Profitable Online courses- 4 Surefire ways to Productizing your Knowledge

Profitable Online courses:

Is it possible to make money from Online courses? I’ll continue to say it to everyone that cares to listen; in today’s world, that “Knowledge” is the new Gold and Oil put together; and Online courses are gold mines untapped.

Knowledge is the new metropolitan city like Lagos, New York, London, Bangkok, Johannesburg where opportunities abound in such a way that you can walk in there literarily broke and way up a millionaire the next day.

So let’s get straight into it. Yo have to consider ‘Online courses’ as viable options in case you’re currently a specialist/ expert in a given subject (but this opportunity is not for newbies, except newbies who are willing to learn and grow at some exponential rate) either through your present current place of employment, independent business, or personal coaching/ consultancy services; you can bundle all of that experience/ knowledge into a high-value program/ online course, promote and market it over and over again (for a lifetime) to the custom audience that you create and grow through your own personal business or via acquired via paid advertising focused around your business.

Having stated all of the above, keeping in mind that building, projecting, and promoting an online course is an uphill task that requires a lot of effort to get it up to speed (that is if you intend to witness a significant success rate).

The financial benefits of creating an online course cannot also be over emphasized as their acquiring potentials is beyond imagination compared to other online income channels that one can make money from.

If you’re thinking of creating a passive income channel/ automated revenue, then online courses/ programs and other information products like digital books, podcasts, training videos etc are your sure bet to achieving success in your quest to getting your heart desire.

One major thing I love about creating online courses/ productizing your knowledge is that once you put in the work and time required to get the product out, you would not need to repeat the process again (except you’re upgrading it). Secondly, you’ll sell and profit from them for a considerable length of time and years without doing any extra work on them.

Now let’s cut to the chase. How would you start/ create your online course?

Anyways, one of the easiest ways to get it right is by following other successful Digital product marketers and modeling their success.

In my quest to building and getting better in this industry, I studied a lot of professionals that have achieved real success online like Amy Porterfield, Neil Patel, Eric Worre etc; but among all I find the account of Bryan Harris of Videofruit absolutely amazing. This guy created an online course in only 10 days that made him a whooping $220,750! It’s unbelievable.

In other to achieve this great feat, what exactly did he do?

Bryan set and implemented a 4-step procedure to building a truly profitable Digital product marketing business.

What exactly are these Four (4) steps:

  1. Find
  2. Approve
  3. Create
  4. Launch/ Sell/ Distribute

Step 1: Find it– To successfully build a highly profitable business online, you have to explore and figure out the best title that best describes your course/ programme depending on the most popular posts from your blog (which means that for you to successfully carry this out, you must have a personal blog/ website).

With this particular approach, you’re very sure the people have a great need in that particular area, so you need to then package a solution (a product) in a digital format, knowing fully well that you have a ready and hungry market waiting to devour that product.

Step 2: Approve it– Be double sure that people would really pay for your course by checking your engagement and verifying pre-orders (this is the most important part of the entire development and monetization process that a larger fraction of online marketing professionals usually ignore due to their ignorance in the subject matter.

Please do not invest genuine energy creating a product when you’re still very uncertain about its viability. Make sure you have a tailored audience ready to buy that product even before you start creating it.

Step 3: Create it– This is where it all gets interesting. At this point, you have to unleash your creativity and give it all you’ve got. Put in the work with every zeal like it’s the last thing you’ll be doing here on planet earth.

Compose, record, and make changes to the course content (where necessary).

Why? Simple! At this very point, you’re very much aware that there’s a hungry market waiting for your product. You have a tailored audience who believe in what you have to offer and are eagerly waiting for it. The sweetest part is that you already have some pre-orders (people who have already paid ahead of time for your product). So that in itself becomes a major source of motivation to help you get the product out in record time; so as not to disappoint your customers and audience.

Step 4: Launch, Sell/ Distribute it– This comes immediately after the creation/ development and verification process.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to launch the course to your email list (again you see the reason why you need to have a personal website/ blog?).

If you create the hottest digital product in the whole wide world but unable to sell it or even give it out to your ideal/ target audience, you’ve done nothing but waste valuable time creating something nobody wants.Remember, it is the people that will rate your product. It is the same people that will give you social proof online and offline; so if you fail to adequately reach out to them, then you have failed!

So your email list, your community online, your friends on social media, mastering SEO for FREE website traffic etc are the best ways to start until you start making good money to consider some other paid options (for targeted traffic).

In view of the four specified steps above in line with the very business model in question, you need to have a workable, functional, fool-proof plan to selling and distributing your product.

I’ll assume that you currently have no blog or website that rings a bell/ or a bit popular within your locality, how then can you convincingly sell without appearing ‘salesy’?

The answer is simple. Just Google some hot topics and find out what people talks about the most online. Make your pick from the list and build a ‘Niche website’ out of that.

On the other hand, if you can source some emails to market to; through other means outside list building via your website, then that will be great.

I’m sure by now you’ll be wondering like: “How do I create my own highly professional online course without any prior knowledge/ or experience?”

Lol… Don’t place your focus on that; rather focus on what others have done and see nothing but possibility. You cannot do it now simply because you lack the knowledge and expertise to do so at the moment; but what if I show you the exact steps to build a highly profitable digital product marketing business? You can get my detailed guide on that by clicking on the following link:

However, there are other ways that you can achieve that as well.

For instance, you can start by taking different courses relevant to your business of interest.

Irrespective of the fact that this is highly necessary for you as a beginner, one other reason you should consider it a viable option is because it gives you an idea of how a course could or should look like. For instance:

(a).You’ll have a clear information on the creation processes.

(b). You’ll understand the available different formats through which you can create and deliver your product.

(c). You’ll be able to decide what your course should look like in terms of aesthetics, functionality and features. So going through relevant courses done by other professionals is a great way to establish your brand online as well building your business in the most professional way. Always make sure you model only products by the best (except you want something less).

(d). You’ll understand how you can upgrade your course or even make it more compelling.

If you have a skill, knowledge or an experience others don’t have, it’s high time you productize and monetize it.

So how exactly can one get started?

  1. Pick your area of specialty, figure out your key interest in that particular field.

The most effective way to get a powerful course blend is by being able to marry a key interest with an expert knowledge that you have; that way, you’ll always generate something fresh and highly amazing.

One of the fool-proof ways to do this is by making use of “Google Trends” and “Google Keyword Planner” to search for normal month to month scan volume for catchphrases identified with your intended course content.

What to actually check using the above google tools in a bid to enhance your business and create a more powerful product.

(a). Check if people are effectively searching a great deal about your subject of interest.

Write and blog on the given topic and observe the engagement on it as well as people’s reaction to it.

Figure out your area of strength and focus on it. Do not joke with this.

While creating your course, search for some other amazing individuals who are also making waves in the online space. Study their patterns, business structure/ model; and see how you can factor in all of that into what you’re creating.

Make it a point of duty to locate and connect with other influencers and make them partners for the sole purpose of creating and distributing that course of yours.

Why are influencers highly necessary for the growth of your business online?

The answer is not far-fetched. Influencers are catalysts, they speed up your growth process by helping you to avoid too many mistakes as well as launch your product/ business with less stress and errors.

Another thing is; they’ll also help to bring awareness to your product/ business by exposing it to their large audience online, their business groups and communities as well (which to me makes a whole lot of sense).

I sincerely think that this also is one of the fastest ways to gain trust and build authority online to help you market just about anything as well as get some fast deals.

Invest a lot of time in that course, be sure to create something spectacular and of the highest quality.

Most course creators pull their courses from their own personal website.

In view of this, they always redirect their clients back to their site all the time. But you can get a sub-domain for this purpose and make your courses independent of your main website.

It’s imperative that you gather your audience into a single learning/ teaching group which you’re going to be using as your training platform to help you gain brand equity.

If you’re new and have no group at all, you can simply start building your audience by/ and for yourself via the consistent use of/ and active involvement on some powerful external platforms.

For instance, platforms like Skillshare or Udemy allows you to host and sell your courses online. These platforms are great channels through which you can grow you audience, trust, authority, brand equity as well as make some good money.

Marketing your course: How best can one promote and monetize their course?

One thing is certain; and that is: “To SELL anything, you need quality TRAFFIC”. So you simply sell to traffic; and that traffic is simply people (a large influx of people)!

To continue earning online, you must continue selling, and to continue selling, you must have and maintain quality traffic online.

Search for expert, niche focused groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit, WhatsApp etc that may be highly beneficial to your business and join them.

Guest post on some top, popular blogs online with high traffic.

Create an expert page on some authority websites.

If you follow these specified steps, within a short period of time, you’ll see your sales hitting the roofs and your brand growing exponentially beyond imagination.


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