How to Purchase your domain and hosting- Start Your 6-Figure Generating Blog With N1,450 in Nigeria Using  Smartweb.

How to Purchase your domain and hosting- Start Your 6-Figure Generating Blog With N1,450 in Nigeria Using Smartweb.

Purchasing Your Domain & Hosting

To start your Domain and Hosting purchase process, you can click here: Initially, I was using and but now, two of my major websites are hosted on smartweb; I must say they are highly exceptional.

But first of all, why do you need a website especially at this time 2019? You might want to see some valid reasons here:

I can recommend this company to anyone anytime, any day! I feel more comfortable with them. I also pay in Naira through bank transfer, direct deposit or even through my credit card using (an online payment solution).

For the purpose of this domain purchase training in this guide, we’ll be focusing on which happens to be a Nigerian web hosting company; and about the oldest (about 15 years in business) and about the most effective web hosting company in Nigeria. You can get started here:

In case you don’t want to go through the stress of purchasing hosting or creating your blog all by yourself or maybe you just simply want something very cool like mine, you’re free to contact my company via Whatsapp: +234 8038432085 or so that my team can deliver to you that dream blog you’ve always wanted.

We’ll deliver your website/ blog within 3-working days after receiving your payment. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a blogger is to buy hosting from an unreliable hosting company because sooner or later when the issues starts coming up, you’ll have no choice but to migrate your entire website to a more reliable hosting company.

So, in the next few steps, I’ll be showing you my fool-proof approach to purchasing a reliable web hosting and domain name for your brand new 6-Figure generating blog all by yourself.

Now, let’s go ahead and purchase your Domain + Hosting.
What exactly are you supposed to do now? Your own responsibility is to follow the process carefully and purchase your own domain/ hosting (which should be the starting point towards building your own 6-Figure generating blog).

Step #2. Pick a name for your website, buy a domain & hosting:

A domain name as I earlier explained is like your online address that makes it easy for people to access your site on the internet from wherever they may be in the world. Whereas your hosting account is where your blog/ website lives (in other words, where you store your website files).

For the purpose of this training as I earlier explained, we’ll be using a company called

When learning how to make a website, picking a name is probably the most fun aspect of the entire process. One of the reasons is because you’re at liberty to pick literally any name you wish for your website (but you must be guided though). You can buy your domain and hosting here:

I’ll have you know first of all that, there are nearly 2 billion websites online (at the time of writing this manual). Meaning, staying original can be quite challenging for everyone (especially for newbies without solid focus on what they’re about building).

It’s a really great idea to customize your website’s name around your personal name (which is my first choice), or the name of your organization (which is my second-best approach) or a phrase that’s associated with your chosen niche but with some added words for better “brandability”.

However! There are still some things you need to understand to set yourself up for success later down the road.
Before you proceed, I want you to understand that there are different kinds of extensions for a domain like .com, .net, .org,, .ng etc. And the price for each of these extensions varies. But the truth about it is: If you want to have the best and most trusted type of extension, then go for a .com type of extension.

In short, a good domain name should be:

 ▪ brandable – unique sounding, like nothing else that’s out there in the market.
▪ Easy to memorize– Make sure it’s something you can easily remember.
Short– not too long, also easier to memorize.
▪ Easy to type and hard to mix up– you don’t want people to be wondering how to pronounce your site’s name.
▪ Can include niche-related keywords– for instance, if you do anything with pizza, it would be cool to have “pizza” somewhere in the name of the site; it works the way same in non-pizza industries as well.

If we’re going for a for instance, you can even get a free domain and pay only for your hosting. This offer was designed to support upcoming bloggers and website owners to conveniently create their own personal platforms with a very little budget.

If you have an existing domain, you can just go ahead and buy hosting to add to it so that you can start building your blog right away. However, if you have not yet decided on your choice of domain, this guide will lead you by the hand to help you do just that.

Since this is sounding like too much work already, you can make the job easier by checking out some of the cool domain name generators below. Start by inputting a seed keyword that defines your website well.

You can also use any of these free services: NameStation, BustAName, even LeanDomainSearch or even domainwheel to find a good domain name; but in this case, we’ll be using domain wheel to search for our domain name.

Domain Wheel will return with some suggestions. You can narrow it down from there to find your perfect domain name. The next step once you know which domain name you want is to register it and also buy a hosting package in one go.

C’mon! Let’s go!

(a). Mode of Payment:

There are several ways you can make payment when trying to purchase your domain name and hosting plan depending on the company you’re buying from. But as I earlier stated, for the purpose of this training, we’ll be focusing on

To make purchases on smartweb, the several available payment options they have are:

▪ Bank deposit
▪ Bank Transfer
▪ Credit card payment
▪ Online Payment processing platform (Paystack).

Be sure to secure a GTB Naira or Dollar Master card for all your online transactions because they work better. You can also get a virtual credit cards or which is today known as Flutterwave. Fund the card and run your transactions from their conveniently.

For further information on all of the companies that I have so far mentioned in this guide and still to mention, go to Google and research further on them. You can also use your Payoneer card (if you have one with enough funds in it).

You can also approach your bank to find out if they have an account that is specific to people who buy things online or do business online and then try to take advantage of that offer (if any) to advance your business.

Now, let’s proceed with the domain name purchase right away!

(b). Purchase your Domain Name:
Go straight to and start the process and create your client account.

In the previous pages, I already mentioned a few things about our choice hosting company: and by now, I’m quite very sure that you understand the company to some extent.

I know how intimidating stuffs like buying a hosting package might sound at first, there’s really nothing too serious about it and I don’t think you should worry at all about it.

I’m going to apply a screen-to-paper approach to make you have a kind of feeling like you’re watching the process on screen. Before we proceed further, what is hosting anyway?

There are numerous companies that can register a new domain name for you. Then, there are also tons of companies that can sell you a hosting package. However, we should avoid complicating issues for ourselves and instead buy our domain and hosting from a single company; and in one go.

This is why we’re going to use; but let’s look at other reasons why we should consider buying from

These are a few of the reasons why we’ll be using Smartweb is a reputable indigenous (located here in Nigeria) web host that is optimized for WordPress and will make sure that your website/ blog runs smoothly with no issues.

▪ It’s been around for over 15 years
▪ It’s very cheap and you can get hosting as low as (N350/month)
It’s user-friendly and super-easy to use.
▪ You get a domain name for free
▪ They have some top clients all around the country

Here’s what’s going to happen now:
Go to and click on Domains.

Or you can simply scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to click on “Domain Registration”. See image below:

You’ll be prompted to the next page to check for availability for the domain name that you’ve chosen. See image below:

Once you click on the blue “Search” button, it will lead you to the next page.

As you can see, your chosen domain is available for purchase. So, go ahead and click on the blue “Add to cart” button. Immediately afterwards, you’ll be prompted to the next screen.

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to either use your existing domain or buy a new one; so, choose your existing domain the one you run availability for. See image below:

On the next screen, avoid the small box next to the “dedicated IP” stuff.

On the next screen, just tick the two specified boxes below and hit the “Continue” button. See image below:

Immediately afterwards, you’ll be prompted to the “Checkout” page. Go ahead and review your order. Then hit the “Checkout” button.

On the next screen, you’ll be requested to fill in your personal information so as to create your client account with smartweb. See image below:

At this point, the next thing you need to do is to complete your order so
that you can process your payment and get done with the entire process.

On the next screen, you’ll see your payment invoice automatically raised for you by the system, go ahead and click on it to make your payment. See image below:

Enter your credit card details in the following screen to process payment for your order. See image below:

Click on the green payment button to move to the next page where you wrap it all with an OTP from your bank. See image below:

Yippie!!! Your payment is successful. Now you can confirm that there’s nothing really too techy about it after all.

You’ll be automatically redirected to your brand new “Client account” where you’ll see your order confirmation and invoice number for payment. See image below:

However, there are some very key things you need to understand before you start creating your 6-figure blog; and you might want to check that out here: or Buy your domain and hosting here:

Hoping to see you soon. You can also reach me directly on Facebook here by click on the following link:

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