How To Make Money Online Without Spending One Naira

People lie a lot these days and I don’t know why; but I don’t blame them much though.

I blame it on our “sick”, and fast eroding culture on money, success and life in general. I blame some parents (for failing in their parental duties towards educating their kids on financial literacy and hard work as ‘must-haves’ for a greater future, not just formal education which in no way is a sure route to success afterwards).

Too many people desire to learn “How To Make Money Online”, very true…but the 50 million naira question is this: Are some of these people willing to pay the price (to learn, research and invest on “How To Make Money Online”)?

But come to think of it first,

• Is it possible to even make money online?
• Can one earn a decent living online?
• Is it possible that one can become wealthy working online?

The answer to the three (3) above questions is a capital YES.

But wait… there’s a price you must to pay for that “money” and it is called “learning” (and do not forget that you need to at least buy data, pay your instructor, buy books, pay for membership on some platforms, pay for your own domain name, website hosting, and set aside some advertising budget etc; so how come it’s free to build a business and start making money online without any form of investment?); But the truth is: true value will always have a price tag to it, except when it is used as a “bait” for the real thing; The time and money you spend to learn the ways of becoming highly successful online is the greatest investment you can make in yourself and for yourself.

Yes, you can earn a living or build an empire from your online marketing effort, but the major question still remains:

How do you go about it? What do you need to do to get there? Where do you need to start from? And When exactly do you need to start?


One of the major need that over 80% of people all over the globe share in common especially here in Nigeria is the burning desire to gain Freedom (be it financial, religious, or political); but bringing the issue back home here in Nigeria, you’ll agree with me that the desire of every single Nigerian irrespective of status is: “How to earn that little extra figure to make ends meet”.

9-5 no matter how you see it, can never offer anyone freedom of time or true financial independence; Hence people now tend to divert attention to other quicker sources to help them meet their personal basic needs or that of their family’s.

The internet itself has been nothing short of the “miraculous” in helping a lot of Nigerians escape three major things; and they are:

1. Unemployment
2. Abject poverty
3. The Rat race

I personally have seen some otherwise uninspiring, dull, poor and weak-willed individuals transform in a flash to become true definition of the word “Amazing”. They don’t only have money, but their knowledge-base increased greatly due to the quality of information accessible to them via the online market place (and this is what I normally refer to as the power of the internet- Information is power, and I think you need this very power to break free from the shackles of poverty).

A lot of people that are very close to me in this industry now have thriving businesses all solely dependent on the sustained growth of the “Online market place”. There’s now this heightened drive to massively quit jobs or stop looking for one, and this revolution is gradually reshaping everything you once thought was the norm including advertising, sales, promotions and marketing.

Why Do People Fail Working Online?

In your bid to make money online, no matter the techniques you employ, understand that it’s not going to be easy. Success doesn’t come cheap; otherwise it loses its value. You must be prepared to upgrade your mind because that is where failure starts. It will never go the way you anticipate all of the time and that is why it is called a “business”. If your mind is not trained to withstand heat, you will ultimately melt down when it comes.

Be your own support, never become a source of discouragement to yourself because it is only you that can lift ‘you’ up when nothing appears to be working.
The online market place is like an evil forest, full of ravenous wolves ready to eat you up without mercy at any given moment. Too many Gurus here are not in it for your growth (know this), their major concern is to fill their ever-deepening, insatiable pockets.


You see, when you talk about making money online, too many people especially here in Nigeria have a warped concept of the true meaning of that. They think that making money online is all about:

• Playing Bets
• Doing surveys that really never helped anyone
• Donating to get back donations with an interest on it via P2P platforms
• Yahoo-Yahoo
• Sharing of some useless affiliate links online with reckless abandon
• Working in some Non-product based MLM etc;
Cut the crap and get busy

Now, if you’re very serious and committed to learning how to truly make money online, then you must have to do two very important things for me and for yourself now:

• Move away from the noise on the internet
• Stick only to what works and never accommodate distractions

In order to achieve these two things, you have to set out some certain guiding principles for yourself.
You have to choose Passive income over active income; and stay focused on that decision. It is highly very important to make you understand that it is the fear called “Job security” that makes people want to sacrifice their entire lives in a job they derive no joy in, waiting for retirement benefit that cannot buy a common used Range Rover Spot; and as a matter of fact, no matter how much you work at an active income, it will never elevate you like passive income would if you’re truly committed.

If you’re considering creating building “true wealth” online (not just getting rich), then I’ll suggest you go for a passive income generation so as to get paid repeatedly as against trading your time for money for the rest of your life in pursuit of an active income which you will never catch.
What do you need to start doing now? Put in the sweat today to build a business that will last you for a lifetime or escape the work and get paid by another man who have done the work already for you to pay him your time in exchange for some little money.

The choice is yours.

One of the surest ways to become truly wealth is online is not just by owning a website/ blog, rather by knowing exactly what to do with them and how to convert them to that ultimate, killer sales machine. But if want to build a fast yielding business online (which usually lacks depth), you can do so without focusing on owning a personal system.

But my sincere advice is this: if you truly want to build a solid business system online, then you must own a personal system online.

Click here for a detailed information on how online business systems works:
Shortly after now, I’ll be taking you through some of the proven ways to make online. Most of them offers “instant gratification” helping you attend to your basic needs on monthly basis (these are just short to solutions to a long term problem).

Therefore, if you’re here for some quick fixes, you can check the next website because you won’t find that here…Lol.

To become really successful working online, you must master that art of building some highly converting “Sales Funnel” and as well an in-depth understanding of its functionalities and dynamics. This will only come from investing a valuable amount of time and money as well. The good news is this: you can have someone help you in setting up your funnel while you learn the ropes.

I’m about to show you some major legit ways to make money online with a very little investment. Everyone can make money online, there are no limitations; so far you have something to sell, services to offer, stuffs that you produce/ manufacture; or promote.

Irrespective of where you stand, be you an employee, an applicant, undergraduate and entrepreneur, etc., you have a space here (if you’re not lazy). If you are not already making money online, you’re losing out greatly. The sweetest part of making money online is that you have freedom of time; and as such you don’t need to be there every time physically for your business to be operational or simply flourish (this is my definition of a “True Business”).

Are their also some illegal ways to make money online? Yes, several ways. Are they all legit? No, and never will be.

What can you make monthly from the online market place? Depending on how you arranged your business, you can earn can hundreds of thousands to few millions of Naira every month as you progress.

How do I know?

Simple: I practice what I preach (see for yourself: You can visit my website to find out more; meanwhile, let me walk you through some credible, lucrative and legit online business opportunities.

Owning your personal system like mine involves providing tailored services to businesses and clients, selling your own personal products or even becoming an affiliate for other people and brands online.




1. YOUTUBE Video Marketing:

Currently in our world, YouTube is the single, largest video-sharing and publishing platform, an online global academy of some sort; not just that, it’s also an e-entertainment hub and about the second largest hub for content marketing, advertising and promotions. Record labels and the film industry now find this platform as something quite very integral to the overall success of their brand and marketing.

How do you earn from YouTube?

• Create your Youtube account
• Create your Youtube channel
• Brand the account professionally
• Create some professional, inspiring/ or entertaining/ or educating videos to help you generate a lot of views.
• Upload your videos.
• Set up your channel for monetization via Google AdSense and start making money.

2. Blogging

This is one of the most surest means of (not only) getting paid online; but blogging helps you build authority, expand your horizon and reach more people; and if you’re able to have your own personal marketing system attached to it, then you’re in for something way bigger.

But blogging requires some skills and technical ‘Know-how’, It’s not something you wake up any day and start doing (this is something they’ll never tell you, and do not borrow money to start this business except on long term basis). You have to learn and understand exactly the way it works; once you’re able to master this skill, making “Real Money” online will then appear more clearer to you and your eyes will then be opened to too many possibilities littered all over the internet all along. You can then effortlessly generate hundreds of thousands of Naira consistently per month.

You need to have your own website and share useful and interesting topics there. Before creating your blog, you need to get a popular topic or subject that will bring a lot of visitors to your website.

How do you earn from Blogging?

Create a blog that provides valuable information at all times; you can post once, twice or thrice a week. (But be sure your contents are always of great quality and standards).

• Make sure such content/s are capable of dragging traffic to your website/ or blog.
• Before venturing in, be sure to buy yourself this two “all-most important” tool sets
Determination/ willingness to put in the work and Patience.
• Write, Write, Write, Write and Write.
• Do not forget to share your website and content regularly across major social media platforms, groups and forums.
• Guest blog on other authority websites to increase relevance and visibility to help you build authority, trust and acceptance too- this is the backbone of the online economy; and it is called ‘Brand Equity’.
• Once you’re able to generate enough traffic to your website/ or blog, then start monetizing it with pay per click program and affiliate products to earn more money.
• Provide other personalized services on your website.
• Sell your own products (be it digital or physical products).
• You can also run some form of premium trainings or offer paid membership through your website.
• Be sure to channel other traffic sources that you may have back to your website to help you increase engagement; and help you put your brand on the map out there. A world of possibility awaits you

3. Affiliate Marketing:

You might want to look critically into this field if you’re not intent on owning your own personal marketing system which directly involves promoting other company’s products, and brand in return for a commission whenever someone buys the product.

How do you earn from Affiliate Marketing?

• Join an affiliate network
• Get your affiliate link and Id
• Find suitable products to promote online
• Drive traffic to your affiliate link
• Immediately anyone clicks and buys the products via your link, you’ll get paid the stated commission for such.
• Create your website for product reviews and promote your links at the end of your reviews.
• The more products you sell, the more money in the bank for you

Major Affiliate Marketing Companies In The World

• JV Zoo
• Warrior Forum
• ClickBank etc.

4. Freelancing:

Freelancing gives you the freedom to either work full time or part time at home, (this is the most beautiful thing I love about it), you can also decide how many hours you can work in a day and how many days you can work in a week and finally how many jobs you can handle per time.

How do you earn from Freelancing

Freelancing is only open to skilled people (not for everybody). To earn from freelancing, you must have to join any of the freelance marketplace and apply (most importantly) for jobs. You must also fill in your profile with all relevant information and skills.
Then you must have to offer any of the under-listed services on Freelance basis to the streams of customers pouring in to the various available global platforms (there are more other services not covered in this article).

• Graphic Design
• Article Writing
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Email Marketing
• Digital & Social Media Marketing
• Web Design
• Copywriting
• Guest Posting
• Data Entry
• Ghost Writing

Major Freelance Markets In The World

These are the top freelance marketplaces in the world (there are others that I can’t list here because of time constraint). Either ways, the list goes as follows:

• Freelancer
• Upwork
• iWriter
• Guru
• Fiverr
• Peopleperhour
• Toptal
• Project4hire and a whole lot more…

5. Content Writing

If you’re a pro writer, then it might interest you to know that lots of people are out there in the market, searching for someone like you. You can write on any topic and rake in some crazy figures for yourself. As a freelancer, you’re are paid following the number of characters or words that you write. Moreover, payment is completely based on the proficiency level of your writing skills.
If you’re an excellent writer and willing to put in the work, then you must be get prepared for the money rain.

How do you earn from Content Writing?

• Create an account on any freelance market
• Find projects and writing categories to apply for
• You’ll get paid once someone hires you

Major Types of Content Writing Freelance Projects

• One-time
• Short-term
• Long-term

You might never know what a good writer you’re until you start expressing yourself in writing.

6. Sell Your Own Products

You’ll require a little bit of technical information to do this. You’ll have to build a professional, functional Sales funnel and as well create Contents to offer for free and for sale too.

How do you earn from Selling Products

As a beginner, you’ll need a:

• Website
• Hosting account
• Merchant account, (I use paypal)
• A Sales funnel
• Lead magnet
• Email marketing
• Social Media Accounts
• Advertising Account
• And a healthy advertising budget

When you have all of these in place interconnected, the funnel will begin to draw people in and miracle will start happening in your bank account. Mind you, everything you make here is pure profit.

7. Webinars
Russell Brunson often says that if you do a webinar every single week for a year, you’ll be a millionaire at the end of it. And I don’t think he lied. Webinar is one of the surest ways to make real money online, establish yourself as an “Authority” in the field, and increase your brand visibility.
You’ll need to build your audience to train; but most importantly, you’re required to know whatever it is that you’re going to be talking about as an instructor, consultant or even a coach.
Before thinking of doing a webinar, it is necessary you consider owning your own website first; but nevertheless, you can still run a webinar without a website (though it will be better if you have one).

How do you earn from Webinars

• Get social media accounts and brand them
• Get a sizeable social media following
• Train them weekly on ways to improve their business and increase earnings using the online marketplace.
• Create a product which will go in-depth, teaching them how to achieve that
• Start selling your products after some free classes on sessions.
Major Webinar Platforms

• GoToWebinar
• Zoom Meeting
• Google Hangout

There are order specialized premium platforms as well.

These are few basic ways to make money online, but if you want to know more, then you can order my book: “THE SECRET ONLINE SALES CODE” or Signup for my 7-week in-depth training o internet marketing:

Use this link: 


Reach us: +234 8038432085


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