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Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred

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Who Am I?

✔ My name is Nwosu Ugochukwu L. Fred

✔ I used to trade my time for money.

✔ I’m a professional Digital Marketer.

✔ I don’t like blowing my trumpet.

So, I’m just an ordinary fellow like you.

However, if you would like to know more about me, I am the author of:

  • The Secret Online Sales Code
  • The 6-Figure Blogging Manual
  • How to Create Your 7-Figure Information Marketing Business In 7 Days

& Founder: TheOnlineMillionaire & House of Artistry

My Journey So Far

I actually started my search to make money online when the proceeds from “job” could no longer pay my bills or take care of my needs as a person.


I stopped working for someone else for a salary but decided to build a business for myself where I can pay myself monthly salary all by myself and manage everything that I make; as well as hire and pay other people salaries.

So, I registered and created my first company in 2010 which was a web design/ branding agency. I focused majorly on providing skilled services to corporate entities with my staff.

Unfortunately, I realized that when you’re working for someone else, you are bound to only work within the specified hours that you were contracted to work; but when you work for yourself, you work round the clock (especially when you’re yet to have a highly effective automated system.

So, the long hours of work forced my hands to sacrifice EVERYTHING;

And then, as a result, I missed out on important moments with my family and most of the beautiful moments.

but…sooner than I anticipated, we hit rock bottom !

The company sank into the ground, my staff left, I got very sick and the business died naturally because… 

Everything depended on me! 

A major part of what I made from that business went into paying salaries and sourcing alternative power sources for the smooth running of the business; not to mention government levies, office rent and all that.

After some time, I was highly depressed and became quite miserable having traded all my time just to ensure that I meet up with my responsibilities as a man.

Overcoming My Challenges

So, in view of all that happened to me, I became determined to find a surefire way that has been proven to deliver sustainable results over and over again to help me start a profitable online business; and take my life back.

Through years of research, dedication and hard work, I stumbled across Affiliate Marketing (even when it was not that popular in Africa here); and I also paid for courses, attended Affiliate Marketing events, bought materials and did everything I know or thought was necessary for me to launch deep into the industry.

One thing you must know is this:


But the problem is just that some people are not aware that they’ve been doing Affiliate Marketing even as kids; and that ignorance is the reason why they have not yet made a dime from it.

– Have you ever recommended service to someone? 

– Have you ever invited someone to church? 

– Have you ever recommended a school to someone? 

Now, count the list of other things, people, items, properties or places that you’ve recommended to someone and never get paid for it…that’s exactly what we do in Affiliate Marketing and get paid thousands of dollars for just doing so.

My Experience & Why I am in the Industry

I have spent over 7 solid years in the industry, sold different products and courses for other experts in the field (especially in the affiliate marketplace); so over time, after acquiring in-depth knowledge in Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing, I decided to put my knowledge and wealth of experience together to come up with my own Affiliate Marketing Training program for a few major reasons:

This happens through the proliferation of poor Affiliate Marketing training programs by fake coaches and gurus who never made a dime through Affiliate Marketing or any referral-based system.

There are a lot of heartless, half-baked coaches billing some ridiculous amount of money but in the end fails to produce any remarkable result in the lives of their students; and this is very bad for the industry.

By this, they constantly make a mess of the honest effort of the genuine experts in the industry; now creating a negative perception where people see the business model as a Ponzi scheme and the experts in the industry as an organized ring of scammers. 

So, I’m joining the current campaign to help sanitize the industry and kick out the ignorant criminals masquerading as Affiliate Marketing Coaches & Business Develpment Coaches.

I hate to see genuine, honest people lose money or suffer due to ignorance.

So my major drive for crafting this powerful course is just to help people create a real business and make not just legit but a sustainable income online using affiliate marketing as a model.

I don’t just want to prove that it is possible to whoever cares to listen; rather I also want to show them how it is done and what I have been doing to also get results.

If you go to Google and type the search query “How to Make Money Online” you be marveled at the amount of results that you’ll get. This simply explains the fact that “enough” is no longer enough; and because of that, people are now looking genuine income opportunity online. To make money online shouldn’t be difficult at all and I’m just more than willing to help you grow.

The Open Secret of My Success

Before I learned the proven strategies that I implemented in creating “AFFILIATE MARKETING Demystified 7.0”, I struggled for months on my own trying to figure out how to create a steady income online… It was very difficult!

I came across too many courses and coaches claiming to be the “final authority” in the subject matter, but it all ended in “premium tears”. 

I tried so many different ways, got exhausted, bore a hole in my pocket, and to be frank… I almost gave up!

However… Today, because of the skills that I learned through a number of training programs that clearly taught me… 

– What affiliate Marketing is, 

– What it is not &

– How to make some good money from it consistently 

I now have a profitable, automated online business that I control 100% which delivers result irrespective of location or time; and most importantly helped me to pay off all of my debt & finally achieve my dream of starting my own business & gaining real financial freedom.

What’s more? I’ll never feel less a man again for not meeting up with my family responsibilities or even being unable to spend time with my family.

The most interesting aspect of AFFILIATE MARKETING Demystified 7.0 is that the training ONLY COSTS 10,000, but the value you’ll get inside is priceless.

I’m sure by now, you’re ready to kick-start your journey into Affiliate Marketing by SIGNING UP FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING Demystified 7.0?

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