Createspace Is Officially Dead!

If you’re a writer or publisher, I’m sure you by now you must be wondering what’s going on with Amazon KDP and createspace. I was also surprised seeing all the sudden changes and merging. Well, I have been following this very piece of information too for a while now because it concerns me personally as a publisher on Amazon KDP.

And just yesterday, I woke up to this very email right below:

It’s very true that I have not really paid much attention to this very issue (though being fully aware of it) owing to my tight schedule of late as a result of the current expansion going on in my business and brand.

Sincerely, I have never used create space before owing to the fact that I’m yet to publish a paper-back/ hard copy version of my works nor handle such for a client.

So, What Exactly Happened?
Ok, Let me just break this down in the simplest of manners, hoping you’ll understand every bit of it.
A few months back, ‘CreateSpace’ disclosed that it was going to terminate all ‘Author publishing services’.
This simply means that Authors and publishers would no longer be able to use CreateSpace for stuffs like:
• Editorial
• Layout
• Design/ and or
• Cover work

Following these announcements, the staff manning the affected departments were relieved of their duty.
I would say that all of this happened in a flash before anyone would realize it; and it was quite a sight seeing folks from the self-publishing department licking their wounds.

However, CreateSpace and Amazon moved ahead with their profit-driven arrangements, knowing fully well that the profit margins on working with authors and micro-publishers on editorial and design elements were not in line with Amazon’s business model or goals.

Now, the major underlying factor here is that: Authors and micro-publishers are not big enough to keep a design and editorial division at CreateSpace viable (because this is business and financial growth and expansion is quite very necessary).

So, in order to remain in profit, a company would have to charge a lot more than CreateSpace was charging (because to them it all seems more like a charity work; with no prospects of surviving for long on its own).

Years back, CreateSpace was focused around attracting authors and getting them to use their POD (Pay on Delivery) business (which we all know today as: CreateSpace). Offering services such as:
• Covers and interiors designs
• Editorial

But then in all of these, the rates for the services rendered at CreateSpace were not enough to cover the actual cost to do these works.

As a Result, This Was Exactly What Happened Next
However, in view of the above specified issues and all that transpired lately, KDP: the ebook platform for authors and publishers who intends publishing their Kindle files on, announced that they were expanding into paperbacks with KDP Print.

So What Are The Effects of These Decisions Lately?
From the inception of this move, the KDP Print Division looked like a miserable copy of the CreateSpace Division. But over time, we have witnessed some HUGE changes to KDP that we should all pay a very keen attention to:

  1. KDP Print offers Interior Templates in Word and a Cover Creator Tool.

If you were dependent upon CreateSpace formatting your cover and interior before they stopped offering those services, you are now in luck. KDP Print offers Templates for the interior Note: These are downloadable in Word and cover templates using their Cover Creator Tool.

  1. As if that’s not enough, KDP also offers free KDP ISBNs just like CreateSpace (but do yourself a favor and GET YOUR OWN from the proper organization from your country).
  2. KDP Print also allows you to adequately track your sales and downloads for your ebooks and print versions together (all in one convenient place).

In the past, KDP sales reports were only downloadable by individual month. This was very stressful as well as time-consuming for users. But now you can download your entire lifetimes of sales history (with this you’ll have a detailed breakdown of everything.

  1. KDP Print now offers the same distribution and royalty as CreateSpace.

In times past, KDP never offered expanded distribution for bookstores and libraries; nor did they offer the same royalty options or international distribution. But all that has changed. Now, KDP Print offers international distribution, expanded distribution to retailers outside of Amazon and the same 60% of retail price set by author/publisher.

  1. KDP prints:
    • Paperbacks
    • Author copies &
    • Proof copies
    for the same amount as CreateSpace.

  1. KDP Print offers many non-standard trim sizes and options that CreateSpace does not.

CreateSpace has a limited number of color and trim size option. But KDP Print seems to allow authors/publishers the opportunity to choose a number of nontraditional trim sizes and even set their own.

  1. KDP Print does not take down the existing book while approving new versions like CreateSpace does.

You can visit: in their article: “CreateSpace vs KDP Print”: to learn more about these changes.

“Every time you upload an update, CreateSpace takes down your print/paperback version, which is an entirely separate entity from your Kindle book as far as ranking is concerned.”

On the other hand, KDP – both Print and Kindle – keep your old version up and available for purchase until the new version is approved.

Having your print version taken down can be a big deal when that version is selling well (e.g., when you are “riding the algorithm,” and Amazon naturally promotes your paperback book).”

So Now, This Is Exactly What to Expect Next?
Amazon is not interested in addressing the rumors that CreateSpace may be closed down or absorbed into KDP Print, but the rumors are out there saying just that but the truth is: If the mail that I received from Amazon KDP is true, then it has happened already.

I Have Every Reason to Believe That This Decision is Final

The move from CreateSpace to KDP Print is permanent; and there’s no going back.

This Is What I’m Doing Currently
Again, we have no way of knowing if and when CreateSpace will make any announcements or changes to their systems. But with KDP Print comfortably on the lead globally, I thought that now might be the best time for me to get a paperback version of my works.
I’m currently working on having my golden book: THE SECRET ONLINE SALES CODE published in KDP Print.

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