Get up and Grind! Sacrifice Time, Energy and Money today


Don’t you sincerely think it’s worthwhile to make this little sacrifice of Time, Energy and Money (TEM which usually is a token) in setting up a lifetime system for yourself and family towards that dream future you always envisaged?


Or would you rather work all your life being a slave to money and one master somewhere whose only major concern is to use, expend and later throw you away like a pack of caprisone juice dangerously sucked a kindergarten kid?


What are your reasons and fears for being indecisive and dormant like an unserviced bank account? You’re shy to let people know the kind of work that you’re doing? Wait till poverty shows you how you don’t have a voice as a poor, useless fellow; or sit tight till your boss who is a lot more younger than you and even less literate than you’re relieves you of your duties without benefit in the presence of all; telling you how he single-handedly built the company you’re enjoying with his bare hands.


Ok, Maybe you’re still thinking it’s a scam, it’s not lucrative, thhere are too many attendant risks…and all that bullcrap… right? Wait till some of us tell you how much we lost and gained in MLM, ponzi and all those related businesses and you can’t just help but shout chai! These people are very stupid ooo!


But then, business for those with a Lion heart (not weaklings).


Take no action today but I promise you 6 months time from today you’ll come back here and be sorry because your mates must have become super-successful in the business businesses you neglected or was too frightful to try out.


Sometimes, I just wonder. Is it that you’re shy to talk to people (then you’re not qualified to even earn a dime…Lol)?


How then can you convince others to patronize you peradventure you’re running your own business? I think you should face the butt-naked truth and start seeing things exactly the way they are.


Life itself is serious business!


It’s funny how people would train so hard and sharpen their skills so much just to use same to seek the approval of others, and to serve as a slave someone called “Boss” who in turn would most likely be unfair, unfriendly and treats them as lesser animals (most of the times); it’s a pity. Train yourself to communicate, and make your little investment now; these are the only two things that you need to make yourself a filthy-rich millionaire; not just rich, but abundantly wealthy!


The choice is now yours to make.


The distance between you and your wealth now are; Action& Time. Make your future now or mar it! Carve the image you want people to associate your person with. For me, I’m that crazy, habitual, unrepentant, unrelenting Business Consultant who finds so much pleasure in Internet marketing, a Social Entrepreneur par excellence. Digital& Social Media Strategist called:


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