Unlocking Your Genius Zone

To understand anything, we must be able to first of all define them properly. The inability to figure out the genius zone is one problem why a lot of people will remain poor till they die.

So what is ‘Passion’?

Passion according to Wikipedia is simply “A feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something”.

What is your “Genius Zone” or ‘Zone of Genius’? This is something that comes naturally to you; something you achieve almost effortlessly. It is based on your raw talents, strengths and personality type. Once discover it, then next thing you must do is to connect it all together with other talents and skills that will enhance it; by so doing, you’ll begin to see the light as an entrepreneur.


In order to identify your passion and genius zone (or zone of genius as most people would prefer), you’ll be required to have four major things; and they are:

  • Hunger for revelation of self
  • The will to become
  • The tenacity to persist in your journey and ‘the search’
  • Vison of a promise which only your mind’s eye can see

 One of the most valuable ingredient that will form the environment/ workshop upon which you’ll test several interests to discover which one truly suits your persona the most is ‘time’.

Every human being is ‘multi-talented’ and gift immensely in several ways and forms; fear is that which inhibits a lot of persons from discovering their true potentials and who they really are.

Some persons will discover these gifts and abilities quite very early in life but then…comes the true Demon! – The inability to handle one’s gifting; or focus on the most visibly evident and rewarding few. 

Hence, for every raw talent, two things are required;

  • Mastery- This will require the following two
  • Repetition- With this consistency is built
  • Innovation- With this comes a touch of uniqueness/ individual signature


Therefore to achieve mastery over a specific talent, you will be required to apply consistently what you already know to work and in the process, it becomes well refined; all of these are dependent on the one major, all-important factor called ‘time’.

Time helps you repeat the process; with an unwavering assurance backed up by results that come what may, you will surely get to your desired destination so far you’re consistent in that which you do.

So what are the major factors that your need to consider if you must discover your true passion so as to help you make the best decision in this entrepreneurial journey to self-discovery, fulfillment, happiness and success?

  • Perception- Who do you say to yourself that you are?
  • Break free from your chains, Unlock your creative genius
  • Kill the self-defeating voices, capitalize on them for profit
  • Differentiate between Hobby and a Profitable Passion
  • Get a shield, Hide under it
  • Bury all evidences about your old self

When people advice you to follow your passion, it obviously means you’re not doing enough. You can be highly determined and hardworking but your focus wrongly directed to a field where you have no business working in.

If you’re sure of what you’re doing, nothing can push your focus away or change your direction. But the truth is: for you to be solid and highly focused like that, you need to know what you’re doing and also have a fair knowledge of where it will lead..

So for those of us that are yet to get it right in our entrepreneurial journey, the under-listed steps below will help you to do just that.

Perception: Who do you constantly say to yourself that you are?

How you see things matters a lot. Those who are exceptional in their chosen field of endeavor see things differently that’s why they are achieving uncommon results every time.

Have the ‘I can’ positive attitude towards everything you wish to do. Start seeing things differently from today and see how you world will begin to change. Believe that you can do what you love with your life. Surround yourself with people who are already living your dream in this field of endeavor where you’re yet to record success in.

Get out of your tiny, little circle and quit wasting your time with those have decided to mark themselves with little, uninspiring stuffs. The universe is too big. Start exploring ‘You’. Make friends with those who are achieving more every day.

Break free from your chains- Explore your creative genius

Knowing that you’re passionate about something is one thing, deciding to go for your passion is an entirely different ball game. The fearful cannot do that, neither the weak.

Immediately you’ve established the fact that there’s a great need for you to do more, and that your passion is discoverable, this is where the miracle for amazing transformation in an individual starts.

Then next thing you must do afterwards is to look traces or evidence of what you already love to do (not outside of you, but within you); at this point, silence and great thinking/ meditation is required. How to that evidence is not hard at all. If you search inwards, all through your life, there are these few things that you love to do so much in such a way that you’ve always done them in when you don’t get paid for doing them- now if you can remember one of those, then that’s it for you. That is the missing connection you’re so desperately searching for.


Kill the self-defeating voices, capitalize on them for profit

At this point in your career, your greatest enemy will be your own self. Funny I guess? No one understands you better than yourself (except God, that’s for those who believe in His existence though; Yes… I believe in God as well).

Most of the times, your mind will echo those self-limiting tiny voices through your head; capitalizing on your fears, limitations, mistakes, inadequacies and failures. You will be making a grave mistake if you give a listening ear to any of those bullshit. You will kill your career if you consider any of those.

You will never achieve your potential if you listen to any of the above; rather look for the fear beneath the fear, kill it and use it as a springboard to success. Your success is hidden in that fear. A lot more other times, the fears and limitation could come from friends, family members, colleagues, parents, class mates, or even the country or village or family where you were born into etc. These are people who knows you too well. If you must go far, separate yourself and get focused.


Differentiate between a hobby and a profitable passion

There’s a great deception that happens right in between a hobby and a profitable passion. You’re so in love with both that you can do them for a very long time even without getting paid. You’ll notice this in some aspiring musicians, or footballers who have been in the field for over 15-30 years and still hoping to blow someday. I’m not saying it’s senseless to keep the hope and dream alive; but to do so, you must have to eat first. It’s a fine line of deception there.

So that is where my next question is coming from: What do you love doing that gets you paid? Who are the people that these solutions are meant for? And why would they pay you for your solution?

Making money takes a conscious effort. To carve a niche for yourself in business, you must be intentional, calculated, armed with relevant knowledge, directed and well-focused.

For you to succeed in business and become really exceptional at what you do, you need to get realistic; be sure you can build a career out of what you’re doing in the shortest possible time; and be serious about it. Understand that your passion is just fun, but turning it into ‘work’ requires an approach different from “what you love to do” to “what you must have to do.” When you understand this, you will begin to grow in diverse areas of your chosen career and life. Because you’ll make a conscious effort to improve daily and become better in other to meet challenges and demands in our fast-changing world.


Get a shield, hide under it

When you find that ‘missing connection/s’, they’ll appear dismembered, raw and won’t naturally fit. The picture will be hazy. For example, you might want to be a graphic designer online, you’ll notice that somehow you have a flair for writing and putting words and images into right perspectives, you’ll also notice you’re in love with colours and sketching. You’ll also discover you’re a crazy lover of arts and nature. Then the question is: ‘How do you become a professional, in-demand graphic artist? Do you need to be self-taught, get a diploma in it, learn online, do some form of apprenticeship or even get a degree for it? This is where the problem lies.

So, it’s time to quit playing games and be a little more objective. So at this point, you’ll need a canopy. An image to model your mental picture after. A mentor you look up to their work to build yours. Go beyond the ‘missing connections’ and get your image clearer by doing the following:

How do your mentor create value and solve issues for their niche market/ audience? When you find that, compare it with what other accomplished professionals are also doing and go for a common ‘unifying ground’ where you can fit all your missing connections to one central point of view.

That’s your oil well; it’s your ‘flow station’ without it, nothing happens! You can be so talented and untapped if you fail to implement this in your life. So the responsibility to be and do more is 100% dependent on you.

So assuming you’re that budding or wanna-be graphic designer, you can go a step further by taking action and not just thinking and strategizing about it for 8 donkey years; find out what problems you can solve in graphic design.

If you want to go very far in it, do not approach or try to solve every problem in graphic design and branding. That will be the easiest route to failure. Be specific!

You can position yourself simply as a logo designer or social brand strategist. It’ll even much sense if you create a market that is not already in existence or name that people are already not familiar with; it will appear weird but trust me, that is where creativity lies- standing out from everyone else out there.

So after you must discovered your unique solution to the world, then name your solution. You can call it ‘The Rockstar Social media Brand Strategist’ hahahahaha. Who is this ‘Rockstar Social media Brand strategist’? He’s someone who gives your image online a breath of fresh air and a unique touch of class, helping you dwarf every other related brand out there- He’s not your normal ‘road-side’ graphic designer.

He’s a leader of budding leaders in several fields of endeavor, who gives direction, advice and provides value at intervals. His friends must be people who are also doing exceptional things; otherwise, he’s living a lie. He must have a towering figure to make him appear ‘believable’ and worthy of his claims. So, what is your shield? Get it and hide under that canopy.

Bury all evidences of your ‘inadequate’ old self

Like my network marketer friend on Facebook Yusuf O. Halymah will always label herself “Do it afraid Diva” and that tag works magic for her business. You can never find your true self if you continue to hold on to hindsight.

Discover your own strength, jump into it even if there’s a higher percentage of factors indicating that you will fail doing that. “Do it afraid”.

If you’re not currently doing something that scares you, then you’re not doing anything. If that thing you’re currently doing does not make you just out of your bed at midnight or edge off your seat, then there’s no ‘wow effect’ in it and it will never make people marvel.

To identify and unleash your creative genius, then you must be passionate and intentional about what you do. If think it will work for you, it will; if you think otherwise too, you will most definitely have a negative result.

There is a principle in the entrepreneurial world (especially for those of us here online); and it is: for you to succeed, sustain and steadily scale your business, you must focus on ‘self-awareness and self-development’. The foundation of your business must be built upon your persona and passion. This is a law. Forget what anyone says to you.

For example: Mark Zuckerberg was very passionate coding, he ran crazy with the idea of creating ‘Facebook’ following his passion; and today he’s one of the richest man alive in the world.

Bishop David Oyedepo was a young preacher and teacher, what he’s still doing today he did years back when he was a ‘nobody’. That church was built on his dream and visons. Their church has a niche area where they focus their message and that is: “Prosperity”

Why? The answer is very simple. He was trained by a man with similar vision: Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa.

Something phenomenal is happening in entrepreneurship in our world today. Founders are fast building companies that completely aligns with their personality, gifts and talents, passion and the desired lifestyle. One of the ways a lot of brand owners have done this is by discovering their “zone of genius.”

This is the only route to getting into that secluded place meant for a few; where work feels like fun, creativity flows more easily.

When you disvover your genius zone, you discover your own style and creativity, helping you to inspire not only yourself but others and by so doing becomes limitless in creativity and reach.

Understand the four (4) major personality types to help you discover your entrepreneurial Zone of genius

In life, there are four (4) major personality types as we were taught.

To discover your entrepreneurial zone of genius, you must identify which category of these four personality types that you fall into.

  • The Visionary: This personality uses his thinking and creative style to picture the future, and generate opportunities. He employs his passion and intuition to craft solutions. As a visionary, you need to surround yourself with other creative abilities so that your visions may be structured, realized and well implemented.
  • The Architect: This personality uses his thinking and creative style to define ideas, concepts and design functional solutions. His approach to stuffs is often analytical; he always employs intellect and logic to bring clarity to complexity. As an Architect, you must surround yourself with other creative minds who can design, launch and grow independently a venture they created themselves.
  • The Builder: This personality uses his thinking and creative prowess to continuously improve and grow. He is never stagnant. As a builder, you need visionaries Builders to complement your effort, and help you clarify purpose.
  • The Cultivator: This personality uses his thinking and creative methodology to help, especially when other people are involved in a project. Cultivators are good leaders, and their “servant” approach to getting the job done brings out the best in those around them. As a Cultivator, you must surround yourself with people at all times. His ability to connect with and motivate others is his sure route to success.

If you understand these four personality types, you’ll be happier and fulfilled too. You will also be able to build a stronger and highly effective team to give you that desired brand of choice. You will also be able not only to set up your business, but also to grow and scale it with great ease.

Success in building a wining brand online starts with knowing yourself.


So what then is stopping you from being exceptional?

If you don’t take anything away from this post, makes sure you use the advice given to help you gain clarity in your chosen field of endeavor. Want to succeed faster? Then locate your passion and it will lead you safely to success.







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