I’m Not Sure You’re Serious About ‘Making Money Online’ If You’re Yet to See This!

There’s this madness going on everywhere, all over the world about ‘Making Money Online’ But for the purpose of this article, we would be concentrating on Nigeria as a case study (Don’t ask me why? And I’m not trying to be rude here…Laughs).

It’s insane, it’s sickening, it’s saddening and at the same time pitiable that a lot of people in our world today want to become rich overnight without putting in the work.

Can you perform a successful surgical operation on a human being without going through the required training to first become a qualified surgeon? If the answer to that question is a big NO, how then do you think you can jump into the internet market place and start raking in millions overnight without learning?

‘Ko possible!… Odi ghi possible guy!’ (It is not possible!).

In our world today, the internet has become a very integral part of our everyday life and formed the bedrocks upon which every individual global system functions; call it the financial system, educational system, religious system, economic system or even political system.

Commerce as it is today is by far removed from what it used to be years back; Marketing as it is currently has left the traditional or conventional model to evolve into something revolutionary which we today know as Digital and Social Media Marketing.

In view of the above information, It is no doubt therefore to say that ‘Making Money Online’ is a niche that is not just only growing super-fast, but also creating so much buzz and influence all over Nigeria and the entire globe in extension.

Initially, whenever you mention these words: Internet or Online, people tend to associate whatever business suggestion/ or advice you’re offering with fraud (a.k.a yahoo-yahoo, 419, Money-doubling scheme, or OBT- Obtaining By Tricks); and as such will make some negative remarks about your person or even avoid you completely.

Even though the above stated scenario still holds true for a lot of people (especially in Nigeria here due to widespread ignorance), but truth be told, to a large extent worldwide, this very notion has been defeated, hence the overwhelming popularity we now witness as regards the ‘Make Money Online” niche and the internet market place in general.

Today, the internet has evolved into a ‘value’ vault of some sort by:

Enabling people to access some high quality, relevant and valuable information to help them create wealth in their chosen niche; (in other words, helping people to escape the 9-5 job routine and creating their own independent businesses online).

Providing some viable, legit, sustainable, online business opportunities. Helping so many to people to achieve ‘financial freedom’ within a very short time; and the beauty of this is that there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

Helping them create an amazing new world for themselves by providing them with some highly effective channels through which they can reach a wider circle of audience.

But, don’t jump up for joy yet, it’s not yet time for Uhuru…Lol

I know once or twice, you must have heard about several persons earning a ton of money from the internet or simply online; right…?

Making money online is something everyone would love to be doing, true!… but how many people are ready and willing to pay the price to learn how to make money online?

Once you’re able to solve that equation, that is when you’ll come to understand how many people that are truly making money online as claimed.

The report, the figures and the reality are entirely three different things.

Having stated all of the above credible reasons, it is therefore no longer surprising, seeing  the ‘mad rush’ (the reason why people want to jump into making money online without proper training); ravage our entire society, and this is the single reason why they will continue to fail woefully:

“Everyone wants to be rich overnight and escape poverty without putting in the work”.

Forget the hype! So, how do you know those who are truly making money online?

The answer is very simple: THEY SIMPLY PUT IN THE WORK! You can also track their antecedents online. They have real work in place, they have something to show for.

The question now is not whether making money online is real or possible (because we know without a doubt that it is, and it’s been proven severally); Hence if you intend to make it big online, the question you should ask yourself first before taking any further steps is this:

How then do I get to start making money online? This is where the real ‘demon’ fighting against your effort to money online lives; and if you avoid it or fail to confront it promptly, it will always come back to haunt you and you will keep failing all of the time trying to make it work.

Are you focused on building a true business online? Then you must counter that fear and overcome it first; and before you start building, get knowledge first.

Let me now bring this whole scenario back to Nigeria. Towards the ending part of the year 2014, due to the widespread insecurity in the country and uncertainty (owing to the massive political tension in the country), the economy became badly affected, then in 2015 after the elections between the first & second quarter of the then new regine, Nigeria went into recession which till date she’s yet to get out of.

Things became a lot more difficult that families could barely feed once per day, exchange rates short up very high to some astronomical proportions, increased terrorism and a whole lot of other problems then made the worst alternatives about building true wealth online to ultimately become the best alternatives and the most appealing to those who had very little knowledge about the internet make place; and as a result, we have continued to live a lie as far as making money online is concerned.

Different Ponzi companies and Peer-to-peer donation platforms took the center stage. Illegal betting companies, unregistered/ illegal network marketing companies and cryptocurrency trading/mining/ and donation platforms also were not absent from milking the society dry due to the massive wave of ignorance over what the felt ‘Making Money Online’ is/ or should be (which in the real sense it’s truly not).

These issues single-handedly, became the sole reasons for our major collective loss in the online market place. We simply lost out because of the BIG MISCONCEPTION (a totally wrong, pre-conceived notion on what the online business should be which unfortunately it is not).

So in your effort to build a true business online, you need to avoid the following under-listed mistakes, learn and follow what other have done to achieve some ground-breaking success online.

Pay close attention to the information below:

Do not jump in unprepared: The internet market place is an evil forest full of wild beasts, trees, stones, and too many uncertainties. You need an oracle and some hunters to help you in your journey otherwise you’ll get eaten.

Do not kill yourself trying to learn everything: Gone are the days when you’re required to be a geek, gaining mastery over all forms of programming languages and be exceptional at coding (I’m not trying to say that this is bad though, all I’m saying is that it is not important now. Your major priority currently should be to make money; and you don’t necessarily need to learn all there is to learn before you can start; though you can do that later but I doubt if you will ever be able to learn everything).

All the information and tools you’ll ever need to create a solid business online has been provided, the only thing you need to start doing right now is to search them out or get an instructor to help you do so.

No doubt, you cannot boast of having a real business online without a website and marketing system. Therefore, owning a website with some massive traffic today has become almost more valuable than owning a choice property in a highly developed area in a metropolitan city.

If you must know, this is the era of drag-and-drop systems where you can create a stunning website in less than an hour (minus domain name purchase, hosting and propagation). For your notice, I also built two of my personal websites using a simple easy to use drag and drop system.

Sell only ‘automated’ products/ services: If you must get out of the ‘rat-race’, do so completely. Whatever you do online, do not trade your time for money, because that is the real definition of slavery (except you’re doing so in order to build your tribe online- and that should be at the very beginning). If you’re a coach/ an instructor like me, assuming you have hundred clients for instance and mentoring several others, how do you then reach out to every single one of them individually? Do you see that it is almost impossible?

So having that in mind, it has now become highly imperative that everyone who truly desires to build true wealth online must first have to acquire one key skill which is: ‘Mastering the ways to automate their business online’.

How do you automate?

Assuming you’re an online instructor like me, instead of teaching your students every day, why don’t you package your training (which is one of your major services) into a video/ audio / or pdf format, list it on your website and other external platforms for sale. That’s a great way to reach millions of people with your services without having to literarily kill yourself with undue stress trying to satisfy every single person individually.

You can as well develop several other products for an increased profit and as well to help you solve a lot more of people’s problem in your chosen niche.

You must not acquire a degree first before you can earn N1,000,000 online: A lot of people believe that there are qualifications you need to meet before you can become eligible to earn a living online, hence you often hear people saying “But I no go university nah! So how do I make money online?” Naaah! That’s a very cheap lie from your ignorant advisers. Sure! You need to learn but you must not have a degree before you can start doing business online.

All that is required of you is a practical-based, value-packed course that teaches you the right and most efficient ways of doing marketing online in order to drive some crazy traffic to your website because without traffic, the aesthetics and the quality content in there will be rendered completely useless.

Aesthetics and branding alone will not do the job (though they’are highly necessary).

Marketing is the key you need to open the vault and pick your own part of the online money.

So what exactly do you need to put in place before you start making money online?

#1. Develop your brand: I’m sure everybody know the importance of branding to business; therefore it will be needless laying too much emphasis on this. Everyone loves identifying with a good brand so far business is concerned; and if you intend making money online, then you must first plan on giving your business a human face (this is where branding comes in). Your promises must be unique to the brand image you’re projecting online; and if you’re able to deliver on such promises, you will not only gain people’s trust, but you’ll also have their loyalty, love, admiration and respect (all of these makes up the digital currency known as “Brand equity”).

#2. Setup your social media accounts: You must command authority and influence online if you wish to see money pouring in unhindered via sales as a result of your marketing efforts. But first of all, who are you? Why should people listen to you or buy from you? What values are you offering? Have you proven yourself a leader in your chosen niche? These and many more other questions you’ll need to satisfy; but wait!

You need a platform to help you channel your message across to your target audience…yes (that is where social media comes in).

There are two major platforms you’re required to have:

Social media channelsWebsite

So for social media, always focus on what works best for you. But below are my most preferred channels:


These will give you access to limitless number of people worldwide and help you sell your message to the world faster. Everybody has got a message, but you’ll need a platform to sell it.

#3. Carve a niche for yourself: You need to design your own personal market. Follow your strengths and passion. Discover what problems the people have and find a way to help them solve it. You must be known as a solution to a particular problem, do not be an ‘all-rounder’ otherwise, you’ll lose your credibility.

#4. Set up your website: If you don’t have a website, you’re simply not in business! There’s no two ways about it. Every real and true entrepreneur online must have a website, otherwise I don’t think you have any business hanging around here (except you wanna be a spectator).

So what are the processes for setting up a website for yourself?

Choose and buy a domain nameGet a hosting serviceInstall WordPressStart adding contents to your website.

#5 Set up your funnel system: Making money online transcends just owning a website. If your major concern is to make money online, then you must have to develop your funnel system (your personal marketing system). You cannot monetize your website effectively without putting a marketing system on ground. There’s a lot that goes into this which cannot be covered in this post.

Refer to my website if you would like to learn how to set up your marketing system; click here: https://theonlinemillionaire.com.ng/

#6 Get your email marketing fixed: Money is made online through sales, and you cannot make some massive sales without a solid relationship. But you’ll need a channel through which you can build these relationships; and that channel is nothing other than ‘email marketing’. So since you’ll be building your business online or already have one, I think it’s high time you begin to pay more attention to email marketing.

#7 Send targeted traffic to your website: The internet is the global market, you need to carve out your own zone in that market by creating a niche, and ‘traffic’ is the positioning/ exposure which you’re required to give to your business. So thinking of awareness and sales, nothing is more relevant than traffic. You need some eyeballs or individuals to get focused on what you’re offering; otherwise you’ll be working in futility.

#8 Make leads conversion a top priority: A lead is simply someone who has actually connected to you and indicated interest in whatever it is that you have to offer. You’ll need to produce lots of leads from that very traffic you are channeling to help you drive sales in no time.

#9 Nail the process with sales conversion: The overall intent is to make sales at the end of the day. Once you start generating leads, the next thing you need to look forward to should be ‘how to start making sales’. The leads that you create will eventually purchase exactly what you’re offering. This is how the process goes. This is the only way to generate true wealth online.

If you would love to learn more or have all these fixed for you, then you can contact us via: https://theonlinemillionaire.com.ng or you can email us via: admin@theonlinemillionaire.com.ng


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