How To Turn Your Blog Into A Money-spinning Business In Nigeria

To a lot of people in Nigeria today, making money online (especially through Blogging) sounds more like a fairy tale or something that is outright impossible!

But this is the butt naked truth:

Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you’ve witnessed it happen on firsthand account or not, whether you’ve heard it or not, people (I mean determined and hardworking fellows) round the globe make more money even while asleep or traveling and this to a lot of people is wherein lies the mystery.

Truthfully it was a mystery but not any longer. This dream world of fantasy to a lot of people has now become the current reality of a lot more people in recent times through global opportunities the internet provides.

Therefore, to join the countless number of global changers creating real wealth online, you must first have to understand what passive income is, and how to sell online; secondly you must develop and own a personal passive income system and a sales/ marketing channel online.

What Is Passive Income

Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which a person is not actively involved. As with active income, passive income is usually taxable. However, it is often treated differently by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

How Do You Earn Passive Income Online

If you’re intent on creating a passive income for yourself online, all you need to do is:

Create powerful personal systems that allows you to sell products without having to put in so energy and effort to get that done. Such systems should be able to sell/ and market your products or services for you without you being physically present; and accurate deliver them to your clients safely without any errors.

You could do this by selling an eBook, selling a video or audio course, physical products, offering some skilled services, acting as an affiliate on behalf of an individual or even a company; or simply making money from advertising.

There are also an array of other ways through which you can do this. Find below a few major ways to create passive income online.


Selling an eBook From a Sales Page

Creating an ebook of one of the best and easiest ways to make money online/ generate a passive income from the online market place. You can start by choosing a powerful and solution-driven subject to write on.

You can do this in Microsoft-Word and convert your file to PDF afterwards and start selling it almost immediately on your website. If you don’t have the required skills or writing ability, knowledge, time or even patience to write your eBook, you can simply outsource it by hiring a writer from freelance websites like or

Afterwards, you must make sure that you fix an automated sales and delivery system, creating an advertising campaign or simply create your personal website simply for this purpose!

Selling your ebook on Amazon Kindle

One of the best and fastest ways to sell your ebook is by doing so through Amazon Kindle. Kindle is the name of Amazon’s e-reader device which also comes with its own store where users can find and download ebooks of choice.

The amazon kindle distribution platform is almost second to none, you can reach an unlimited number of customers and audience easily through this simple platform. With the Amazon kindle platform, sales and delivery of products has never been easier.

The burden of advertising and marketing is completely taken off your shoulders, and the most beautiful part of it is that Amazon handles your payments, sales and delivery of your product/s; all you need do is simply to just sit down and craft your product.

And to crown it all, the signup process is completely free.

Now tell me, how easier can it get?

Best of all, it’s free to sign up!

Building and Selling an App

This is one of the ways through which anyone can create wealth online today. It is very simple and easy as selling your ebook on Amazon Kindle in view of having access to a ‘ready-made’ distribution platform with a massive, loyal audience.

If you’re selling your app on android, you will only be required to pay just $30 to sign up and your app will be automatically approved in a matter of hours; but peradventure you don’t know how to build an app, you can go ahead and use app builder to help you do just that or outsource the process as well.


Set Up Your Own Personal Website/ Blog

If you can pull a massive traffic to a website, then you can turn that into profit from advertising. Set up your account on Google AdSense so that each time a visitor clicks on your ad, you’ll make some money. You can also make money selling your personal ebooks, coaching programs or other personalized services, physical products or even act as an affiliate on behalf of an individual or a company through your website.

But for the purpose of this particular post, let’s focus on Blogging and how you can create wealth from it especially here in Nigeria.


Hitting Your Own Share of the Market Wealth through Blogging

In business circles today, most of individuals and organizations start blogging as a viable channel to build a massive audience and create their own personal client database from the online market place.

But presently, a lot more individuals and brands are now more concerned with blogs fashioning out ways monetize blogs through the traffic they are able to generate via advertising and quality content. However, one of the most difficult thing to do in today’s business world is to generate some massive traffic for your business (without which you have no real, proven business; be it online or offline).

If you must make money online through blogging or simply convert your blog to an online ATM, then you must concentrate your effort on growing your blog first before thinking of monetization. The reasons for this is simply because, you cannot send a massive traffic to an empty website/ blog; How do you even generate the traffic in the first place without some quality content on your website/ blog?

Content is the foundation if your motive is monetization.

I want to let you know that starting a blog is also very easy. Most people have been envisaging to achieve this very feat for ages but have been simply unable to do so because they don’t know that it is that easy to set up.

Fear is the major reason why a lot of people are not already blogging or even successful bloggers.

You must craft a powerful strategy if you’re serious about building a sustainable business out of your blog. No business will ever work or survive without a well-thought out strategy, and implementation and consistency. You must have/ or work towards whatever information that is required to grow your blog and traffic in order to be able to monetize it sooner or later.


So, What is a Blog?

Can you make money from a blog with first of all knowing what a blog is, it’s practical application to our daily lives and business in today’s world? No…Way!

A blog is a weblog of content that is updated regularly. It’s an online journal/ publication written in a personal tone by its author known as the blogger; It is specifically designed as a viable channel to share opinions (majorly personal), teach others, build and grow a personal brand, and sell products or services among its several other applications.

Blogging can be rewarding, satisfying, fulfilling, but do not forget, there’s work to be done in order to enjoy all of its benefits; and that work requires total commitment.

Quality and Consistency are two major keys to constant growth. Therefore, no matter how often you post, If you’re content is not of high quality (and worth people’s time and effort), you will most definitely lose your audience.

How Do You Create and Commence Your Blogging Business

Being able to find your roots (understanding your personality and whatever burning message it is that you feel to you share with the world) consistently is the most difficult part of blogging.

Forget the obstacles, forget the difficult part of blogging, do not focus on them; infact become blind and deaf to their reality. Go ahead and purchase a domain name and a hosting account, starting you blogging immediately and do some with some ‘killer’ content. Forget aesthetics and optimal functionality, you’ll get that fixed as you progress in your jour as a blogger with time.

Make sure you weigh you monetize opportunities and figure out ways to maximize them, Create your own ‘tailored’ audience, and develop a functional, professional publishing strategy.

Without an entrepreneurial approach and worldview, making through blogging will be almost impossible!

How Then Do You Turn You Blog into An ATM Here In Nigeria?

One of the ways you could achieve this is by running ads (adverts for individuals/ brands) on your blogs for financial rewards; but then, the business has evolved so greatly that there are now several other ways through which you can do this.

You must focus also focus your energy on building a loyal audience as this is far more important than building a large one, It is better to have few a thousand loyal audience than having a million audience that are not in any way loyal to your brand or cause

With that been said, fashion out some smart ways through which you can sell physical or digital products that align well with your ‘tailored’ audience. Also create avenues to sell some customized services to your audience maybe as a consultant, coach, writer, designer, speaker etc., Another way to maximize profit will be by publishing a book as earlier stated and you can continue to earn on this for a lifetime.

Pick a Lucrative Niche

Following that massive inflow of information on the internet, it has become increasingly difficult to stand-out.

So to make money online today, you must do the impossible, you must choose the uncommon route, you must do what other people shy away from, and you must be exceptional!

Focus majorly on a specific location, markets don’t exist (do not deceive yourself, they only exist in your head); therefore create your own market and drag your own kind of customers. Do not create your market for everyone (I mean, don’t seek to offer solution to every problem in the world through your blog), otherwise you’ll lose focus.

Picking a Name First of all

Draft out what you want your blog to be all about first, think about the area you intend to focus in that light eg: You want to blog about Medicine, but you first of all, you have to find out if you’re passionate about orthodox medicine or traditional medicine; if it’s traditional medicine, then the next question is: Is it Hausa, Igbo, or Yoruba traditional medicine? If it it’s Igbo traditional medicine, then is it Anambra, Abia, Imo, Enugu or Ebonyi State traditional medicine?

You must also develop a personal brand or portfolio, do not use your name. Think of something catchy, fun, and descriptive of your brand. This name should reflect your blog’s identity, add personality, and be easy to remember and type.

Know and Choose Suitable Platform

You’re always presented with two major choices when hosting you blog, and they are:

  • Self-hosted (this is done on a paid platform like
  • Free-hosted (this is done on a free platform like

With self-hosted platforms, you have more customization options more than the person using; the most beautiful thing about it is the flexibility in design.

If you’re seriously thinking about monetization, then I’ll advise you go for WordPress as it has several advantages over blogger and less limitations.

Other free platforms like Tumbr or Medium are also available; as they have built-in audiences, making it easier for you to get started, but the problem with such platforms is this:

They also come with less customization tools, they are also highly regulated, and your blog design finally ends up looking like everyone else’s on the platform.

Growing Your Blog For Monetization

If you’re thinking of growing your blog, building momentum and authority, but lacks a well thought-out plans to help you achieve just that, then you’re already ‘dead-on-arrival’; and a result will struggle so much with distribution simply because you lack the most important ingredient to success in building a business online which is: ‘Strategy’. Publishing is crazy and demands lots of expertise and work, but if you can develop a functional plan, you can escape that pains that comes with failure of not getting things right.

One of the ways to grow faster is by harvesting emails as fast as possible through the personal system which you have built for yourself.

There are wonderful mail service providers which you can use like:

MailChimp (to store your subscriber list and as well make distribution very easy). The most beautiful part of it is that it’s free till you exceed your two thousand subscribers. It’s free for up to two thousand subscribers. You can as well use it for signup forms, which is a critical piece of capturing this information.

Make sure you have your signup forms directly into your content with a ‘call-to-action’ to subscribe, so becomes a lot more easier for you (especially to manage) and your audience.

Blogging is easy but can be stressful when you lack tools, strategy, passion and skills.

Are you unemployed at the moment, looking for job, seeking for ways to increase your earnings, simply wish to expand your already functional business or give your brand some quality exposure? Then blogging is the answer for you.

The most amazing think about starting a blog is that you don’t need to quit your day job (just in case you’re unsure of the whole thing) until you start making money. If properly done, once you start raking in some money, you’ll most likely grow at a lightning speed.

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