At Exactly This Time In the Year 2017, Olisaemeka My Friend Took His Own Life on His 40th Birthday

-Unfortunately His Younger Brother Is Still In Prison For A System I Could Have Given To Him For Free (if only he had asked for it).

If you're reading this now, just PAUSE! Take a deep breath and continue. Why? Because I want you to pay rapt attention to what I’m about to say next.

The body of information you’re about to access hereafter will explain the reason why you will hardly ever make it in life if you stay glued to a “paid job” out of fear; probably you’re already making that same great mistake that kept a lot of our parents in the sorry situation where they relegated themselves to especially at the later part of their lives.


However, if you’re still very young and probably not tilting to the same web of mistakes, fresh out of school and reading this now, then you must be amazingly very lucky and on your way to averting the hand of the evil clock.

I wasn’t so lucky till I found what I’m about to show you now.


Four years ago precisely in April, 2014 (not too sure about the date now), I took a trip to Nsawam Medium Security Prison located to the South-Eastern part of the Nwasam Township on the outskirts, along the Accra-Nsawam Trunk Road with Olisaemeka my friend to see his younger brother whom he brought over to Accra barely a month as at the time.


It was really a heart-rending situation to see that little boy suffer there; but more than that, what I found there left me completely broken till date. It’s a scar that will forever remain in my memory (I’m not also certain if Death can also erase such a memory).

I can see your mind is racing now and you obviously don’t know what I’m gonna say next; in a state of total disbelief or simply itching to hear more right?


Nevertherless, slow down and hang on! Follow me gradually so you don’t miss any part of what I have to say because they could make a whole lot of difference in your life from this moment onwards.

However, I hate to repeat myself more than anything else in this world…true!


Hence, I never intend to incite fear in you or excite you with some “feel alright” kinda information. Therefore every single word that I have said from the beginning of this article is real; and the very reason will shock you to your bone marrows.


Let me blow your mind now…Stay with me.

I discovered also that they have a sizeable number of Nigerian prisoners as inmates there. Secondly, most of the inmates there complained of some kind of perceived discriminatory jail terms as high as 100 years and above for two count charges of conspiracy and robbery consistently handed to Nigerian convicts.


The legal system there is not fair to Nigerians and there is this issue of “Nationalisation of crime”. But the shocking part of it was that most of them were charged for related crimes: Internet fraud, conspiracy, robbery and a few rape cases.


But do you know the saddest part of it all? A lot of those folks there somehow appear to be innocent of the crimes being charged for, another is that the punishment meted is also not commensurate to the level of crimes committed; and most of those people were already out of school in Nigeria or had a business going on back here at home, traveled comfortably to Ghana and were able to secure a comfortable apartment which means that…

Hunger and severe poverty was never the issue… So what could be the problem?


Follow me carefully!

There’s a popular belief back home here that once you’re out of school or things appear not to be moving forward for you, the next available option will be to travel out of the country; and once you arrive there, everyone believes you have made it and expect you to start solving issues immediately.

This to a large extent, pushes young people over the edge and make them put themselves at harm’s way doing what they shouldn’t just to impress family members and loved ones who most times truly never care.

But wait…This is not the most interesting part of the story.


Over time, my friend started complaining bitterly about his only brother’s situation and how his mum’s health became so bad as a result. He closed down his shop in 2016, lost hope in himself completely and gave in to alcohol; and late last year while I was away, I heard the news of his passing…HE TOOK HIS OWN LIFE! Because he couldn’t bear it any longer.


So what actually happened? The boy wanted to learn how to make money online (something I would have thought him for free if he had asked); he never really inquired from anyone, he got into the wrong circles and bang…he got charged for fraud!


This is exactly how hopeless life feels for people who don’t know exactly what to do to move forward in life; they continually place their life in the balance, hoping on someone else to stir the wheel of progress for them or turning to some shortcut to make it quicker; when it all fails, the future to them appears very bleak.


But…what if you can read my mind now or hack my brain?

Then, there won’t be any need proceeding right down till the end of this page; but I bet you, you can’t afford that luxury because it’s too expensive.


Having said that, the truth is: You’re still here, reading this up till this moment, because you fall within one of the following under-listed categories that I specified below; and they’re:

1. You’re informed but still searching because you lack confidence in yourself.

2. You’re frustrated, poor and searching for the way forward.

3. You already have a business but want to see what I’m doing different that earns me consistent income so you can implement that into yours.

4. You want to expand your business and increase sales to open way for more profit.

5. You want to understand this whole concept of making money online but don’t know exactly where and how to start.

6. You have some money but don’t know exactly what to do with it.

7. You have products to sell online but don’t know exactly where and how to go about it.


Now, let me ask you a very simple question:

Do you have all the money that you need now? Is everything all rosy for you? Would you truthfully say that you have actualized all of your dreams? Are you sincerely very you happy with the current state of your life and what you have achieved so far (that is if you’ve actually achieved anything quite significant)?


If your response to all of the above questions is ‘Yes’, then I’ll advice you to leave this page immediately and not waste your time any further.


But then, I know why you’re still reading and most likely will be glued to this page till the very end…‘YOU’RE SEARCHING FOR SOMETHING!’, I don’t know exactly what it is, you too can’t precisely wrap your head around it but then, you’re quite sure you can get some bits and pieces of information from here to help you fix whatever that could be.


Now, I’ll tell you the ‘annoying and very uncomfortable truth’.

You can NEVER be truly rich, free, happy and satisfied working at a JOB;


But then again, you don’t need to quit your current job in order to build your dream business (especially now that times are hard and the economy ‘no longer smiling’).


I’m not one of such people who would come online to tell you to “FIRE YOUR BOSS” and all that bull crap when you’ve got nothing going for you (to sustain that new found freedom); not even a kiosk. How then are you going to fire your boss and die while trying to build a business system you barely know nothing about?


Sure you might not be truly happy with your situation or where you’re today, but the truth remains: You cannot successfully run a business without understanding how ‘businesses’ operate.


So working for your boss might not bring the anticipated financial reward but you sure will gain some invaluable experience from it if you’re very smart and observant; this will help you when you’re about setting up yours.


If you’re currently working with a millionaire boss, set your eyes on how he/ or she runs the company instead of what he pays you because you probably will never achieve their level; not with that salary that you’re currently earning but if you grab their method, you could replicate their success.


Let me draw your attention to something very important now.

I’ll assume you have a job currently or at least doing a little business to keep body and soul together.

So if I may ask you now, what is your average monthly earnings like?

N50,000 (that will be approximately $139/ month)

N100,000 (that will be approximately $278/ month)

Maybe you even have a wife/ or husband, one or two kids, other dependants and a car.


Do you truly believe that such meager amount of money would be enough to help you cater to all those needs?

What if I show you exactly how to build a real business online that can make you at least N20,000 per day (N600,000 per month) to N50,000 per day (N1,500,000) from the comfort of your home with just your laptop (this is not yahoo-yahoo please! So bear in mind that you need to work at it).


This Is Exactly How I Built a “Real” 7-Figure Business for Myself in 7 Days using the Internet- (After blowing away almost everything I had).

 I have been doing this for some time now (though I have been a bit silent about it, I don’t also expect you to believe me but very soon you will).


I have built successful businesses online using the method I’m about to show you and you if follow my instructions religiously, you too will be more successful even more than myself over time (because I’ve seen it happen so many times).

So, why am I sharing this secret with you if it actually works?

Why don’t I just keep it to myself and keep making my money while those who don’t have will go about hailing me as the boss (this is what keeps some of us “Africans” down).


By lighting your own candle, my own light will not go off; and if only I can light as many candles as possible, then there’ll be enough light to go round and there necessarily won’t be any need to move me left, right, front and back for there to be light.

The internet market place can NEVER be over-saturated! Everyone is welcome to play.

So it takes nothing away from me to show you some of the very secrets that I use to make money online (if not all).


More especially, I’m 100% certain that if you follow my instructions, three things will happen to you:

1. Your worldview will change and you’ll begin to see business (especially online business) in a different light.

2. Your life will be transformed within the next  90days.

3. You’ll start making money all by yourself as well as achieve financial stability.


I’m sure by now you must have been wondering in your mind like: “Who is this fellow and why should I listen to him in the first place?

Who am I; and why am I telling you all of these?


Anyways, I’m simply Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred. I live in the small city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria; and I’m just your typical everyday, regular kinda guy from a “lesser” than average home, so growing up under a single parent, we were not rich but at same time we were happy and never lacked the basic stuffs that every human desires (food, clothing and shelter).

I lost my Dad at age 9, everything was taken from us by my Uncles (my Dad’s family) without anyone out there to come to our aid (so I could have gone wayward or become plain stupid- but I decided to be responsible and study my way out of difficulty).


I also have 5 other siblings and a young Mum who is now late.

Growing up, from my early years in life, I never knew what it meant to go to bed without food until I lost my father; then few years later I got to realize that you can actually wake up, and all you could just wish for is: just for something to eat at least for breakfast so you don’t faint on your way to school- life was that hard!


So I had to hustle hard even in my secondary school days to pay my school fees; so I had to raise up a meagre N300.00 (Three Hundred Naira) to pay for my school fees every term.

The same trend continued even in my university days (had every reason to give up but then, life is not for the weak).


While in the university, I realized my Mum was going through much stress and needed an urgent help because my sibling were growing up fast, her business could no longer cater to their needs, her business also needs serious expansion and folks need to remain in school.

Then at that point, I asked myself: What do I do?


It was in the heat of that confusion that I discovered the power of what I’m about to show you now (even though I never truly understood all of its dynamics as at the time).

So I was desperate about having a duplication system for myself something I can build that can earn me some passive income for life (I knew it was going to be on the internet, I already had a blurry kinda idea about it but then I needed clarity to replicate my vision on a clean white board.

First thing first, I told myself the truth that I needed some job or side hustle to help me raise some money to build me the specified platform/ business that will make my dream of a passive income earning a reality.


Why? “Because nothing is free even in Freetown”.

To do that, I had to learn some skills to add to what I already know so I picked Interest in Graphic design & Illustration, Web design, Digital Multimedia Arts & Writing; with those, I shot myself up way above my peers and I was able to get myself some jobs.

After a while, I decided I was going to work for myself after gathering lots of experience, so I founded my company in 2006 and got it registered officially in 2010.

It was a personal brand and still is; but I chose that for a reason; and it’s been wonderful all the way.

So, I started making some money quite very early (but was always up and down too because I never knew what it takes to sustain wealth) so this earned me the name: BMF- Blowing Money Fast.

But then I had a dream of building my Mama a beautiful house (which never came through as I lost her in November, 2011). She was sick for a few years and felt I was really spending much money so she went to be with my sister and after some few months, I got the news of her death.

I got really broken when my sister broke the news to me and I told myself that no matter what it takes, I will make sure that I remain alive for myself and my family as well as give them the best that anyone could ever ask for.

So becoming very rich became non-negotiable for me and my family so that became a top priority for me. I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy, but then I had to do it.


“Nothing is impossible” if you believe.

At that point, I got really depressed going through that life shattering loss and a health condition that I have lived with for over 14 years as at the time; my finances were in a mess, my relationship hit the rocks following some series of other developments after that time, a lot of things changed for me at that time and I decided to move back to Accra (having stayed there for a while prior to the time) so that I can attend to my health and at least clear my head.

Nothing lasts forever! Not even hard times; if you keep working at that your dream without failing, surely you will get there.

So 2011-2014 was a very trying moment for me; lest I forget, I nearly lost my life. I lost so many opportunities and businesses, went completely bankrupt. It was really a very difficult time for me; so I started searching for ways to channel what I know to the internet as a platform to see how I can improve my business first and secondly upgrade my status.


The plan from that moment was no longer centered around providing “services” but on “How to turn my services/ skills into a product”.


One of the days while I was searching for clarity o how to go about it all, then I came across a body of information online that cleared all that emptiness. I came across a web page called: WEALTHY AFFILIATE. It wasn’t a very popular concept then especially in Ghana and Nigeria (even up till now); so I moved majorly into it in 2014 experimenting with online training.


It was all about “Turning your skills into services and your services into products; and building a robust business out of that product and the overall process”. I was so damn sure that it was exactly what I needed at that time; so I had to under-study the system.


Though I had an idea, but it was all kinda complex and I barely understood all of its process. But one of the major benefits that I enjoyed was the hunger to daily research on the internet; over time I gained mastery over it. I was quite very happy especially when the bank accounts started rolling in and helped me bounced back.


Enough of me already, I think it’s actually a great time for me to introduce you into what I’ve been trying to tell you about. So let me expose you a little to the world of Information Marketing. It’s also noteworthy to let you know that I’ve done a greater part of the job for you like researching dozens of websites, blogs, buying courses and all the rest of that just like I did. So be rest-assured as you’re reading this now, that I’ve just save you a lot of money, time and stress.


Information Product marketing is about the hottest, most lucrative business right now on the internet and will remain so for a very long time. One major thing about this business is that there are no risks involved and everything is almost 100% pure profit.


Getting started with this business is almost about the easiest thing to do; but what’s more important is the fact that I have compiled all of that into a book alongside a step-by-step procedure to go about it.


This is nothing like network marketing where your success is totally dependent upon referrals and all of that stuff, P2P donation platform or just another form of Ponzi. But I’ll like to say one thing though; which is: If you understand the principles guiding this very business, then there is nothing you cannot sell. You’ll begin to see possibility/ and opportunity where you once saw problems/ and hopelessness.

Transforming yourself completely by transforming your perception and skills is the biggest gift you can give yourself in today’s world.


So, this is basically what you need to do in summary to be able to build that dream business for yourself. Immediately after reading my book, whether you’re a Graphic designer, Medical doctor, an Engineer, a budding Musician, a 3D Animator, a Writer, a Fashion designer etc; you’ll have the opportunity and skills to either sell your skills as a service or a product.  


This knowledge you’re going to acquire will help you in two different ways.

1.    It will make you to see the power and value of what you have.

2.    It will help you to recreate, transfer, monetize and build a business out that very power; what’s more? It will expose you to the world using the very thing that energizes it- The Internet.


Inside the secret information that I’m about to give to you is the power to become everything you want on the internet and make money being just that. Nobody else ever revealed it in the manner that I did- You can call this “Information Products Marketing Bible”.


So as an information marketer, you can work any time from wherever you are, all you need is just a computer with stable internet connection. It’s a very direct and easy to implement approach. Language is not a barrier, education is not a barrier, you can also outsource the process if you’re limited by these two that I mentioned; even a 12-year-old can do this!


What if you don’t have money as in…you’re very, very broke? Then that’s the very much reason for you to jump right into it.


It only took me less than 90 days to fully gain full mastery of this whole process and I was over-joyed immediately I achieved that…Do you know why? I really had no mentor who was solely dedicated to me as at the time, so I had to figure it out all by myself; but do you know what? I have broken it down for you in 7 easy steps. So you too can now explore this power of the internet and use it to create something out of nothing from something that you’ve been ignoring all this while.


In my own case, I swung into action with Wealthy Affiliate as soon as I can, and not long afterwards, I became exposed to several platforms like Clickbank, Amazon Affiliates and the rest; which would later open my eyes further to Affiliate Marketing and crush almost everything I thought I knew prior to that time..


I had a start-up capital of about $1,500 which I blew away trying to get a hold of the system but then, you don’t have to go through that process anymore because I have gone through all of that for you.


Not long afterwards, I decided to experiment with something that I love doing which is “Coaching”. So I managed to fix up my very first Whatsapp group (mind you, I’ve been in this very industry for some years prior to this time but never knew about this angle of the business), got a couple of fellows on it by training them on some little stuffs first for free. Then I led them into the basics of Information Marketing Business…and boom! Not long after I finished my presentation, the alerts started pouring in like water.


INCREDIBLE! I muttered to myself…It works after all.

So November 20, 2014 is virtually a year of rebirth for me. I was literarily reborn into a new world of possibilities. All you need to completely crush poverty and difficulty is this little knowledge.


So that very night, I couldn’t sleep, I was up and all by myself thinking…’If I could make N200,000 per night for a less than an hour training, then there must be more to all of these.


But then, I decided not to touch that money in case anyone would call me up and say “Please Fred, Kindly return that money that I paid to you” or even the bank saying that it’s a fake alert Lol…


But from time to time, I would check my account and those deposits of N200,000 were still there, no calls, no problem, rather I got emails, sms, whatsapp and facebook messages saying stuffs like: “Thank you Fred”, “You’re incredible”, and all of that stuff…and I began to feel like a Guru…Lol but would you blame me?


So after the next two days, I decided to go to Clickbank in search for some PLR books to sell alongside my trainings while I take my time to write mine, that was exactly how my journey took a whole new different turn.


For the weak and fearful, NOTHING IS GUARRANTEED!

About two weeks approximately after getting the PLR books, I decided to experiment selling with facebook and I replicated the same result but even better than my previous attempt.

Then I decided to apply the same principles to marketing physical products and some little network marketing opportunities, It was only then that it dawned on me that what I have in my hands is a beast that is capable of killing it in any industry that I may wish to go into whether Forex, Network marketing, Coaching, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Book publishing, Consulting or even Freelancing.


It’s a principle that works for whoever understands it, no matter what their background is, no matter their colour, no matter their religion, nationality or personal beliefs…It simply works!!!


Yes…It’s true that I wouldn’t say that I’m exactly where I currently would like to be at the moment, but the truth is: I have exceeded my initial expectations; not only that, I’m also very happy and satisfied with myself now. I can also boast of some written works to my name among other several things that I’ve done; but the most important thing is: I have managed to build for myself a functional wealth system through this.


While you’re still reading this, I want you to keep this at the back of your mind always that…IT IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE IT ONLINE! Forget whatever negative reports that you heard or all the discouraging sights that you’ve seen.


How did I make I make it in this industry full of Sharks? Typing this little write-up, I’m just trying to remember it all over again… How did I make it? The answer is quite simple: I just believed in myself and I worked hard towards making it happen for me! So, First, I located a gold mine online, and then I believed I could make money just like every other person doing their legal hustle on Wealthy Affiliate, Clickbank, via Coaching or Even selling their own personal products using just their websites…and that’s it!


So, do you want to make money too? Then you need to believe in yourself too. This is the very first step and the most crucial of them all because if you lack motivation, no one can motivate you…It’s that simple!


Never doubt your abilities as you would never be able to achieve anything without it! Despair and hopelessness usually sets in when people appear to have lost faith in their innate abilities. As much as you can, be positive, open also your mind to opportunities ad see the good part of every given circumstance even the worst.


If you’re alive and reading this right now, I don’t care what you’re going through at the moment, I don’t know who you’re or even the mistakes that could have possibly brought you into such a low state; but I do know one thing: You have just been handed another opportunity to rewrite your history- that’s why you’re still here.


The pen is once more again in your hands…Would you waste that ink one more time or append your signature upon the sands of time? Your choice!


For me I want nothing less than “greatness”; not just that I want it (becuase that’ll never be enough), I already paid a greater price for it.


I have always believed in myself and because I know it’s possible, I consistently work at it. I say whatever it is that I want to do, put a date to it and bang! It is done. Do you know why? I simply have a personal financial system that empowers me to do whatever it is that I want to do.


It is no longer surprising for me to make what a lot of people consider a monthly “juicy pay” in a single week…and the most interesting part is that I feel incredibly free!!!


All I paid for it was a major deliberate action (because whatever I thought I spent cannot be compared to the benefits I’ve enjoyed. If you’re yet to meet a real person who has made money online and is still making money, then I’m one of such persons.

So what exactly do you need to do to start earning money?


I’m going to list it for you in no particular order (because the book will guide you).


·       Get the book

·       Get a business idea

·       Learn the business model

·       Choose a business/ domain name

·       Choose a hosting service

·       Build your website

·       Brand your way to the top using the internet

·       Create a product out of your skills/ services

·       Sell those products with your influence


Now that you have the major things that you need, the next thing is: A strategy for making money with it but fortunately enough, the book will lead you by the hand into it; because I carefully outlined it step-by-step


Get The Book Now!

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