This was a dream I had some years back when the “Making Money Online” rave came into play initially.

It wasn’t popular as at the time, there were also very few successful folks in it then; and more of ‘fake’, self-acclaimed online guru, with false claims and testimonials.

Was it really easy for me starting out in an industry filled with shark ready for the kill?…No!

Did I lost money trying to get to where I’m today? Obviously yes! I would add that I was in fact a ready meal for whoever was ready with any piece of junk called information; so I did lost a fortune trying to make headway online.

Now, Am I where I wanted to be? Yes! But is this place where I should be? No…This is the reason I keep working everyday.

So I did it, and you too can; no matter the circumstances surrounding you as person.

As an African, a Nigerian to be precise, all the odds were against me. I had every reason not to push, I had every reason to fail, I had every reason to stop trying, I had every reason to give up.

Some of these demons plagued me and stalled my progress greatly.

Lean budget to help me start up a real business online, lack of ideas to build a proper business, no access to some trusted folks out there to help, poor internet, epileptic power supply, poor service delivery (paying for a service without getting results etc.).

At this point, I was very young, and had nothing really to show, I was just in my early 20’s; so a lot of people never took me serious (you know Nigeria is a country of smart folks, you must be a master here before you can successfully talk someone into buying from you or subscribing to your services online).

One day, in the midst of all of that chaos as I was brainstorming and researching my way out of the that financial drought, then I stumbled across the solution- A true business that I can run online from anywhere in the world and at my own pace and timing.

Then I realized the new citizens of the world needs no visa and passports to travel round the world; all they need is their smart device and a functional internet connection.

I also decided to teach myself by visiting the world’s biggest library and academy:; there I taught myself how to make money online.

First of all, I learnt ‘what doesn’t work’ and the progressed to what works. I discovered for myself why those stuffs don’t work and why they never will. It was only then that I realised that the only reason anyone will fail online is if they started off on a faulty foundation- meaning they started off on a faulty business model or lacks clarity and in depth understanding of whatever it was that they intended doing online from the beginning.

It was a difficult moment for me, I practically lost all of my life’s saving before I came to the knowledge of this of truth.

Three other great challenges that I faced after discovering what I wanted to do was:

1. Having too many ideas to build that business on.

2. Figuring out the exact steps I needed to start.

3. How to sell my business and message to the world; and who exactly should I focus my effort on.

I spent few years in this industry before I actually made my first sale…and it was a ‘service’.

Before that payment, I struggled greatly and tried my hands on almost every opportunity online as at the time; ranging from Blogging, Network marketing etc. You name it (but I failed in almost all of them because I lacked the operational knowledge of how stuffs works around there at that point).

Every business online works including Ponzi and gambling but you must position yourself properly to benefit from them- understanding business models is the key to generating 6-7 income consistently online- This is the only magic there is a regards ‘making money online’ and it must not happen in a flash.

So, the above stated scenerio happens to be my personal story but not really different with too many other folks out there. This could also be the reason you’re not yet making a dime from all your marketing efforts.

Now, without I’ll show you exactly what need to do now to start earning as little as N300,000 online per month.

1. Find out first whatever it is that you have a great passion for, an indepth knowledge and vastly experience in.

2. Sign up to a freelance website to enable you offer such skills as services online as a Freelancer to enable you to start earning a steady income.

3. Learn how to market your skills also on social media using unique content marketing techniques. It is very important that you build trust online; that’s the only platform upon which you can stand to sell just about anything.

4. Register on some Affiliate marketing companies online eg:; there’s also etc.

5. Build your website! I make sure that I always remind people of this almost all of the time. You cannot see a significant growth in today’s business world without being syrategically located online.

6. Learn Digital marketing. With this, you’ll have the world in your palm.

Note: Your income will not increase in an instant. It will grow gradually.

I started making like N10,000 per week initially when I started.

Then over time, it grew to N20,000 per week, N30,000 per week, N40,000 per week…etc.

And today, it’s all history!

I was so overjoyed immediately I received that money from my first sale.

Sometimes I think about how far I’ve come and all I could say is just…Wow!

It was a such a difficult time and painful experience building my business online but in the end, it was worth doing.

So, my I’ll give you my honest advise now.

Be hungry for Knowledge, learn, implement and repeat the process; you’ll then see how easy it is to make money online.

To build a true business system online to make 6-7 figure earning a reality in your life, get these skills:

Internet Marketing
Sales Funnel
Email Marketing
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Web design

Before I end this very article, one more thing… I’m going to take you on some proven steps to set up your Affiliate marketing business here in Nigeria.

1. Download Globus VPN

2. Visit using your VPN at all times.

2. Create your account in less than 5 minutes.

4. Read through to understand how the platform works.

5. Select a product that pays you nothing less than $50 commission or more per sale.

6. Get your link to promote the product (so that when anyone clicks on it, they will go to the product page; and if they buy, you’ll be paid the agreed commission on the specified product).

7. Get some of Clickbanks training to understand how the platform works, where to place your link, how to promote professionally without spamming.

Assuming you sell just 20 products in a month, now you do the math.

This is also one of the ways I make money online.

More importantly,

Invest choose in a course on Facebook marketing/ advertising to promote your link.

Get training also on how to promote affiliate offers on your website.

Would you need more help on this, do not hesitate to contact me directly on Whatsapp via: 08038432085.