Topic: Branding yourself to the top and influencing your way  to 7-figures using the cheapest tool in the world- The Internet.

There is barely nothing anyone can achieve in our world today without branding. This training is specially designed to help you get started in your internet marketing journey; and as such we have carefully prepared these 7-series class to help you attain two major things in your journey towards establishing your brand online. #1. Influence #2 Brand Equity.

Find below the respective classes in their order; and please do find time to drop me a little review afterwards.

Step 1:

Hi everyone, We specifically decided to go with text format of teaching owing to the following reasons:

A lot of folks here might not be able to afford internet data to go through a lengthy video online. I also want to have something that all my visitors and clients can also benefit from. I also want to make it easier for everyone to copy and store the series so they can also revisit the training at their leisure.

Now, before we dive in deeper into the training, I want you to write this down somewhere:

“EVERY BRAND IS UNIQUE AND UPHOLDS A PROMISE”. It is upon this basis that all super-brands are built. Break that promise and every brand will be reduced to nothing!

Without wasting much of our time, What is branding?

Branding is simply the process (Note the word “Process”) involved in creating a unique name and image for a particular product (which could be YOU as a person) in the consumer’s mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/branding.html


Hence, a Brand can be said to be a set of ‘Associations’. A lot of folks  speaking about brand often use the term to mean the name or logo of a business. While this to some extent may hold true, it is not fully accurate. A brand is more than the name or visual element used to represent your company

The easiest way to brand yourself online is to think about some big brands and what they do (both online and offline). Look at what they’ve done over time and what they’re currently doing. Model and remodel their successes. Learn from their failures as well.

You must have to harness all of that data and channel the power of the overall information towards creating that ideal, unique personality that you percieve of/ intend to create for yourself.

I must have you know that the easiest, most effective and affordable tool there is available in our world today for “Branding” is the Internet.

The question now is: HOW DO YOU MAKE A PROMISE TO THE WORLD AS AN INDIVIDUAL? HOW DO YOU DELIVER SUCH A PROMISE? To understand this better and as well be able to apply it your business, stay on this page and keep reading.


Step 2:

Hi Folks,

As promised, this is a continuation of the 7-Step training on “Branding Your Way To The Top”. Ok, without wasting much of your time, let’s get down to the business of the day.

I’ll give you a sharp clue now. There’s something known as USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Take few global brands (corporate & individual) as case studies, find out what their unique selling proposition is. USP is that little secret that makes them unique in their own way, it’s that thing that makes them stand out; as well as appear superior over every other.

Now, when you think of Coca-Cola, Cadbury’s, Pepsi, MTV Base etc what do you see?

Again, if I ask you to borrow me N100K, I’m almost 100% sure you won’t; but if anyone of us gets paid N2,000,000 or say $5,000 now for a job, then next place we’ll automatically run to will be the BANK!

That is the power of branding and how good it can mess up people’s brain.

That money you deposit in the bank, is simply some raw cash that you borrow to the banks to become richer; yet they charge you some fees for safe-keeping (or rather doing business with) it, and when in need they’ll ask you for collateral which most of the times you might not be able to produce.

However, I’m not trying to ridicule the banks here, I’m only trying to create a scenerio. The question is: Why would anybody drop their hard earned money with the bank and go home to sleep with their two eyes closed?

The answer is simple! Their Unique Selling Proposition is one built around “safety and security”.

That is their promise to the world. Some of you believe your money and investments are most secured left in the hands of your bank.

People will buy nothing from you if you have not first positioned yourself to be trusted and loved. This too is something that you cannot achieve overnight. So prepare your mind because branding takes a little bit of time; but once it’s done, it’s done! You will hardly fall except you’re careless.

So, How do you start branding yourself professionally using the internet?

First thing first, you must discover a passion or skill that you have, you’ll then decide if you want to go for a personal brand or corporate business brand. Afterwards, you need to position yourself as an expert in your field or one with some unusual skills that people can pay for online.

Why do you need to position yourself? Good question!

The answer is very simple! We live in a celeberity conscious world. You’ll hardly make some meaningful sales if you’re a nobody. So you must affect people’s lives before you think of selling anything. Positioning yourself as a brand and celebrity helps people to become more aware of you.

The next thing you need to focus on is to become the kind of celebrity that people would want to work with.

Why is it also very important that you must brand yourself? The reason is this: Everything in the world is rapidly changing; and you should too; else you’ll be left behind. So you should start seeing yourself as a brand. Initially, it was pure luxury to be branded and it was something that was kind of reserved for big business brands; but today, it has become increasingly necessary because of the global economic crisis we’re currently facing.

People no longer hope or wait for some white collar jobs to hit their way out of the blues. So smart people brand themselves and position for a plethora of opportunities out there on the internet.

What does branding do for you?

Branding allows you to change your own identity to fall in line with that “consistent” ideal image of that Super-You which you have painted in your head. It also helps you to influence the impression that people have of you in their mind. With the two specified you can accomplish a whole lot of stuffs. A personal brand opens up some unsual doors for you and helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

This is where we’ll be drawing the curtains for this very step.

See the next step below… And Hey! Don’t forget to drop your questions or reach out to me personally.


Step 3:

Hi Folks,

I’m super-excited to be sharing these ideas with you once more again on “BRANDING” using the internet as the most cost effective tool you could ever find any where in the world.

Without wasting further time, let’s get started folks.

The easiest way to get in touch with the world today and influence almost everything and anything is through the internet. If the internet were to be a country now, it would be rated as the strongest, richest, most responsive and the greatest there is on planet earth.

Using the internet as a veritable tool for branding helps you to connect easily with like-minded folks on a larger scale beyond your wildest dreams.

When this is done, you’ll realize that a lot of people will come to first of all know you, then love and trust you (or sometimes hate you).; but whatever the case may be, the most important thing is for people to KNOW you.

Branding online helps you figure out out your life’s purpose fast; as well as aid you in building a strong reputation in your industry.

What are the major steps when you’re considering getting branded the right way using the internet?

Step 1. Choose your passion.

Step 2. Identify your niche.

Step 3. Choose a name tailored to your niche and the type of solution you wish to offer.

Step 4. Register that name as a business identity/ and entity.

Step 5. Address the need you intend to provide solution for using your ‘personal’ platform.

Step 6. Create a deep relationship with messages built on emotion, love, care and honesty.

Step 7. Package that solution as a product.

Step 8. Spread your product as a message using your ‘personal’ platform and external channels.

Boom! Your superstar mode will immediately get activated, helping you to reach more people everyday and to be loved as well as respected even by more people.

Let me also explain this a bit further. A functional website, social media accounts, back links, good SEO and quality content will forever remain most relevant if you must be audible and visible online.

Branding increases your influence and popularity; as well as increases your value in the marketplace.

It’s simply magnetic!

When properly branded, you automatically attract more people to yourself. To know more about this, study the law of attraction (you can find it on google by typing: LAW OF ATTRACTION pdf then hit ENTER).

What will branding do for you?

Good question!

The truth of the matter is: Once you have a powerful, positive brand, it becomes a lot more easier to sell just about anything!

To tell you how effective this principle is towards wealth creation, even negative branding most times yields millions in cash rewards. Case study- Kim Kardashian (you can google her just in case you’ve never heard of her). I can mention a lot more others.

Why is the Internet today the most important tool to brand yourself with?

Ok…frankly speaking, there are several ways you can brand yourself online; I will list some of the most powerful channels you can employ to achieve just that. Find them below;

1. Podcast

2. Videos

3. Ebooks

4. Webinars

5. Seminars

6. Newsletters

7. Groups & Forums

8. Website


Today, the internet has become the single most important, cost effective way to branding yourself to global standards.

In the past, when we want to verify the authenticity of a business, we ask about their office address or check if they are listed on business directories or properly registered; but today, once someone talks to you about their business, then next thing you do afterwards is to rush to google and check them out to be sure they’re who they say they’re; as well as see if there’s any negative reviews about them.

So today, if you have a PC or a smart phone, thank your stars because your problem is 80% solved.

A little assignment today for everyone here.


1. Go to google.com

2. Type your full name. Check if you can be found.

3. Type your business name (if you have one and see if you can be found).

Note: If people can’t find you online, that means your digital maturity level is almost zero; and because of that, they can not trust you enough to do anything meaningful with you.

Is your business also listed on your website? Can people find the information on your website to be consistent with your messages on social media; as well as what you claim as your profession?

Finally, without a powerful brand in today’s world, you cannot go very far!

The truth is: YOU WILL STRUGGLE!

Here marks the end of this particular step. It’s been an amazing experience sharing with you.

See you in the next step!


Step 4:

Hi, Welcome to Step 4 of our Branding Series using the internet.

I would not want to waste your time any further. So we’ll plunge right into it immediately.

What are your ‘branding goals’?

Before you commence on that journey to branding yourself, you must first of all understand what your branding goals are; or at most set them. These following steps should guide you in setting your goals the right way.

1. Rank high on the internet:

From a professional stand-point, I’ll advice you to start with figuring out ways to rank high on search engines. This should be the very first of all your branding goals.

You need to rank very high on search engines by pushing your name and website up the ladder in google search.

This you must achieve by creating an expert page or featuring your website on some top ‘authority’ websites/ platforms.

2. Position your brand strategically:

People who would want to do some serious business with you online first of all would search you out on the internet to see if you’re worthy of contracting a business with; more especially, they want to see if there are some negative reviews about you.

This is the next biggest goal that you must set for yourself if you’re very keen about branding yourself online.

3. Be your own police online:

Make sure that everything is alright with the image you’re working so hard to build because if you fail to protect it, no one else will.

Observing these three things as mentioned above will help you reach thousands or millions of persons with a very positive image and focused message about your person and brand.

Starting out: What must you do?

1. You need to first of all identify your brand.

What image do you specifically want to create for yourself?

2. You need to work purposefully towards achieving this.

Be specific on ways to figure out how to craft your vision statement. This should be able to properly define who you’re and explain the image you’re trying to create in the most beautiful of ways.

So, How do you then put your brand out there on the internet?


1. Email marketing- Arrange your personal email messages well branded with info about you at the bottom. It makes your image and name sink right down into their hearts.

You must not get it right immediately but just start first. Perfection comes from doing, not wishing.

2. Create personal pages on major websites.

Eg. LinkedIn.com, MySpace.com, Africalinked.com

Create your expert page on platforms like: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest etc.

Set up podcast and video channels on what you do.

3. Get on with social bookmarking also known as web 2.0.

This let’s you add link backs to your quality content and content-rich website.

Eg. Delicious, Digg, pinterest etc.

They help you to connect with other great men and women online; not excluding corporate brands; and these connections helps you to position yourself properly online.

4. Positioning yourself as a brand/ consultant/ and or an expert online makes people to respect, love, trust, value and accept to work with you or pay you easily.

With this we come to the end of very step.

See you in the next phase below!


You can pay a visit to my website for more learning: theonlinemillionaire.com.ng

Step 5:

Branding is as natural as passing out urine after gulping 3 jars of Palm wine (if you can), it’s as natural as getting pregnant when you have unprotected sex during ovulation, it’s real as the back of your palm.

YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT IT! Especially in today’s business world.

When a child is born, the next thing the parents would want to do for that very child just like every other child would be ‘Christening’.

What is Christening or naming? Simple: Branding that very individual so as to make them unique from everyone else in a way that they can easily be identified.

When the child enrols into school, he/ she will be recognized by that same name. All their achievements/ information will be tracked by/ and credited to that name.

Their greatness is tied to that name (branding).

OK. Let’s dive in a lil’ deeper.

In today’s world, companies are turning to the internet and social media to make their decision on who to hire/ and who not to.

Whatever stupid thing you’re currently doing on the internet at the moment whether you like it or not is a personal brand that you’ve created/ or are creating for yourself.

In other to achieve a powerful result in today’s business world, you must as a matter of urgency look deeply within, consider also social marketing (done via the social media) which is simply your ability to productively employ the power of social networking platforms to your own personal benefit.

What other thing should you pay some serious attention to?

Answer: Email marketing. This is so very important especially if your motive is to get seen, known, heard and paid consistently.

This mode of marketing helps you to drive your brand and your message to some specific set of people regularly; by automating your newsletter. The newsletters simply helps to position you as an expert in your field. So if your goal is to be popular as well as earn more, then it’s high time you set up those emails.

Everytime you email people in your list, you increase their awareness of you; and position yourself the more as an expert to them.

You cannot do without a website in today’s business world because it’s the only tool that you can use to get your message out there to the world effectively, it is the only tool that you can use to capture emails, it is the number one major tool that you can use to establish authority online in the most respectable way.

So your website is a powerful channel for you to brand yourself using the internet.

Always remember to add some valid information about yourself on your website with your picture as well because people would like to know you personally.

This is where we come to the end of this very step.



Step 6:

Hi Folks,

It’s Sixth step of our branding series left with one more to go; and I hope you’re doing amazingly great?

Back to our training.


Do not mess with articles, one good article negatively written can set a whole country on fire and make it burn to the ground!

That’s how powerful it can be.

So when branding yourself, use more of articles to create that ideal image that you want for yourself online.

  • Do you wish to sell financial services? Then write on financial education etc.
  • Do you want to make money from relationships, then offer free counselling services.
  • Do you want to make money as a business consultant online? Then give free valuable business tips.

You must endeavor to end each of your article with your Biodata to establish your brand stronger in the mind of your audience’.

How do you get started with articles for branding?

1. You can do an excerpt of your book and submit them to the internet, make a little room below the articles to add your Biodata (right beneath the excerpt).

It helps you to talk more about yourself; as well as let people know you.

2. Make use of popular bookmarking websites (you can google this out).

3. Use more of videos and podcasts to convert such articles into other formats for easy consumption (some people don’t like reading).

Apart from creating articles for consumption, very importantly too, you need to consider link building.

What exactly is Link Building?

It’s the concept of having other people’s websites link back to yours.

You need some reputable websites to help you rank high on the internet.

The higher you go on search engines, the more free traffic you’ll get, the more free traffic you get, the more customers and subscribers you’ll get; and all of these equals more money for you.

This is a very simple formulae that never fails!

When creating content specifically for branding, bear in mind that there are directories for every content format online.

So, you must submit your:

  • Videos to video directories online
  • Podcast to podcast directories online,
  • eBook to eBook directories online
  • & your articles to article directories online.

It’s going to be explosive tomorrow.

Make sure you come around!

See you in the next step.


Step 7:

Hey! Folks,

I’m glad to be here once again to share with you; and I’m particularly happy that we’re also marking the end of the overall 7-series here…quite remarkable!

I also would love to seize this special moment to thank you for having consistently followed through to the end of this series; and I’m 100% certain you got something tangible to help you improve your business in ways immeasurable.

So, let’s get down to the business of the day.

If you’ve been following my timeline on Facebook, you’ll notice something quite very unique about me; which is:

“I hardly sell anything on Facebook” (that doesn’t mean I don’t sell, don’t get me wrong).

Contrary to the way every other marketer out there runs their business, I decided to adopt a completely different model to marketing which works 100% for me.

Before I tell you about my techniques, let me break down the process for you so you can understand me properly.

The process:

1. Give aways

This is anchored upon the eternal laws of giving and receiving.

People who tend to give more than they receive will never be found wanting of ” WHAT TO ALWAYS GIVE” (in other words, they don’t lack).

This is the miracle to my consistent growth in the industry.

In the past 10 months or so, I have given out free materials to over 3,000 persons; they cost me some good money and it never matter to me if those people are either my students, follwers, clients or folks I just come in contact with.

Rather than focus on likes and comments, I filter my list and concentrate on building a meaningful relationship with few number of persons that appear to be in line with what I’m indirectly offering.

Some of these people will not buy immediately but I bet you, when it’s time for them to buy, guess who comes to their mind first?

You! So I suggest you also figure out ways to experiment on this.

Apart from giving out materials to your list and friends, another great way to brand yourself and sell like you’re not selling anything is to also give away some of your most beautiful articles using directories.

Eg. Ezine is great for articles.

If video is a better option for you, then YouTube will be a great place for you to start from.

But let me shock you… I perform a lot of miracles with a platform as common as Whatsapp.

You’ll marvel at how much I’ve been able to rake in using just that by creating multiple groups that served as different marketing channels for me even when my website crashed and my platform offline for over Six (6) months.

2. Web publicity

Be your own personal PR person, stop waiting for anyone to come and do for you what you should do for be doing yourself.

Talk about your business shamelessly. Craft a specialized ‘Thank you” message personalized to everyone that comes inbox to make inquiry about your message.

Use that message as an avenue to send them your email, business phone number and website without appearing like you’re giving them all of that in order to maintain contact for some possible future business connections.

3. Set up your website

You must set up your personal website if you’re serious about branding and influencing your way to 7-figures.

Where that fails as a result of temporary financial constraints, then by all means, run to google free business site builder online which is called site.me, or go to wix website builder online, blogspot own by google or simply create an “about.me” page online; and establish your presence on all of those places.

4. Get a Logo, Complimentary card, Graphic designs, distinct brand colour/s

If you have a website already, be sure your logo and business name is conspicuously displayed on it.

If you have digital/ or physical products ; or services, you have to also figure out ways to sell them through your website and other independent, paid platforms or membership website.

This way you’ll stop disturbing your friends and family on Facebook to buy from you all the time; or even feeling disappointed that they didn’t.

The truth is: They might not really be interested in whatever it is that you’re trying to sell to them; most times, they don’t even understand what you’re selling.

So, never build your business around friends and family- It is what it is!

5. Seminars/ Webinars

By all means, set up seminar from time to time; if it’s convenient for you, look into inviting someone who is an authority in a given field of endeavour to help you address your audience.

6. Other steps:

  • Create an expert page on some top social bookmarking sites.
  • Submit your articles to several A-list directories across the web.
  • Stop wasting your content on Facebook.
  • Create back links (you can google this to see more information on it).
  • Position yourself as an expert online with your personal brand.
  • You’re a brand whether you like it or not, you’re a brand whether you know it or not.

Be very mindful and super-conscious of your actions and every single move on the internet.

Before I round off, back to my personal system…

Apart from my breathtaking articles, top class logo, classy business identity online, etc;

I have a monster marketing system that I use to harvest choice emails and social media profiles across the web.

These are professionals who look like they’ll need what I have. Afterwards, I contact them personally online, funnel them into my system and work with a 90-day target in mind on them.

Usually I record about 20% success. If you know what that 20% means.

If you would like to get branded or to get my marketing system, you can reach me via my website: