Making Money Online- (What You Must Do)

Everyone wants to make money online but only a few are ready to put in the work- This is the very reason Ponzi is flourishing. If you’re very serious about making money online, then you must have to look critically into some of these major steps specified below.

  • Identify a rewarding Niche
  • Figure out a particular problem around it
  • Create a ‘unique’ solution for it (to help you build a market around it for mutual benefit)
  • Build your platform/ website
  • Create your marketing funnel to your website
  • Get your email marketing right (for this one I don’t use what others use. I have a ‘killer’ solution for it).
  • Finally, Master the art of selling on Facebook learning how the Facebook Ads feature works.


Make room large enough to contain everyone

All fingers are not equal, everyone willing will not have the money to patronize you all at once; some customers will want to take action now, whereas others would prefer to do that at a more convenient time or even not do it at all, but that’s fine.

So, when you find yourself in this state, do not get demoralized because:

  • It’s not a sign of inadequacy (on your part)
  • It’s not a sign of failure or a loss of a potential sale

Rather be considerate and understand that your customer might just be going through some financial difficulty.

Be more human and identify with their plights, offer a lower priced product for these prospects and be sure to maintain a very strong relationship with them irrespective of their financial status.

Many of these costumers if treated right do come back finally to become recurrent customers.

So look down on no one, rather “Make room large enough to contain everyone”.

But always try to separate time waster from those who are serious and hungry to make a change.


The last time I checked, Selling of product/s and/ or offering services for cash rewards remains the best and surest ways to make money online.


Why must you consider Blogging?

For you to fully maximize, take mastery of, and profit exceptionally in anything at all, you must have to first understand it and be able to satisfy so many questions around it as well like:

Why? when? What and how?

If you are thinking of doing something great online, then you will need to consider carefully the above information.


What is a Blog?

A blog oftentimes is often times referred to as “weblog or web log”; because it consists of entries (also called “posts”) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to daily journal).

What are the basic features of a Blog?

Every blog (no matter their niche) must have:

  • Comments
  • Links

Major reasons why you should own a blog:

There are too many credible reasons why you should have started your blog since yesterday because you’re already late if you’re just thinking of starting that today.

Find out if any of the stated reasons below resonates with what believe:

  • The market can never be over-saturated
  • There’s money to be made
  • It has the potentials to connect you with the high and mighty just in a flash
  • It’s the only way to start a real busy online super-fast
  • An average of 172,800 blogs are created every single day which means it’s lucrative


Go Digital

This is the digital era, information is the real gold, everybody needs help with information; therefore, blogs provides one of such digital platforms to help you reach more people.

Blogs are major bridge builders, they fill in the gap between information demand and information supply. No matter the niche your blog is centered on, you’ll always have a specific, tailored audience who will listen to you.

Such circle of audience will see you as an authority and this will definitely lead to new businesses and career opportunities for you.


Establish a presence online

If your business is only operational offline, then be rest-assured that you might not be really be able to make a lot out of it. The traditional model of advertising has been replaced by Digital and Social Media Marketing; hence you’ll require a website most especially to truly help you maximize the benefit of this by establishing your presence online through digital and social media marketing.

Therefore, you have no ‘business’, if your business is not online. It might also be noteworthy to inform you that over 58% of over 3 billion internet users worldwide use the internet for one thing- Shopping!

Too many consumers and would-be customers worldwide, would naturally wanna check a product online before making their ‘buyer decision’; hence if you don’t have a website in all of these, where exactly does that place you?

With your blog, you can generate a massive traffic and make some crazy sales; this is something an offline business will never do for you.


Achieve Great feat after Great feat

If you’re thinking of tasking your brain, then it’s ok, you can do it with blogging. It helps you expand your capacity to contain and process more information.

Blogging simply helps you develop more skills and become more in life, reach out to the world as well with your message via your own platform (Nothing could be sweeter than this).

                                                                                                                                                                                   Find your voice, establish your authority

Blogging offers you the opportunity to give expression to your thoughts. When you do that consistently over time, you will appear an authority in that field; then you can look for problems within that area of your interest which people have and offer to help solve it for them.

As an authority, people will easily pay you for your skills, services, products and ideas. That’s how you monetize your website and change it from a mere hobby to a thriving business.


It’s affordable and easy

In this age, you don’t need to be a computer programmer before you can own a blog. It’s as easy as working on a Microsoft word file. It costs next to nothing. There are actually the 100% free platforms where you can build your website completely for free, but don’t go for them as I will explain further in the subsequent messages?

All you need do is to get your domain name and a hosting service, then you’re good to go.


This is one of the most lucrative businesses in our world today

As you build value after value on you blog, a time will come when some persons will automatically become leads and then customers (they start buying from you).

At such point, if your traffic is heavy, and you’re able to convert even 20%, you would have been making some great sales as at that time.

There are certain techniques you can employ to help you make some good money from your blog. With time we will look into all of that.

But for now, I’ll be ending this here. Thanks for reading!


I’ll love to have your review on this.




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