Four (4) Most Important Digital Marketing Channels You Should Consider In Your Online Marketing Campaigns


The first and obviously most important thing to do before rolling out your Digital marketing strategy is to understand the different channels available in digital marketing.

You must first of all understand what digital marketing is, then discover for yourself what specific channels work best for your business/ brand; and as well improve and work extensively on them until they become viable tools in your hands to help move your business forward.


Find the under-listed channels as follows:

  • Display Advertising

This one as the name implies is more has more to do with designing graphical advertisements and placing them correctly next to content/s on websites, e-mails and other digital format, and IM applications. The afore-mentioned advertisements can be text, images, audio or video clips, animation, or other interactive content; no limits to what you can advertise.

Through this channel, companies like Payoneer and Konga have been able to reach millions of people not just in Nigeria but across West Africa and Africa in general and the world. Almost everyone knows who they are once they spot their logo. They are known for making some clean, industry-standard designed graphical advertisements and placing them next to contents on their website, e-mails other digital formats, and instant messaging applications. Their advertisements are mainly texts, images, audio or video clips, and other interactive content.

Let me paint another very clear scenario here to further drive my point home. Assuming you are browsing through the web for information etc; or simply going through your mails, you may often find advertisements of all sorts popping up on your face; almost jumping into your eyes…Lol. That’s exactly what display advertising is, However, it’s imperative for your adverts to be highly relevant to what people are looking for and also the niche your blog/ website is associated with. This is because the success of a display advertising campaign is largely dependent on calculating the number of clicks an advert receives given the number of times it was displayed to the consumer or made an impression on them…I hope you’re following?

And again, you must target consumer behaviour, demographics, or geographic location in view of your digital marketing campaign in other to achieve a highly effective result/s.

Thank goodness for technology! Features like google analytics, has made it is possible to track the number of people who have seen your adverts or clicked on them, what every individual visitor did on your site after entering it, and the conversion ratio…wow! Isn’t that awesome?

Display advertising is not only helpful in promoting new products or offers, but it helps you to maximally increase your online presence at an unprecedented speed and as well reaches out to your customers in the most reasonable way and timely too. It helps drive leads and increase brand awareness as well which ultimately in time will earn you something called “Brand Equity”.


  • E-mail Marketing

Through this channel, you market your products or services to your “targeted” customers/ audience via e-mail. E-mail marketing is a great way to gain new customers, improve sales in drastic measures or improve relationships with existing customers.

E-mail marketing campaigns are great options for companies that may not be capable of promoting their business their efficiently due to financial constraints; hence making it one of the most economical (if not the most economical) channels available in the world today. E-mail marketing also allows companies to promote other marketing channels effectively. However, building customer database and designing newsletters/e-mails can be very time consuming.

You must be sure to first of all understand the functionalities of this mode of advertising before you venture into it.


  • Social Media Marketing

Credible Social networks like LinkedIn, MySpace,Facebook, blogs; micro blogging websites like Twitter, forums, and content communities like Flickr, YouTube, wikis, open encyclopedias, and podcasts are all forms of social media. All of these forms helps to improve listing and enhance visibility on search engines; and as well involves the building of networks or communities by allowing users to interact with each other; thereby helping the brand assume a “human face” and becoming not just a brand but a brand that the people can relate with on personal basis; a brand they can feel!

Social media tools are majorly built to encourage users to share opinions, participate in discussions and effectively engage with others in real time. Therefore, social media marketing can be the best way to market your brand or company; if the number one thing on your mind is “Cost Effectiveness”, and connecting with your valued customers. However, you should know that all digital marketing tools have different purposes; you’ll need to identify your company’s goals and your targeted audience before you commence your business…very important.

When posting new content or comments, always think and review more than twice to avoid some very costly errors because social media mistakes aren’t easily forgiven or forgotten! Remember, any user can take a screenshot of your blunder online…Lol

Lastly, follow social media etiquette so you don’t come across as a spammer.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing! I simply love it to the moon and back. It’s performance-based marketing involves a business owner and one or more websites or affiliates (that’s all!). The affiliate website owners place advertisements on their own websites to market the business owner’s goods or services in exchange for a percentage of profits.

Giving a thought to affiliate marketing campaign for your company is generally a noble move; It offers you mass coverage at no additional costs. You also get more exposure when more websites are affiliated to your business.

NOTE: Affiliates can make money in three possible ways: Pay Per Click, Pay Per Sale, or Pay Per Lead. This simply means that your brand is advertised for free and you only incur a cost when an agreed action occurs…Isn’t that lovely?Secondly, whenever a user clicks on your advert on the affiliate’s website, or is led from the affiliate website to your website and purchases a product/service or if the user registers on your website, you get rewarded.


Don’t forget, Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing involving a business owner and one or more websites or affiliates. The affiliate website owners places advertisements on their own websites to market the business owner’s goods or services in exchange for a percentage of profits”.


If you ask me, I will say that this is super-cool!


All of these channels are very beautiful…I must confess, but do not forget that you’ll need to strategize first. It’s now an everyday common mistake to see companies marketing their goods digitally without a plan in place. If you plunge into digital marketing without adequate planning, not only will you be unsure of your goals, you won’t even know what you’re achieving and how you’re gonna be achieving that. Say that I say so!



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  1. Hey there! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers?

    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing several weeks of hard work
    due to no back up. Do you have any methods to stop hackers?

    1. Of course, every website that is running live online is at the risk of getting hacked. No matter how small they may be; even church websites too. Yes, I’ve been hacked once and that was in 2017. But after that experience, I had to give myself to studying WordPress website security and that has helped me a great deal in protecting my website here online from malicious attacks. I also covered that in my book “THE 6-FIGURE BLOGGING MANUAL” and you can get it here:

  2. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if
    you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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