A Comprehensive List of 2019 Legit International Opportunities

A Comprehensive List of 2019 Legit International Opportunities

If you’re on this page and reading this now, I believe your coming here wasn’t by accident because you’re searching for an opportunity. Probably you must have seen my post on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or any of the social media platforms out there; but that not my major concern.

The major thing is that you’re interested first (in these opportunities), the second being that you having been searching for opportunities like this, and now I’ve brought you a list of some wonderful openings.

Some of you reading this now must have done quite some impressive body of work and waiting for some beautiful opportunities like these ones; and now I believe it’s time for you to take that leap forward.

Find Below is a Comprehensive List of Opportunities: (Summer Programs, Internships, Leaderships Programs,
Competitions/ Contests, Study Guides, and Scholarships).

Apply and Share with your friends and Class fellows.

Summer Programs/Internships

  1. Turkish International Internship 2019 – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/turkish-internship-program-2019/
  2. 2019 Summer School in the Czech Republic – Full Scholarship
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/2019-summer-school-in-czech-republic/
  3. Turkish Summer School 2019 by Yunus Emre Institute – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/turkish-summer-school-2019/
  4. Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute 2019 in UK
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/oxford-media-policy-summer-institute-2019/
  5. The 2019 NUS Summer Program on Entrepreneurship in Singapore
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/2019-nus-summer-program/
  6. Fully Funded Summer School Scholarship 2019 in the Netherlands
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/summer-school-scholarship-2019/
  7. International Internship Challenge 2019 in Germany – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/international-internship-challenge-2019/
  8. OIST Internship in Japan 2019 – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/oist-internship-in-japan-2019/
  9. Global Leadership Forum GLF Summer Internship 2019 in the United States
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/united-states-summer-internship-2019/
  10. CERN Short Term Paid Internship in Geneva
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/cern-short-term-internship/
  11. NCTU Taiwan Elite Internship Program 2019
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/nctu-taiwan-elite-internship-program/
  12. YEE Turkish Archeological Summer School 2019 – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/yee-turkish-archaeology-summer-school-2019/
  13. 3rd Sustainable Development Goals SDGs Youth Summer Camp 2019 in South Korea –
    Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/3rd-sdgs-youth-summer-camp-2019/


  1. One Young World Summit 2019 in London – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/one-young-world-youth-summit-2019/
  2. Trust Conference 2019 in United Kingdom – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/trust-conference-2019/
  3. 5th Youth Global Forum 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/5th-youth-global-forum-2019/
  4. Commonwealth Scholarship to attend One Young World in London – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/queens-commonwealth-trust-scholarship/
  5. Johnson & Johnson One Young World Scholarship Program 2019 – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/johnson-johnso-one-young-world-scholarship- program-2019-in-london/
  6. International Youthopia Conference 2019 in Karachi, Pakistan
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/international-youthopia-conference-2019/

Leadership Programs

  1. British Council Future Leaders Connect 2019 in UK – Fully Funded
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/british-council-future-leaders-connect-2019/
  2. World Trade Organization Young Professional Programme 2020
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/the-world-trade-organisation-young- professional-programme-2020/
  3. 2019 Hesselbein Student Leadership Summit in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, United
    States Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/2019-hesselbein-student-leadership-summit/


  1. World Bank Scholarship Program 2019-202
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/joint-japan-world-bank-scholarship-program/
  2. Annemarie Schimmel Scholarship for Pakistani Female Students 2019 in the United
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/annemarie-schimmel-scholarship/
  3. DAAD Scholarship 2019-2020 Germany
  4. Khazar University Scholarships 2019-20 in Azerbaijan https://scholarshipscorner.website/khazar-university-scholarships-2019-20-in- azerbaijan/
  5. The OPEC Fund for International Development Scholarship Award 2019
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/ofid-scholarships-2019-20/
  6. Fully Funded Singapore International Graduate Award 2019-2020
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/fully-funded-singapore-international-graduate- award/


  1. KP Fellowship Program 2019 By KP Government
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/kp-fellowship-program-2019/
  2. The Reham Al-Farra Memorial Journalism Fellowship 2019 in New York
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/raf-journalism-fellowship-2019/
  3. Professional Fellows Exchange Program for Fall 2019 in United States
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/professional-fellows-exchange-program-for-fall-
  4. Peace and Security Fellowship for African Women for 2019/2020
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/peace-security-fellowships-for-african-women-

Free Online Courses:

  1. Communicating Effectively from Delft University of Technology
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/free-course-on-communicating-effectively/
  2. Free TOEFL Online Preparation Course by Educational Testing Service
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/free-toefl-online-preparation-course/
  3. Free Course on Introduction to Project Management from University of Adelaide
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/free-course-on-introduction-to-project-
  4. Online course on Public Speaking from Rochester Institute of Technology
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/free-online-course-on-public-speaking/
  5. Free IELTS Preparation Course from University of Queensland
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/ielts-academic-test-preparation/
  6. Free online course on Innovation Leadership from Georgia Institute of Technology
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/free-online-course-on-innovation-leadership/


  1. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Guide
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/erasmus-mundus-joint-master-degree-emjmd-
  2. Study in USA
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/guide-for-direct-admissions-in-us-universities/
  3. GRE Preparation Guide
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/gre-preparation-guide/


  1. Submit your essay in the WTO Essay Award 2019 and win a Prize of CHF 5,000
  2. The International Committee of Red Cross – ICRC Essay Competition 2019
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/icrc-essay-competition-2019/
  3. The Queens Commonwealth Essay Competitions 2019
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/the-queens-commonwealth-essay-competition/
  4. Bristol Short Story Prize 2019
    Link: https://scholarshipscorner.website/international-writing-competition/

Do not forget to make your own findings as I cannot personally verify all the information concerning some of these opportunities.

My only interest is to bring you this information so that you can look at the list of opportunities and choose the one that’s best suited for you (if you’re interested).

You can also reach me personally via my email or WhatsApp: 08038432085.

Please, DO NOT get involved with any MIDDLEMAN process it all by yourself. If you have any questions, direct them to me; otherwise write to the institution or organization or just make use of google.


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