t really your long-term prospects (meaning they might buy your first offer and that’s it).

But some people who buy your video will really like your style.

They will think, Wow! This is really cool and easy - I sure would like to know more.

So that desire will then create another business for you; and you might wanna offer an intermediate Health/ Fitness programme, maybe you might decide to make it a 3-hours of new instruction - for let’s say, another ​₦12,950.

Out of the 30 people, 10 people on the average might possibly buy your intermediate Health/ Fitness programme. That is another ​₦129,500 in revenue.

Then some people who have bought your intermediate course, and some of the people who bought your beginner course, decide they want even more - and so you offer an Advanced course - this maybe 10 hours of a deeper volume of instructional courses. 

Let’s imagine that 10 people again buys this.

That is ​₦50,000 in additional revenue X 10 (remember this is all from the original 1000 visitors, of course by now you are creating more visitors, so you are making more beginner sales at ​₦12,950 and more intermediate sales at ​₦12,950, plus these advanced course sales at ​₦50,000. It like a continuous rolling circuit.

Next, some people start asking you...”Please, How can I get access to you to ask questions?”

So you decide to launch a coaching program where you answer questions.

And you price this at ​₦5000 per month (recurrent).

50 persons got enrolled thereafter in that, which is ​₦250,000 each month.

So how much total revenue are we up to out of this original 1000 visitors?

We have ​₦12,950 X 30 = ​₦388,500 or ​₦3,885,000. (The choice is yours; you decide how much you make).

We have ​₦12,950 X 10 = ​₦388,500

We have ​₦50,000 X 10 = ​₦500,000

And we have ​₦5,000 X 50 each month = ​₦250,000  per month.


And each month after, it goes up, because of the monthly payments and influx of clients.

​Let me ask you this here now... How would you like to have a series of products in your own information funnel that works exactly like this?

Let me warn you: THIS IS NOT FOR LAZY PEOPLE. Look at the volume of work on this single page alone and know what to expect.

You see, one of the real problems you are having right now is that you only have one product or nothing at all; or even most probably have never ever thought of that. But the entire picture would have been different thing if you had 3-4 products, right?

And of course, I only showed 4 products.

Each month you could launch a new product, kind of like I do; and these products could be in these formats; video, audio, ebook; or even coaching through a paid membership site or physical products; not excluding Public Speaking Engagements (SPE) and private services rendered etc; and in 2 years, you could scale your information products store up 24 products. Hope you’re getting it now?

Do you think if you had 24 products, that you would make more money than your competitor that has only 4 products? That again is a question that you and you alone can answer.

Do you think that if you had 24 products, you would make more money than you are currently making right now?

Here’s the thing...

You don’t need to create 24 products...but you DO need to create a few products.

This is exactly what I will be ​TEACHING you


So...here is what I have done...I have created ​specifically for you the "INFLUENCE TO WEALTH" course otherwise known as "THE SECRET ONLINE SALES CODE" that teaches you how to do just one thing- MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

And sometimes, I also refer to it as “TheOnlineMillioaire Blue-print” and it teaches you exactly:

  1. How to Choose some “Killer” Products for Your Niche, That Your Prospects Really Would Want to Starve Themselves So They Can Buy From You.
  2. ​How to create your first 5,000 product​.
  3. ​How to create your second ​₦12,950 product.
  4. ​How to create your third ​₦50,000 product.
  5. ​How to launch an entry level coaching program or simply sell your physical products as a trader.

And I will also teach you:

  1. How to easily design and tailor your consultation and teachings to be truly niche-specific.
  2. How to easily outline your products so that they become very easy to create.
  3. ​How to easily write an ebook if you want to add one more product to your store.
  4. How to Create a 4-product funnel in just one month
  5. My own step by step easy method for easily recording your digital products fast.

And you will learn exactly:

  1. How to Create your first product in just ​7 days.
  2. How to Create your Second product in just ​2 weeks.
  3. How to Launch your coaching program on Whatsapp with just 5 hours of preparation .
  4. Step by step how to organize your ​system with the right products in the right order.
  5. How to easily sell your new products online.

Ok, I’m sure by now you’re 100% certain of what you want to do? So would you love to see exactly how I create profitable ​online systems by simple building influence that consistently build trust and make sales?

If yes, Then I suggest you download a copy of my new introductory free ebooks and subscribe to my course online below towards the end of THIS PAGE Now.

And truth be told, ​₦1,000,000 would still be a drop in the bucket for someone to learn how to discover the secrets of creating sales funnels that actually converts leads to visitors, and visitors to buyers, because this is a business that can easily generate you some cool millions of Naira without much stress within a year (if you’re not lazy)…So, is a million naira still “pricey” if one so decides to keep their training at such price?

Let me reveal something to you now...For over 10 years, I have been hustling online (I mean real hustle); from Network Marketing to Forex, Binary Options trade, Surveys, Freelancing, Ponzi (ever before MMM made it popular) So I know exactly what I’m telling you; my students can also attest to this.

That's right – with my experience in the industry, count my word as a law in this field because I sure know how things go down right here…It’s a DOG EAT DOG scenario; and I must tell you…It’s really crazy.

The worst thing you will ever do to yourself will be to jump in here unprepared without a proper knowledge of how stuffs work, a proper wealth system (funnel) which is 100% yours and directly under your control with a solid, and compassionate mentor (not the one that will defraud you) with several million dollar worth of experience.

This is exactly what I will teach you when you signup to work and progress under me (stuffs stated above).

What Else Will You Achieve From 

My Course?

  • 1
    Why Do You Need This Training? ​The reason for this is that because of the high level of information contained in this training, I am planning to transform this soon into a much higher priced course - with a possible price of ​₦150​,000 to get access to this.
  • 2
     This Will Affect Your Bank Account​​​​With the trainings you'll recieve, if you are not lazy, you can increase earnings exponentially at an accelerated speed.
  • 3
    ​ It Will Re-program Your Mind:The information contained in my trainings and books are potent and capable of transforming you in a flash for greater efficiency.

Other Things You Stand To Achieve

  • I will kill the fear in you and motivate you to success.
  • ​ I will turn you into a prolific content creator. 

​You heard me just right. When you pass through my system, you'll receive everything you need to know to create an unlimited, easy to implement, personal online wealth system that consistently produces high profits month in and month out for you.

Are you still sitting down there and waiting to read more? This is how I know those who are hungry and dissatisfied with their current situation. Hey…Pick up the phone now, give me a buzz and book an appointment with destiny immediately.

What would it be worth to you to have a complete wealth system of your own- that operates on 100% autopilot, and produces high revenues that steadily rises like “High BP”?- revenues that could give you the financial freedom you deserve. Do you know that lots of people would kill just to have that?

Yes…I know that, and that is the very reason why I believe that when I take this to the next level - and allow this information to be available only to clients who will pay me upwards of ​₦150,000 soonest, I won’t feel bad about it at all because that price as well is way below the value of the content that I’m dishing out. My clients and students know this already; yes, It’s not a hidden issue; but for my students, I have decided to open the gates at just a meager fee of

N99,000 ​₦30,000 + ​₦10,000 worth of a "Killer" 280-page Wealth creation ebook for FREE! ​

​So my course is ​₦30,000 (and that is a promo price).

​If you want only the book, then you can purchase it for ​​₦10,000 only.

And this offer will run till the ​29​th February, 2019; after which we’ll implement the actual price of our mentorship program (which we’ll not be disclose at the moment for some certain reasons.

So....why am I giving this discount now? 

There's just two big reasons why I’m doing this:

#1. I simply need testimonials and sincerely need the words spread out.

#2. I need some of my students, friends and followers with limited means to be able to take advantage of this offer and jump into it before we shut down the ​₦30,000 offer. So take it that this is my seasonal offer as well to you for the end of this year till 2018.

You see, I have done the major job for you, all you need do now is have a free session with me so I can guide you, then you replicate my system- that's all!

I hate to hype myself though; so I won’t being doing that here (cuz I hate talking rubbish) let the impact that I create do the speaking for me. I’m not here to convince you rather I’m here to re-program you for efficiency (that is if you're ready for a change). I have nothing to prove. Period!


There's also a concession for those who pay up once.

So....the only thing I ask for now is that if you take advantage of this discounted offer between now till the 29th of February, 2019 because it was specifically created for you.


Afterwards you will send me a testimonial telling me exactly how many new products you have created using my system, and how many new relationships and clients you have created as a result of using my system? How much you’ve made, and how I have affected your life...Deal?

OK - so instead of ​₦50,000 for this life changing information- as long as you are willing to send us a testimonial exactly between now and the 29th of Februaury, 2019 precisely, your price today is not:




Or even ​₦35,000...

You pay only a one-time ​₦30,000 TODAY(and I reserve the right to pull off this offer and this page at any time, without any explanation whatsoever to anyone, and lock out anyone who will not take advantage promptly).

Now if you are still reading this... WHAT ARE YOU STILL WAITING FOR? Go to that link and secure your space now. I don’t need a crowd for this project; once we complete 100 between now and 29th February, 2019, I will close the window.

Why? Simple… I'm concentrating more on products sales at the moment; and only intend using these training events strictly for publicity purposes only. ​

​Secondly, right now while you are reading this...others are securing their slot for the training and purchasing the book "THE SECRET ONLINE WEALTH CODE".

And the truth of the matter is – YOU CAN GET AN ONLINE WEALTH CREATION SYSTEM (FUNNEL) AS GOOD AS MINE, BUT I BET YOU, INSTRUCTORS LIKE ME ARE RARE TO FIND, YOU SIMPLY CAN NEVER FIND A SECOND ME- and as I normally do with new beta test launches, I pull the offer off immediately after the specified period - ​in the same vein, I will be pulling off this offer shortly after now (meaning it might not be available up here till February)​.

Do you want to lose out on this training? Then, think again.

I recommend you simply enroll now, to lock yourself in before you are locked out:

Don't be left out - don't allow others to dominate your niche using my wealth system...cuz in this industry, folks are already killing it without mercy.

Why Should You Trust Us?
See For Yourself What Others Are Saying.

“​Meeting TheOnlineMillionaire Was Simply Magical"

​“​Few weeks with the multi-dimensional coach, I was able to clearly see my path and know exactly how to chart my own course in the Online Marketplace. It was a defining moment for me, and I'm grateful I took that step which gave birth to my current fast developing business. He mirrored himself in me and I was able to see myself."

​Ekle Patience
- ​​PEKLE Academy, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

“My Business Got Transformed After Attending Just One of His Sessions.”

​“Knowing what to do is one thing, knowing how to transfer that (knowledge of that which you know how to do) to another individual is a whole different ball game. His methodologies are such that you can not just explain. He's got his own unique style. ​I've never been so comfortable sitting under any instructor to learn.

​TheOnlineMillionaire simply delivers with an unusual, beautiful simplicity that I'm yet to witness learning under any other instructor.

​Chukwuemeka Macleans
- ​Production Assistant, Skillmark Media, Owerri, Nigeria.

“No One Was More Qualified And Humane"

“Few months ago, I was in dire need to grow my customer base and attract more of my dream clients".

​It was tough because it's very easy to walk up to any so called 'professional' on the street, share your problems with them and all of that stuff; but I takes one who exactly does not only know how to deliver on record time alone, but also highly accomodating, persevering and willing to not only see you succeed, but also to teach you how to weather the storm when the need arises in your business. He's just golden

​Chika Daniel Okereke
- ​Nielrek Fitness Foundation, Abuja.

Why Is "The Secret Online Sales Code" + My Tailored Training A "Must-Have" For You?

It is simple. As at this year 2018, Marketing in the world today as we know it has left the traditional model to Digital & Social Media Marketing Model (DSMM). Nigeria is well over 180million population-wise, out of this figure you have around 87.37% visiting Facebook monthly (16 million out of this figure visits Facebook on monthly basis), 5.38% on Twitter, 0.68% on Instagram, 1.66% on Youtube and 3.53% on Pinterest just to mention but a few.

28.4% of that overall population have a steady access to the  internet which simply means that you have an estimated  91.6million potential customers just at the snap of the fingers. Now that you know, How do you take advantage of this huge market? How do you reach the people? How do you make sure your message is not lost? How do you sell? 

The answer to these and many more questions are in the wealth system and understanding how it works through the indepth training that will be made available for you. There's also a huge body of information that exposes you to lots of proven and legit online money making opportunities.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

“​His honesty and integrity impress me deeply."

“​TheOnlineMillionaire is a man who is dedicated to excellence in everything he does. I know him for his extreme attention to detail. I have found him to be a man whose honesty and integrity impress me deeply"

​Sandy Walker
- ​Kingaroy, Australia.

“​​He's truly a blessing to humanity​"

“​There are people you come across once in a lifetime; and TheOnlineMillionaire is just one of such few, rare individuals. He's truly a blessing to Humanity"

​Abba Danielle
- ​Lagos, Nigeria.
​Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred

Creator of ​The Secret Online Sales Code

About the Author

My name is Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred (a.k.a) #theonlinemillionaire. Founder- Fredmacs House of Artistry Inc. I am an Internet Marketer/ Online Business Development Coach, Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategist, Writer, & Content Creator.  

I also run a humanitarian project called ChildFundAfrica. I’m a full-time online entrepreneur with major focus on humanitarian projects, Mentorship, Crowd-funding  for charity initiatives, talent discovery and self-development.

I also run MINDSHIFT-1000 Transformational Event Series; aimed at helping youths to become financially independent by re-positioning themselves through learning (in the area of Internet Marketing specifically). 

Here are the things "You'll Get" ​When You Signup For ​My Training And Purchase The Book.

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    Free Branding Online
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    Free Social Media Account Modification
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    ​3-Month Consultation/ Support
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    One-on-one Mentorship To Success
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    Free Weekend Trainings On Our Exclusive Whatsapp and Facebook Groups​
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. ​If you don't get true "value" as promised as regards our trainings and quality of content within 7 weeks, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund; but that has never happened because we exceed expectations at all times as we're constantly evolving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to boost your existing business or start a fresh profitable, sustainable, transferable and scalable online business?

Who can benefit from this business model?

How much exactly do I need to kick off?

How do I know what niche/s that will be most suitable for me?

I'm not educated and a poor writer with limited time on my hands; Can I still have a world-class system to sell my products in Ariaria market, Ladipo Market, New Market, Main Market, Wuse Market, Mile One Market etc?

What about support and consultation after the training?

​P.S.: There are some things I do that are impossible for my competitors to discover without actually purchasing my trainings (and I welcome it when my competitors invests their profits to learn how I do it…Hahaha).

I have been using these techniques for some years myself, it helped me a lot when I was deep into network marketing and Ponzi specifically such that I hardly lost money even when everyone else around me were losing money to dubious marketing systems, I remained on top of my game, dominated my niche online, and strategically positioned myself as the number one mentor and 'go-to' kinda guy for my clients, followers and friends.

This same result is quite frankly so easy to replicate when you create multiple products, using my techniques, because of the special psychological bonding effect that occurs when you create products the special way I teach in my new wealth creation system.

One of the real keys to my successful monetization process in any field is the highly responsive sales funnels I create, which helps me to dominate any niche area I find myself per time, and solidifying my niche against any attacks from competitors. I practically kill every competition around me, I crush them with results. …And the psychology with which I sell is completely off the hook! This is what I will teach you as well.

​However, the question now is...what do you stand to lose by NOT finding out how to create a niche-dominating sales funnel before your competitor does?

You will lose out on all the sales YOU could be making, to your competitor, who might not even know as much as you about your niche.

How much is it costing you NOT to have a complete sales funnel?

I mean, think about it - How many sales could you have done last month if you had 4 products and a coaching program?




Or more????

The thing is, you could have 3-5 products plus a coaching program in the next month using my system...and imagine the income you have lost the last 3 months by NOT having it in place already.

In fact, instead of reading this further, I'll suggest you jump on the offer, secure your space NOW!

Kill all procrastination and start experiencing financial freedom in your life.

​Look, I'm not trying to scare you. You're already scared because you've been doing things wrong unfortunately without knowing it and you are getting bad results as an impact of doing things wrong.

Are you ready to start today doing things right? Then I’ll be highly honored to mentor you to success by showing you exactly how to truly build a high-converting sales funnel that compels people to buy from you and NOT from your competitors?

Go ahead, sign up now while you still can.

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