The 6-Figure blogging manual

Most blogs fail almost immediately after they are created. A lot of upcoming bloggers are frustrated. Additionally, a greater percentage of bloggers  don’t really understand what it means to be a blogger; neither do they understand the power of a blog to bring a 360 degree change in the life of its author.

You’ll also find in this book: THE 6-FIGURE BLOGGING MANUAL, everything you need to kick-start a rewarding blogging career online.

The Secret Online Sales Code

After failing so many times trying to “make money online” and doing stuffs that I honestly felt were real “online businesses”, I had to tell myself the ‘truth’ which is:

“People don’t fail in their pursuit trying to make money simply because the internet market place is not credible enough and lacks people of integrity; rather people fail because they have a pre-defined concept of what “making money online should be” (which unfortunately it is not)”.

How To Build Your Information Marketing Business In 7 Days

In this book, I poured out everything you need to know about about setting up your 7-figure information marketing business.

You’ll also find in this book: HOW TO MARKET YOUR DIGITAL PRODUCTS, self-publish and monetize your book using some prove digital channels.

I’m not sure if you’ve come across something as detailed as this.

wp affiliate suite

Phase 2: WP AFFILIATE SUITE- The Most Complete & In-depth Niche Blogging + Affiliate Program that you’ll ever find! 

You’ll learn exactly how and where I get products to sell to earn commissions in dollars. You too can join me and start earning at least $1,000 per month as a beginner selling just digital products online.

True… There are businessmen but the only businessman I know is the one who understands first what a ‘true’ business is. What it takes to run one, how to sustain it and as well being capable of turning just about anything into a highly profitable business.

If you’re not this man man mentioned above, then join our “APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM”; we seriously need to talk!

YouTube FREE Training Videos

Choose Your Preferred Business Plan

This regular business plan is designed specifically for you and broken down into 3 different categories but you can extend your contract with us on some special arrangement.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at the moment as an individual brand or a business brand. We’ll start from the scratch and fix everything that needs to be fixed for your business to thrive.

So go through the plans and choose what’s best for you; because no matter who you’re, we’ve got something quite special for you.



  • A 4-week intensive coaching class
  • Business Model Analysis
  • A mini-website
  • + Free branding



  • A 4-week intensive Coaching Class
  • Ads Channel Mastery
  • One Month Super-Content creation
  • A mobile responsive marketing website



  • A 12-week intensive coaching class
  • Product Creation Guide/ Marketing
  • Sales Page Design/ Website & Copywriting Mastery
  • One month Free Support

What People Say

“​Few weeks with the multi-dimensional coach, I was able to clearly see my path and know exactly how to chart my own course in the Online Market place. It was a defining moment for me, and I'm grateful I took that step which gave birth to my current fast developing business. He mirrored himself in me and I was able to see myself."
Patience Ekle
Founder: Pekle Africa
“​There are people you come across once in a lifetime; and TheOnlineMillionaire is just one of such few, rare individuals. He's truly a blessing to Humanity.”
​Danielle Abba
“​I have met coaches and facilitators; but this man is exceptional. He's got an electrifying personality and his sessions are almost hypnotic. If you want to attain the ''pro' status in internet marketing and brand development online, then talk to him.”
Agbachi Collins
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Here you'll find some in-depth information to help you set up your business online. There's a lot to learn from here. We sincerely hope you'll find great value here.


Here you'll find some in-depth information to help you set up your business online. There's a lot to learn from here. We sincerely hope you'll find great value here.


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